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Admissions Consulting

Admissions Consulting for Global Education: All Programs. All Geographies

Our Admissions Consulting Services have helped students obtain admits in almost all of the world’s top 150 universities- for MBA programs, Masters in Management programs, Masters in Finance Programs, and a spectrum of MS Programs. A big chunk of our students apply for the MBA Programs and our MBA Admissions Consulting support has been the hallmark of impact created. Every 10th Indian studying in the US top 50 schools happens to be our student. ISB is a popular choice for the Indian applicants and more than 90% students applying under our admissions consulting were interviewed by ISB in year since 2010.

We cannot recall a case where a student followed our advice and did not have multiple admits to choose from! Further, we specialize in bagging scholarships and every year, more than 20 of our students are admitted among esteemed institutions with 100% scholarships! Of the students who followed our admissions consulting support sincerely, 100% had multiple admits to choose from!



Every mentor in our team is a 99th percentiler on GMAT and MBA from a prominent business school. The mentors carry vast industry exposure in the Indian as well as global set ups. Besides, they carry serious experience in admissions consulting; a new Mentor joining our team has to work with a Senior Mentor for a complete season before working directly with a student. Thus, all Mentors have serious experience in handling diverse profiles. Admissions Consulting requires serious personal interaction and we have ensured that all Mentors in our team are friendly, easy people to work with!


Our rigorous Admissions Consulting Processes take care of all the five legs of the applications process- Essays, Recommendation Letters, Resume, and Online Applications Form. To begin with, a student needs to fill a Profiling Questionnaire (to give us detailed insight into one’s profile) and a Schools Shortlisting Questionnaire (to help us understand the preferences and constraints for Schools Shortlisting). A student is supposed to simply pour one’s heart out and give us detailed information without worrying about the quality of English. Next, the Mentor conducts Brainstorming Session with the student and links one’s background, need for higher education, short term goal, and long term vision. With this groundwork in place, the Admissions Consulting moves into the Schools Shortlisting stage and, ideally, five dream schools, five practical schools, and one safe school is shortlisted for aptly spreading the risk. Thereafter, we begin the essay writing work as each essay for each school is deliberated upon, ensuring that all the important aspects of the candidature are displayed appropriately in the applications and that each application lends us, our best chance. The onus of furnishing impeccable, good to go essays for each school lies on us. We are happy to hear the student’s suggestions and the Mentor either incorporates the suggestions or tells that why the same are not worthwhile. There is no cap on the number of iterations and our inclusive nature of Admissions Consulting means that any nature of the inputs- essays, videos, audios, slides, tweets etc- needed in the applications process are taken care of. The students are given apt support for Recommendation Letters and Resume in the form of samples, templates, Must or Must not dos, and close reviews with clear feedbacks. We also share access to the online application forms, ensuring that the student’s responses are technically correct and the quality of responses on the form are appropriate in quality. This way, we ensure that anything that goes to the Admissions Committee is scrutinized by us.


Once a student receives invitation for interviews, our rigorous support in this crucial stage of the applications process in complimentary. We share an exhaustive list of questions generally asked in such interviews and a few additional questions that a student is likely to be asked- on the basis of one’s application. Then, we conduct adequate number of mock interviews over Skype or Phone. Detailed feedback is given- in the form of recorded interviews, clear scope for improvement, and a scoring matrix on the main virtues of interviewing- content, style, body language etc. Like on everything else, there is no cap on the number of mock interviews.

Ethics and Trust


We consider it a responsibility to help each student enrolled with us get on the right career track. Trust our judgment and sincerely adhere to our advice. Wonderful results will follow.


As Admissions Consultants and Career Counsellors, it is our duty to be providing the student totally honest feedback. We will state what he/she can possibly achieve and how much effort will be required for it. Though school short-listing is possible after enrollment when the filled questionnaires have been evaluated by the assigned Mentor, a macro view of admission prospects, likely expenditure, etc is provided before enrollment.


We expect our students to be honest in relating their experiences and achievements. Our policy is to help students get the best they deserve, on the basis of their own merit. So, do not compel us to include incorrect information. Also, since we craft unique essays for each student’s purposes, we consider it unethical to share them with others. So take care to not request for essays of successful students.

I cannot thank Experts’ and Mayank enough for helping me give my best towards getting an MBA from a top school. When I joined Experts’, I was given an honest reality check and counseled to defer my application process by one year. During this span, I received continuous guidance for GMAT Prep as well as profile building. After following Experts’ material and sticking to the study plan religiously I saw my GMAT scores rise significantly! I did not need any other material and I would not recommend using any other material either. I followed what Mayank suggested and stuck to it. Most important i saw results. I was one of those people who wanted to apply to HBS/Stanford, and Mayank was the only person (among the many I talked to) who did not brush it off as just another guy unrealistically dreaming of HBS.

Jyotishman Sharma, 730, Indiana Kelley, Simon Rochester with Partial Scholarship; Interviewed with Stanford, Waitlisted at Duke

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