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A Full-Length Mock with Video Explanations and Great Analytics
Are you looking for a free GMAT practice test that can give you a fair estimation of your current GMAT level as well as identify your key weak areas? If yes, you are on just the right page to meet your requirement. You need to simply opt for the “Free Trial” for our software and you will get access to a full length test, 10 conceptual videos, 100+ practice questions, video explanations, and tons of innovative learning features. The registration process will take less than a minute and opting for the free GMAT practice test does not require you to fill your card details or give any financial information. Hundreds of students worldwide have written us back with great things to say about our mocks. Make the most of this free GMAT mock test!


In a few weeks, our GMAT courses as well as test series shall be updated for the GMAT Focus edition.

Irrespective of which version of the course you are enrolled for, you will be given equivalent course access to both the traditional GMAT and the GMAT Focus edition!

Highlights of the free GMAT Practice Test
GMAT like features and interface
This is a full length test with all GMAT features and functionalities together with a user interface that is almost identical to that of the real GMAT. The only additional feature that we have added to the test taking experience is the option to leave the test midway and resume from where you left; while this option makes the experience less GMAT-like, it is a practical consideration, understanding the disruptions or network failure one can have while taking the mocks in the home setting.
Video explanations
In our knowledge, ours is the only GMAT test series that o!ers videos explanations and tons of free GMAT videos While detailed text explanations are anyway there, the video explanations are meant to explain how to solve these, often tough, GMAT problems in one-minute! Students often write back to us, stating that they choose to watch the video explanations even for the questions that they got right, to learn the shorter, smarter ways.
Great analytics
After spending 3.5 hours on taking the test, one must get a thorough insight into one’s performance. On completion of the GMAT mock test, you will get an exhaustive analytics of your performance, showcasing how you performed across all sections, question types, and di"culty levels. The comprehensive graphical and tabular analysis is intuitive to read & understand and ends up giving an insight so deep that several hours of manual analysis will fail to!
Diagnosis of key weaknesses
One of the greatest takeaways for a user, on completion of the free GMAT mock test, is the diagnosis of five weakest areas in quant as well as verbal. The software gives you a summary report of these topics that you are diagnosed weakest in, together with the exact accuracy in the same. In case you later choose to upgrade to the complete access, the software will continue to pin-point your 5 weakest areas in quant as well as verbal, as per your performance in the most recent three tests.

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