U.S officials complain that the country's trade deficit with Japan is due to the fact that Japan's markets are not open enough to imports and investment. Japaneese officials reply that the U.S should concentrate on improving its school systems and investing more money in scientific research and worker training.

It can be infered that the Japnaeese officials hold which of the Opinions ?
A) The U. S should open its own markets, to more imports and investment.
B) The trade deficit between the U.S and Japan is more the result of poor Aamerican performance than Japan's import restrictions
C) The trade defict between the U.S and Japan is a result of Japan's closed markets
D) U.S school systems foster a mistrust of Japan that prevents U.S business people from negotiating intelliegently with Japan
E) Better education and worker training can help shrink the trade imbalance, but should not be counted on to close the gap entirely.
What is wrong with option E?