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School Students: INR 6,000
Undergrad Degree Students: INR 10,000
Working Professionals or Masters Students: INR 14,000

Career Counselling

Career Counselling for Working Professionals, College Students, or School Students

If you introspect closely, you will find identify in yourself- a particular trait at which you were always better than the ordinary. The trait may not be fancy but common, everyday stuff- memorizing something easily, doing normal calculations quickly, multitasking 20 different household chores every day at ease, easily striking conversations with strangers, excelling at one work over and over without getting bored of it, creating jokes on your feet, rhyming poems or parodies at will, negotiating optimally to the last buck, working harder and longer than an average individual, meticulous micro management, extreme degree of patience, flair for language etc…the list never ending as so is the limit of human abilities. We believe (and there is scientific evidence to it) that each individual is gifted with one ability in which s/he is better than 99.9% individuals. This ability, when aptly nurtured, can be developed into a skill; a skill that, when effectively applied, may lead to a satisfying, scintillating, and meaningful career. Through our Career Counselling initiative, we strive to identify that one naturally gifted ability in an individual and groom it to help you achieve what you wish to accomplish in your life in general and career in particular!

Come prepared for a day long exercise full of retrospection, introspection, and contemplation. Here’s what your day with us for your career counselling is going to be like…


Ice-Breaking-Coffee with a Generalist Career Counsellor

After completing the formalities and basic paper work, your Career Counselling starts with an Ice Breaking Session with a Generalist Career Counsellor: a seasoned professional with a sound overview of all major career options and the skills/interests needed for the same. This candid chat helps you overcome the inertia in opening yourself completely to the career counselling process. The informal discussion over a cup of coffee shall help you understand how you can make the best use of this exercise and let the Career Counsellor have a holistic idea of your background and queries.

An IQ Test

An important part of the career counselling, this IQ test helps us in determining an individualâs overall intelligence quotient as well as broad level aptitude for various career options

The Home Run Analysis: What do you Wish?

This short questionnaire, the wishful part of career counselling with us, helps us extract what your plan A is. It makes a student, pour one heart out about what career one would like to pursue, what one would like to achieve in a lifetime- if there were no fear of losing or no concern about what people would perceive, or what is deemed practical or what the trend is! Knowing your Home Run helps us know you deep inside; we may or may not approve your career plan suggested in your Home Run but your responses play a significant role in helping us understand what excites you about the offerings from your career.

Reality Check: What are you good at?

What you wish to opt may not always be the best career option for you. Abraham Lincolnas first passion was entrepreneurship; Dr Abdul Kalam wanted to join the Indian Army; Amitabh Bachchan started his career as a Freight Broker. Wonder what the world may have lost if these stalwarts did not discover what they were good at? The Reality Check session, a crucial part of the career counselling

Lunch with a Junior Career Counsellor

After a series of introspective, cognitive, intellectual exercises, this light hearted lunch with a Junior Career Counsellor may come as a blow of fresh air in the rigorous, daylong, career counselling session. Expect a few friendly jibes and you will not realize that the counsellor is still doing her job and shall convey the feedback to your Generalist Career Counsellor

Career Values: What will you be Happy Doing?

Knowing what one expects out of oneâs career is an important part of successful career counselling. One may want to be an Investment Banker but if pressure to perform is not among oneâs career values, it is the case of an expectation mismatch. The Career Values exercise- essentially a card game, is a fun exercise to identify the virtues one seeks in the professional context. A crucial, crucial part of effective career counselling by us!

Rigorous Brainstorming with the Generalist Career Counsellor

Now your Generalist Career Counsellor has all the data one seeks for a rigorous career counselling session. This is when you get the answers you have been seeking for: What industry and profile would suit you? Whether your chosen/prospective career options are the best for you? What are your core strengths? What are the appurtenances you need to develop to excel in your career? Expect 2-5 career options to be recommended to you as a result of the day long, rigorous career counselling with us. Expect to have clear answers to Why?, Why not?, and œWhat if to various, pertinent, career choices. After the end of this last leg of career counselling session in person, you need to go home and sleep over the analysis. Over the next two days, you need to brainstorm over the advices and send us an email about the career choice you have made

Session with a Specialist Career Counsellor for your Identified Career Choice

Soon after hearing from you about your career choice, we arrange a Career Counselling Session with a Specialist Career Counsellor to guide you about your chosen career option. This Career Counselling Session can be telephonic or in-person, depending on your location and the location of the Specialist Career Counsellor. During this hour-long session, expect concrete steps that you need to take for pursuing a successful career in your chosen career

Detailed Email with Clear Action Items with a Suggested Timeline

This forms the last chapter of the comprehensive career counselling and planning session with us. Expect this email to suggest clear action items with specific milestones as per a preferred timeline. Following the steps mentioned in this email shall deeply influence your chance for leading a meaningful, satisfying, and successful career in a domain that meets your skills as well as career interests


It is good to keep in touch and let us know how you are faring

Email Support

We assign a support email ID that is dedicated for sorting the queries of students who, ever, took career counselling with us. Be precise about the career you have and your Generalist and/or Specialist Career Counsellors shall write back to you soon

Two Complimentary Career Counselling Sessions in your Lifetime

Yes, you read it right. If you have taken a career counselling session with us, you are eligible for two more, complementary, career counselling sessions with us in your lifetime. Why? The idea we are Career Counselling is to leave a positive impact on one’s career and life; we don’t want you to pay


Q: Do we help for all career options?

A: We have tried our best to develop expertise in as many career options as possible. We carry immense expertise in most career options- well known or little known. In case we realize that we do not have required expertise in a certain career plan that you may be interested in, we arrange a specialist in a few days and ensure that the Specialist Career Counselling leg of career counselling is completed effectively.

Q: Do we specialize in certain careers?

A: Apparently, we are bound to know a little more about certain careers and a little less about certain careers. However, broadly, we are generalist career counsellors and believe in keeping a wide spectrum of career choices for finding the finest career match for an individual’€™s skills and aspirations.

Q: What is the profile of Generalist Career Counsellors?

A: They are professionals with a robust academic and professional background; individuals who are well exposed to the world’™s most prominent institutions and companies, and well travelled to understand different cultures and mindsets. The team of our Generalist Career Counsellors involves MBAs from America’s top business schools, ISB, IIMs, Management Consultants, Suave Technology professionals, entrepreneurs etc.

Q: What is the profile of Specialist Career Counsellors?

A: Specialist Career Counsellors are successful professionals in their own careers. They are involved in a part-time capacity with us out of their interest and passion to provide correct guidance to the next generation of aspiring professionals in their career domains. We have tried our best to get on board, a versatile team of Specialists in order to cover as many career choices as possible. The team of Specialist Career Counsellors ranges from Engineers to Army Officers and Doctors to Animation Professionals!

Q: Do we offer the career counselling online?

A: No. We deliberated immensely over this. We are new generation, tech-savvy professionals and our company offers online education consulting solutions to students, worldwide. Nevertheless, to provide effective career counselling, we need to meet our students in person and feel the vibes. However few we counsel, we would like to counsel well as our outcome has the power of affecting one’s entire career and this is a big responsibility! We offer the career counselling only in cities we have physical presence in. Catch a flight, train, or bus to the enlightening- introspective, retrospective, contemplative day long career counselling session with us!


School Students: INR 6,000
Undergrad Degree Students: INR 10,000
Working Professionals or Masters Students: INR 14,000

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