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Experts’ Global: Hello Shobhit! We request you to please share your journey, your story, in your own words?

Shobhit: Sure, definitely! I started my GMAT journey in 2020 during the pandemic as I felt it would be a good time to get started with GMAT preparation. I was thinking of exploring my options abroad or at ISB; hence, I gave an attempt with a month of preparation. I had earlier taken the Common Admission Test (CAT) so with just basic preparation, I could score a 680, which was good, but I had higher hopes, especially because in the mocks I was able to score above 700.

I put the GMAT prep on hold for some time, and in the coming year, when I wanted to give the admissions process a full-fledged try, I went with Experts’ Global. I took the six months course; in the first three months I was not very regular, but in the next three months, I caught up with the Experts’ Global GMAT practice tests and the official mocks, and was able to reach 760, my dream score.


Experts’ Global: That is amazing. Congratulations on getting your dream score! In your opinion, what were the main factors that made all the difference?

Shobhit: The main factor would be focused prep. This time, I was serious that I really want to do well on the GMAT. Besides, Experts’ Global has a great course. I was able to work on my weak areas. After my previous attempt, I realized that I had done Official Guide (OG) questions, I had practiced, and I knew what type of questions one is tested on. However, through a lot of sources, I realized that I have to work on my basics to actually do well in all the areas. Fortunately, my quant was good but verbal was my weak area. Thus, to equip myself better for the test, I focused on working on fundamental concepts. The Experts’ Global course helped me understand the basics and then the GMAT mock tests helped me improve my competencies further.


Experts’ Global: In hindsight, what are a few mistakes that you believe you committed in the process?

Shobhit: My biggest mistake was that initially, I did not have an error log; in fact, I didn’t even know about an error log, and was going about practicing from some sources. Experts’ Global helps you keep a track of things and that is good, but whenever I was practicing outside of Experts’ Global, I was not keeping a track of anything. Later, I realized that it is better if you keep a track of mistakes. Thus, I tried to maintain an error log, and that really helped me find my weak areas and work on them.


Experts’ Global: It is inspiring how you actually focused on your weak areas to improve your score. What were the main GMAT resources that you used in your prep and what advice would you give to future GMAT aspirants?

Shobhit: A lot of people give different kinds of advice – some prefer books, some prefer online courses. Personally, I was not very comfortable with books. I found the Experts’ Global study program very intuitive because the platform has a lot of video-based courses. I felt more engaged with the video content and was able to understand the concepts better. Also, for the mocks, the portal has a video solution to each question. So, it was very easy for me to analyze my performance on the mocks. Coming to resources used, I focused on the Experts’ Global course and a few online videos on GMAT Club. I also did some official mocks by GMAC.


Experts’ Global: What should be the frequency of the mock tests and how many mock tests should an aspirant be taking?

Shobhit: I believe you do not need to take too many mock tests. For example, Experts’ Global has 15 mocks but I only gave five and I gave around five from the official set of mocks. That is the max I think you need to give. I had around three months, so I spaced it during that time. I would also urge all GMAT aspirants to start their prep by taking a free GMAT diagnostic test to know their initial level.


Experts’ Global: According to you, what are a few common mistakes that you would suggest all GMAT Aspirants to avoid? 

Shobhit: One common mistake is not giving mocks. I would definitely recommend that even if you have not completed the syllabus, not completed your course, you should still give mocks because that really helps you understand your weak areas and how you are performing on the test. It also helps you get familiarized with the test.


Experts’ Global: What would be your final message to all GMAT aspirants?

Shobhit: If you are planning to give the GMAT, you can start with the basics. Try to give a mock, understand the exam, and once you have figured things out, then set a date for yourself. One thing which really helped me was setting a date for my GMAT and then planning my prep accordingly. You can take any course and some people may even be able to prepare better with books. However, I found Experts’ Global to be an amazing course and I am glad I went with it. I would say one mock per week is good enough as that would help you set up momentum and keep it going until the day of the exam, because you need to be at your peak performance during the exam to really give your best.


Experts’ Global: Is there anything that you would like to add about your journey in the near future? 

Shobhit: I have not finalized the schools to which I will apply. As I have achieved my dream score, I am still looking at exploring different options on the MBA Admissions Consulting front and I am still undecided on the schools I should target. However, for all the GMAT aspirants, I would like to say that a lot of my friends have given multiple attempts at this but have not been able to get their dream score. I also gave two attempts; in my first attempt, I gave the GMAT online and in the second it was offline. I would say, try which form works better for you and opt for it. For me, the online attempt had some technical glitches and did not work out well. The offline attempt was a smooth experience, and I was able to give my 100%.


Experts’ Global: Thank you so much for sharing your GMAT preparation experience with us, and all the best for your application process.

Shobhit: Thank you so much!


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