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Believer in training a few and training them well, Experts' Global Training Services is a niche Boutique Consulting firm rather than a pure play commercial entity. Experts' has mentored close to only a thousand candidates since its inception in February 2008, in almost all the prominent countries. While a 700+ score has been the resultant score of every other student, the average improvement for those who have taken the GMAT is 131 points. Our students have secured admissions in almost all of the world's most prestigious institutions, often with hefty scholarships.

Here are the comments from a few of our successful and dear students...

Swarnendu Ray

moved from 680 to 770 on GMAT and made into BU and Emory with 100% scholarship

When the screen said 770, I really thought it was a bug in the software. But, when the entire staff at Pearson Vue center came jumping for a glance at my score report, I realized that I had nailed it. I had earlier scored a modest 680, and there-on, such a huge jump with just 4 months of preparation (alongside my job) could not have been possible without Experts' excellent study material and continuous and personalized guidance. I also signed up for the Application Package and once again, Experts' help was instrumental in securing a berth in Boston University School of Business and Goizueta Business School with full scholarships in each institution! Few of my friends already signed up on my recommendation. From my experience, I have no hesitation in claiming that when it comes to pursuing GMAT and a subsequent B-School admission, Experts' Global is the way to go. And btw, it is very reasonably priced too!

Nikki Bruce

"I was dismayed to see a 500 in my first GMAT score. Then, the organized approach to preparation helped me get a 640. I know that's not a great score but with just 45 days preparation and an honest idea of my capacity, I am very happy with this performance and am confident of getting into a school of my choice. Many thanks"

Anu Mangal

730, Washington Olin, Foster, Illinois

I graduated !!! ( still can't believe it ... ) I couldn't have been here without you ... thanks for everything ...

Jyotishman Sharma

730, Indiana Kelley, Simon Rochester with Partial Scholarship; Interviewed with Stanford, Waitlisted at Duke

I cannot thank Experts' and Mayank enough for helping me give my best towards getting an MBA from a top school. When I joined Experts', I was given an honest reality check and counseled to defer my application process by one year. During this span, I received continuous guidance for GMAT Prep as well as profile building. After following Experts' material and sticking to the study plan religiously I saw my GMAT scores rise significantly! I did not need any other material and I would not recommend using any other material either. I followed what Mayank suggested and stuck to it. Most important i saw results. I was one of those people who wanted to apply to HBS/Stanford, and Mayank was the only person (among the many I talked to) who did not brush it off as just another guy unrealistically dreaming of HBS. He said he would help me put the best possible application, and he did. Interviews with Stanford and Duke are testimony to that. He helped bring out my true self in the essays and that contributed to a stellar application. Both Mayank and Anand spent time helping me prepare for interviews and conducted multiple Mock interviews. All said, I was very happy with the personal attention and have recommended Experts' to many of my friends."

Debashish Samanta

Illinois Urbana Champaign with a scholarship worth $25000

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Experts' Global team for all the advice and guidance provided during the application process, which was invaluable and instrumental to my admission to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and UBC Sauder Business School. Writing successful MBA applications is about understanding who you truly are and connecting the dots in your life meaningfully to tell your story in a compelling and authentic way. The key to unlocking the full potential of this insight, to me, was Experts' Global team. All the time they pushed me to think better and worked with me with dedication throughout. All in all, they helped my application to stand out from the crowd. From my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Experts' Global to aspiring MBA students. The Experts' Global team can significantly improve your essays and increase your chances of getting into your target schools.

Indranil Ray

BU (55% scholarship), Michigan State University, Manchester Business School (50% scholarship), ISB

I had approached Experts' Global for my MBA applications. The entire team was extremely supportive. My mentors provided me with the necessary guidance required for essay writing and interview preparation. I was successful in securing an admission offer from Indian School of Business. I highly recommend Experts' Global's services to anyone who wishes to get into the best b-schools in the world.

Its been almost four years with Experts Global, and this journey was quite out of the box. I enrolled with them in their classroom program. The course material is so systematic that once you start from Level 1, it automatically brushes up your basics and the way it is delivered in the classroom is more like an icing on the cake. They provide access to online videos which are in topic wise format and one can use them for revision. On the whole, they never left my hand at any point of time and have always been very easily approachable. Soon after my GMAT, I approached them for applications and schools shortlisting. Mentors were appointed for both applications and interview preparations. They were always quick in responding and were even more sincere than me in the follow ups. Throughout the process I never felt that any of my query went unanswered. The mentors were available over phone and through emails and were always updated with any changes. Experts Global did an excellent job and the whole process of applications and interview preparations was quite smooth. I would strongly recommend their services to all who seek a great future and want to get into a great college. I hereby wish the entire team ALL THE VERY BEST..!!!

Shubham Tyagi

Carlson (40k), Temple Fox (35k), ISB

A total quality service! I cannot stop speaking high words for these guys. Each-one, at Experts, was pretty helpful and comes for your help whenever you are in a fix, and which is quite often while applications process. I would definitely recommend it to all who see themselves sitting in some top B schools. All the best Experts! Cheers.

Sarabjot Singh Arora

McMaster University

I approached the Experts Global for helping me with filling the applications in the last round of applications. Deadline just being a month away, the team quickly responded to all the necessary tasks and created a personalised deadlines for every task. The mentors were always approachable and were very quick in responding. Overall it was great mentoring in the writing of applications and even in the interview preparations. The suggestions were always crisp and to the mark. I really recommend going for their services if you really want to get through great colleges. All the best!!

Neha Verma

I opted for the GMAT guidance program by Experts’ Global and I think it was a great value overall. I was given a systematic, complete set of material and practice tests and therefore, I did not have to worry about the study resources at all. Their videos were high-difficulty level and covered stuff that may have been difficult to grasp by books alone. I was given a phase wise study plan with a lucid scoresheet to observe my performance pattern. For any doubts, I could attend a doubt-session. All of this was at a very economical price! In my opinion, Experts' Global's GMAT Guidance Program is the world's best overall! .

Sagar Sharma

Experts Global team exactly knows the pain points of students.The level of customization in study plan for different students shows how much they want each and every student to achieve their goals.I met their team and discussed about giving a GMAT but after the counseling session I had in depth knowledge of the road map and was motivated enough to give my best.I got my customized plan and the material witthin no time.Team is efficient,dedicated and gives attention to solve each and every problem which I faced.The study material is the best compilation of content and tests I have ever came across.Also not to forget the CBTs are the closest one can replicate GMAT tests.Every GMAT aspirant should go with Experts Global and work hard under their guidance to be successful. .

Justin Jaundoo


"I improved by almost 200 points within two months. I started from very poor level and am very satisfied with the study material and guidance. The applications support was wonderful and personalized. Thanks a ton!"

Jake Miller

750, Cornell, Duke, Kellogg, Yale

Took up the course after referring to almost all the program available for GMAT prep and found Experts' approach the best. The decision paid as I scored well above what I thought I would. Thanks.

Requests Anonymity

HBS, Stanford, Yale

The best part of the association was the smoothness with which the complex maze of MBA applications was navigated with ease, thanks to the organized, disciplined processes and approach by Experts' Global. I always knew the tasks I needed to concentrate on and gradually, the entire process was completed optimally as support was provided for every small part of the process.

I believe that Experts' Global team did complete justice to my profile. Elated with the results. Thank you!

Akshay S

Booth, Darden, Ross, Duke, Tepper, Olin, Owen with 0-100% scholarships

After burning my fingers with a very high profile consultant in Delhi, I was completely unsure about my prospects of making into top ranked US B schools. I could see the marked difference that engaging with Experts' Global Training Services has made to my application season. Honestly, I would have taken admit into any of the 10 schools you mentioned in the guarantee and am glad that I made into seven of those. I am truly grateful to you for bringing me to a level where I am deciding between which one to join among these titans of the schools. Thanks.

Gaurav Verma

Temple Fox with 30% scholarship

I just graduated and wanted to thank you for constantly inspiring me to do my best. This moment was not possible without your help, inspiration and guidance. The past two years were full of great learning opportunities, challenges of navigating a new country and moments of great inspiration. I met some really fantastic people, learnt a lot from their diverse backgrounds and traveled with them to many countries. This experience has allowed me to become a better person. Thank you once again for everything and do stay in touch.

Taruna Saini

With just 670 on GMAT, ASU Carey with 100% scholarship + multiple top 50 admits with hefty scholarships

I got admits from 8 of the 11 schools I applied to. With 670 on GMAT, an engineering degree, and four years of IT experience, I was, honestly, not expecting such results!

Mohit Agarwal


Experts teams works day and night hard to make sure their candidate achieves their goals, so be it getting a good GMAT score or cracking a good MBA school. My journey of 1 year beginning from getting decent GMAT score to cracking my dream school in Singapore was quite fruitful not only from achieving my target but also to have thorough introspection within myself so that I can estimate my capabilities. I am thankful to entire experts team including Priyanka, Mayank and my mentor Shailesh to push me hard towards my goals. I not only got admitted to Nanyang Business School with Scholarship but also got offer from other universities including admit offer from Simon's Business School with over 20% of Scholarship.

Aditya CN

Tepper Carnegie Mellon

I had a wonderful experience working with the team at Experts' Global while I was preparing my applications to top business schools in the US. My mentors, Anand and Shailesh walked me through each step in the admission process, lending me with their inputs on my essays and subsequently on my responses for the personal interviews. The support structure was especially important to keep myself motivated and focused. The tough few months late last year ended well with an admission to Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, thanks to the quality guidance from Experts' Global Training Services.

Vikram Sachdeva

IIM Bangalore EPGP

Studying in the small class of Experts' Global Training Services was an amazing experience as we were a small family, enjoying while studying together. From 500s in my first attempt, I moved to a 690 on GMAT which was personally a great achievement. Thereafter, the robust application support under the guidance of Mayank made my application process smooth and successful. Great work. Thanks a lot.

Khushboo Garg

690, Darden, Indiana Kelley, Nanyang, McCombs with 0-60% Scholarships

My results speak. After a 600 in first attempt, I got a 690 with Experts'. I knew that's not a great score but I was happy with it. I took help in applications and despite my low GMAT score, I got great admits. I followed whatever Mayank said- during my GMAT preparation as well as during the applications.

Amanda Jacob

MIT with just 630

The 4-week plan was effective in getting me to take the GMAT after a long break from books. My mentor did an astonishing job in using my unconventional work profile and ethnicity to build a case.

Dipankar Dutta

730, ISB, Tippie

Pursuing my MBA dream started with frantic internet searches for the best available admission consultant. I visited numerous websites over the next month and eventually zeroed in on Experts Global after realising that it was the only institute which genuinely cared for the students. The genuine, sincere and methodical approach of the entire GMAT Guidance Program and Applications Package provided by Experts Global is really difficult to find elsewhere. The exceptional study materials, the personalized study plans and support from mentors are the USPs of Experts Global. I must mention that the support and guidance provided to me by Mayank Srivastava and Shailesh Otari during the GMAT prep and Applications Package respectively was really priceless. I used to irritate them every now and then with a lot with doubts and e-mails. But every time, I got a quick response with all my doubts cleared.

I ended up getting a decent GMAT score of 730. Coming from a very humble background, my budget for applying to B-schools was highly constrained. Mr. Shailesh understood my problems thoroughly and made me apply to Olin, Tippie and ISB. I was provided help with all the minute aspects of applications like essays, recommendations, resume, etc. Even the mock interview session and interview tips were exceptional. I finally made into all 3 B-schools I had applied to with 100% scholarship from Tippie, $40000 scholarship from Olin and Rs. 5 lakhs scholarship from ISB!! The results speak for themselves. I can firmly say to all candidates who are looking for genuine support for their MBA dream - Put in your faith in Experts and results will definitely follow provided you follow your study plans, assignments and instructions thoroughly and sincerely.

A sincere word of thanks to Mayank Sir and Shailesh Sir - You have made my dream come true and I will always remember your support. Students will always be in safe hands as long as people like you exist!!

Requests Anonymity

Yale, Cornell, INSEAD

Very professional, prompt, polite team. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Sanjukta Banerjee

690, Ross

My GMAT score improved by nearly 100 points from my first attempt after I took Experts' Guidance. I was provided a step by step study plan which helped me to achieve a score of 710. Thanks a lot for your practice materials and continued guidance. It really helped me a lot to reach a good GMAT score

Manoj Prakash

BU with $79.5k scholarship

I got 610 on my first attempt and I was resigned to getting a max score of 680-690 in my second attempt when I enrolled with Experts. I scored 750, which I thought was beyond my reach. Experts' really knows what exactly is required to improve your score fundamentally to a new level. The personalized plans are the key to GMAT success. The personal guidance is all the more important beyond GMAT, from selecting schools to getting scholarships. I received full scholarship from a premier school. Mayank, my mentor at Experts', is like that friend whose judgement you trust. If you are serious about GMAT and MBA, go to Experts. You can't really go wrong.

Deepak R

INSEAD, LBS, Duke, Cornell

In 2014, I applied to a bunch of programs with 670 on GMAT. While I had admits, I wanted to target the ivy league. I improved my GMAT to 740. With faith from my experience in 2014, I took Experts' help again in 2015. Willing to work hard on me again, EG got me some wonderful admits. I was very happy to see the way my family business angle was aptly molded to bring strength rather than weakness to my candidature.

Susan Chen

"I improved by a massive 180 points from my last GMAT score in 50 days. I will say that I very sincerely followed Experts' study material and the study plan that Mayank prepared for me. I had failed thrice earlier, as both English and Math were difficult for me. I have got interview call from Babson College and am hoping to get an admission."

Nikhil Singh

710, Kelley, ISB, BU, Krannert, Smeal, Tippie, Cox, Georgia, with hefty scholarships

I am not sure if self-preparation would have helped me attain a good score in GMAT and admit with scholarship in one of the best universities. For the simple reason that you don't just need motivation for success, you also need support and advice from knowledgeable and informed individuals. And that's where I think Experts' Global made all the difference for me. I cannot stress enough how vital study plan, study material and practice tests were to my study regime. They were absolutely and completely responsible for how I performed on the test. The personalize study plan is as per your strengths and weak areas and is something very unique about Experts' Global. The books offer some radically new tricks and tips to better attack the problems. You really don't need to refer any book other than ones provided by Experts' Global. Experts' Global helped me select universities that matched my experience and aspiration. A lot of effort and time was spent before writing essays for a college. The essays were written in a very professional manner and truly reflected my personality. The most highlighting service given was the interactive sessions during the mock interviews. I was extremely impressed with the generous amount of time spent hammering out every detail of interview process.

A Gokhale


With 720 on GMAT, an IIT degree, and not-so-unconventional three years experience in Finance industry, I was aiming for the top five programs in USA while also applying to a few other programs in 6-25. With a Wharton admit coming in early, I have decided to not apply anywhere else. Was a great help!

Adhiraj Kohli

Boston University, Tippie, Boston College with 100% scholarships, NUS

I came to Experts' seeking help on my applications with 680 on GMAT. It was September and I did not have time to improve my score. However, I was guided to prepare for GMAT as the help from Experts' eased the applications burden on me. While I achieved a 750 on GMAT with the Experts' Global Guidance Program, my applications were also almost completed. I still applied everywhere in Round-1 and achieved multiple admits with great scholarships!

I just cannot express my happiness and thank you enough for all you have done for me. Right from my preparation for GMAT to helping me in my applications while i was onboard (I am a sailor), you have guided me well and help me achieve my aim. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. Thanks a lot and keep the good work going. Thanks again

Requests Anonymity

Kellogg, Yale, Tuck, Ross, Duke

I was impressed by the amount of effort and expertise put in developing a story for my applications- I think that is the most crucial part of the applications process and that is what EG's main strength is. All the good aspects in my profile were highlighted while all the weaknesses were explained- rather than being overlooked. This resulted in my wonderful admits. I hope to have a prolong association with the Experts' team.

Deepti Saripalli

Darden, Tepper, Emory, Olin, Boston University, Kelley, Smeal, Maryland Smith with hefty Scholarships

I found out about Experts' Global while searching for application related help services online. I was working full time and did not have the time required to analyse my objectives and draft excellent essays. I spoke with Mr Mayank Srivastava, the Founder at Experts', and was initially skeptical if the extremely ambitious Guarantee shall be met. But my fears were unfounded as Anand, my assigned mentor, put me at ease immediately. He was experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Experts' helped me understand what I wanted from an MBA, what I wanted from my future and where I wanted to see my career go. They also talked to me several times to help me understand the entire process. Unlike other services they did not immediately rush to offer me help with the applications. They took time in understanding and evaluating my profile, thus helping me select the right set of schools. I got all the help I wanted in preparing essays, applications and interviews. I applied to 10 schools and with a non-extraordinary 720 on GMAT, got admits from 7 of them, all thanks to Experts', Anand, and team

"After getting a mere 660 in my first attempt, it was very important to identify and then work on my weak areas. This is when the personalized guidance from Experts, in the form of Guidance Program, was helpful. The study material was comprehensive and I never felt the need to refer to any other book apart from the books and tests provided. This helped me improve my score from 660 to 700. But then came the bigger challenge - applying to b-schools. I was clueless about the whole process and decided to trust Experts Global once again. And I cannot thank Anand Dubey enough for helping me through this entire process of short-listing schools based on my profile and financial constraints, writing essays and then finally helping in preparing for the interviews. He was extremely patient with me and offered all the help I needed. His guidance helped me get 8 interview calls out of 10 schools that I applied to and finally 3 admits with good scholarships. Thank you Anand and team Experts Global for all the guidance and support you have provided. I would strongly recommend Experts Global to all the GMAT MBA aspirants." Nikhl Jaiswal, 700, SMU Cox ($60,000), GWU ($75,000), UConn.

Harsha Pandey

HEC Paris

Experts' services were very beneficial to me. I came from Army background and had no idea about a corporate career. Experts' team helped me with career planning and also the MBA application process. The services are very prompt. It is based on Experts' essays that I made it into HEC Paris. I had a nice experience overall too.

Requests Anonymity

Darden, Tepper, Emory + multiple US top 40 admits with hefty scholarships

When my guarantee statement suggested "US top 45", I was mentally prepared to join a school in the range of 35-45. However, the list of schools was well spread and 8 of the 11 schools were in top 30. Very happy with my results!

Mayank Jaiswal

Boston University with 50% scholarship

I came in contact with Mayank Srivastava at Experts Global after I scored 720 on my GMAT in my first attempt seeking guidance for my journey ahead from there as I had no idea about which school to apply , which program is best for me , should I retake the GMAT and improve my Quant percentile and other millions of questions like these.At first , I thought that I will get all these answers all by myself and google and I was such a strong believer of this that I made fun of my friends who got paid consultancy seeking help in their MBA application journey last year .Then I realised that you can convince yourself of anything with data on internet , If you start a search to find that Android is better than IOS - you will definitely get convincing data to support the fact and if you start the search to find the opposite you will get equally compelling proof.Same applied for the search relating to schools , programs etc. , its just what you want to believe you can get data or stats to convince yourself then in such a scenario how do you actually get answers??? That is where I got all the help from Shailesh who was my mentor at Experts Global . He has himself been through this journey and helped so many students that he always knows what is best for you and stupid questions are going on in your mind.He helped me shortlist colleges according to my previous work /Gmat score/future ambitions /chances of getting in among various other factors .One of the most important things that he helped me with was to make me understand what are the things in my work journey or for that matter my journey of life till now that I should highlight in my Essays / interviews etc so that my personality is actually communicated to the Addmission committee of the schools and believe me the things I thought were completely irrelevant for my profile became the highlight of my profile when their importance was explained to me by Shailesh.He helped me with mock interviews pointing out my weaknesses , my strengths ,what I am doing wrong ,what I am not doing and should be doing , tiny details which you can never prepare without professional help.He was always prompt in replying to my queries in his own humorous ways which always made me feel stupid to have asked the same but he always encouraged to ask them no matter how many times.Finally , I got into few schools of my choice and decided on joining Questrom School Of Business ,Boston University with approx 80% tuition Scholarship for which I was ready to pay the whole fees and was one of my first choices.The point from where you realize you want to start preparing for GMAT to the point of actually joining a B-School is a beautiful journey full of adventures , excitement , success , failures , late nights , early mornings , restlessness , anxiety , waiting , bad information , good information and I can go on but you definitely need an expert to guide you through it and I found mine in Shailesh and Experts Global Team.Although I am not done with him and I will continue to extract info and advise from him for all my life but his role in my MBA journey cannot be missed.SO , I recommend everyone for his excellent mentoring services.Cheers Guys!

Varun M

ASU Carey on 100% scholarship

With 680 on GMAT, I have received admits from multiple US top 50 programs. I am joining ASU Carey on 100% scholarship. Thanks to Experts' Global.

Santosh Kumar

700, ISB, Tippie with No, 100% Scholarship respectively

When I decided to do MBA from a global business school about an year back, I needed someone who could guide me through the entire process right from the GMAT to the Interviews, till I got an admit. Someone who could be professional yet personal. Experts' Global proved to be just the right mentor for me. For starters, the study materials cover the entire gamut of concepts and questions necessary for a stellar performance on the GMAT. Even if that is not sufficient , the student can address a specific concern (just as in my case, where I needed more materials on specific quant topics) with Experts' help. All that is required is dedication and willingness on part of the student. I managed to get a score of 700 on the GMAT on the second attempt. For me though, the most helpful part was the applications. I cannot thank Mr Mayank V Srivastav enough for his unparalleled commitment to his work. Coming from humble background, I did not have much to talk about on the extracurriculars and (I think) leadership initiatives outside professional life. However, when I received the application essays, they were exactly similar to what I would have written myself ( far more superior in style, presentation of the content , however). Mayank (and probably each mentor in his robust team) has the knack of getting underneath the skin of the student, for it would be impossible to write the essays unless one knows about the student in sufficient detail. The mock interviews that I had with him were very helpful in tackling the rigorous ISB interview with very low success rates. I want to thank your for your guidance throughout the admissions process on various aspects. I will never forget that day before ISB deadline, when you slept at 5 am in the morning to finish my application. When you say authentic mentoring on your website, you indeed mean it. I sincerely recommend Experts' Global to anyone serious about pursuing an MBA from a global B School.

Requests Anonymity

LBS, Judge, Said

I was late to start my applications work and that did not deter Experts' Global team for preparing brilliant apps. I was targeting only the top notch UK programs and am glad to inform that I made the cut for all three.

Experts' Global is highly recommended!

Titash Maitra

680, XLRI GMP, IIM, Great Lakes, AIM

I kept this mail on the draft and knew that I would forward you once I have the results.Even though I worked hard for this feat but your inputs were beyond expectations. Thanks a lot Mayank, I would be ever indebted to you for all your help. I wish my mailbox had a 'like' button every time you sent me my essays.

Santanu Chandra


You best get to value Experts' when you have worked with some other consultant. I paid a hefty amount to a high profile consultant in return of almost nothing. I applied to ten business schools and still did not have clear answers to "Why MBA", "Short-term and Long-term Career Goals" etc. I got only a few interview calls and converted only one where the interviewer was mild and did not ask me the uncomfortable questions. Then, I took help of Experts' for just one, ambitious, application and was overwhelmed to see the difference made in my approach, story, and essays. What I now received is what I will call mentoring, guidance, or consulting. I had the most grueling interview experience of all with HEC and converting the same got me great confidence. Thanks a lot.

Nisha Shukla

Hey! I received an email admit from IIML - IPMX program at Noida campus. I just want to thank you for all the support for the GMAT and later guidance as well regarding resume and more. You kept in touch and kept me motivated all through the long process of 2 yrs. I am indeed grateful and indebted to you. Your guidance indeed helped me great deal in my MBA journey. It goes without saying that I would recommend you for any MBA aspirant!! Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Requests anonymity

Duke Fuqua and ISB with just 710/5.5 on GMAT

I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve, what was a dream for me. Appreciate it.

Sai Charan

Tepper, Duke, Smeal with 0-100% Scholarships

After nailing GMAT, I thought I can walk just walk into any B-school I desired. All this was till I came across the rigorous and mysterious admission processes followed by the top schools. I was lost for advice on the steps that I need to follow to successfully navigate through this arduous journey. This is when, Experts' Global stepped in. My interactions with them helped me clearly understand the fact that it takes more than a good GMAT score to get into a top B-school. Owing to the conversations I had with Anand and in a longtime, I actually thought about what I want to do with my future. You can expect an educated,information-driven response to even the most mundane of queries about your MBA journey with Experts' Global Training Services. A clear understanding of what you can expect from an MBA experience is my biggest take-away from my experience is In short, my perspective of "What it takes to do a top-notch MBA?: completely changed for the better after my experience with the "Experts'".

Sumeet Narula

Yale, UCLA, Cornell with $50k scholarship

When I saw my 750 score displayed on my screen, I asked the exam coordinator in a lunatic voice "Is it my score"? Yes It was unbelievable given that i got 640 in the diagnostic test. I attribute all my success to the structured plan developed by Experts'. The study material which unequivocally can be called the best material and the set of 20 mock tests really worked for me. I followed the plan assigned to me religiously and with constant guidance from Mayank. I totally vouch for the statement that you need not do anything (even OG as it is included) except the package provided by Experts'.

Priyanka Tiwari

Babson, Thunderbird, UConn

I enrolled with Experts' Guidance Program in 2009 (I am writing this piece in 2013). The material was simply superb, it covered, in an organized and selective way, almost everything that is worthwhile in the GMAT world. However I couldn't beat the GMAT beast and couldn't score more than 610 in my multiple attempts. Crucially, Experts' Global stayed with me and trained me repeatedly with newer strategies over my attempts. Then, the real magic Experts' Global did was with my application package. They helped me select schools suitable to my profile and worked great deal on the essays. I was discovering so many un-noticed factors about my profile, which certainly helped me build up my confidence. Also did a few very useful rounds of mock interviews over the phone. My whole application process was cakewalk, thanks to Experts'. Finally, only with 610 GMAT, I got acceptance from Babson College (which in fact was my dream school), Uconn and Thunderbird. Many thanks to Experts'!

Rishabh Mehrotra

Melbourne Business School, NUS, HKU, Smith

I would like to thank you for all the support you provided, from essays to mock interviews and advise. I feel that you have a good understanding of the whole admission cycle and know what exactly it takes to position a candidature for a school. I am glad that I sought help from you. Now I am getting ready for a long hard journey, and am excited for the challenge. Thanks again for your help. It would not have been so smooth without your help.

Mehul Ruparelia


Experts' study material helped me improve my score by more than 200 points, duly addressing the fundamentals and then preparing me for the difficult parts of GMAT.Then, the help in application for ISB got me admit into the only school I was looking for.

Rahul Marwah

Oxford Said, ISB, HEC, Owen with substantial scholarships Oxford Said, ISB, HEC, Owen with substantial scholarships

Thanks a lot for all the guidance and help through the complete process from school shortlisting to application finalization. Experts' Global helped me structure the things in a great fashion and by that structuring the herculean task of the application process became a step by step procedure. Thanks again!

Sumit Singh

750, Ross, BU, Olin with 0-100% Scholarships

Experts' Study Material and Guidance helped me in achieving a 750 on the GMAT. Then, the quality help in the application process helped me win interview calls from top league schools and final admits from various top 25 American institutions

Kushal P

Cornell, ISB

Thanks for your timely support throughout my application process

Ashish G

Duke, Ross, HKUST

The support from Experts' Global really made my entire application process very simple and I am sure my profile, goals, etc were reflected in an optimal manner. As a result, I have some great admits.

Anirudh Gupta


Made into ISB in my fourth attempt. The difference in the successful attempt and the other three was Experts' Global Training Services


The best part of working with Experts' is the personal touch and feeling of working in a team rather than with transactional professionals. I was working in Australia during the peak of applications and could hardly give any time. The mentor showed all the patience and ensured that the applications were of top quality. If I could give more time, I would have also converted the interview calls from ISB, Tepper, Darden. Nevertheless, I am happy that I got admit from few of my dream institutions.

Anand Chhabra,

ISB, HEC, HKUST, Nanyang

Thanks a ton for being a pillar by my side in my applications journey and enabling me to get some very desired admits

Rajat Chaturvedi

Nanyang Business School

I made into my dream school under the able guidance of Experts' Global and Anand. Thanks a lot

Prashant Agarwal


I came to Experts' Global Training Services with ISB and NUS as my dream schools. With their smart guidance in the application process, I earned interview invite from both the institutes and won a birth at ISB!

Abhinav Krishna

Kelley, Foster, BU, Tippie with 0-100% scholarships

I have been planning for MBA for more than three years. Last year I wasted almost Rs 2 Lacs only to get rejected from all the B schools. This year I chose Experts' Global to guide me through the application process. I never imagined that I would receive such huge success. Got admits from 4 of the top US B schools, and that too with great scholarships. Finally chose Kelley-Indiana. The best thing about the 'Team-Mayank' is that they identify the week portion of the application and work on it so well that it becomes blessing in disguise. They grill the student deep enough to develop truly original contents for all applications. Very professional, very helpful team, and of course, very compassionate Leader in Mayank Srivastava. Great work, great going. All the very best to the "Experts".

Ashish Dudeja

USC Marshall, Freeman with 80+% scholarship

I started my GMAT Preparation with Experts' Global almost two years ago and would say that they were very patient as I could not stick to my study plans and took way longer. However, I scored a decent 710 on GMAT and then opted for the Applications Package. To my disappointment, I realized that I waas a very conventional applicant with pureplay IT experience and no leadership/extra-curricular stuff to boast. Mr Shailesh Otari, my mentor at Experts' was instrumental in presenting my profile, career goals etc in a convincing way and in helping me with the interview preparation. Eventually, I am delighted with the result I have got; I had not imagined admit in a US 25 school, that too with $70k scholarship

Namrata Bhatnagar

BU and Vanderbilt Owen with 50+% Scholarships

Thanks a lot for helping me in getting admission offer from BU and Owen, two of my three main target schools, with significant scholarship

Nitin Barman


Thanks for the quality work under stiff time pressure. I came to you with just a few days left for the deadline and you stayed with me until five minutes before the deadline and ensured that I submitted my best chance.

Swetha Moorthy

Boston University and Vanderbilt Owen with 75+% Scholarships

It was February by the time I completed my GMAT and while I was contemplating 2013 admissions, Experts' assured me admits in 2012 itself. Could not have dreamt of better results

Amit Sarma

Tepper, ISB, Olin, Marshall, Kelley, Smith with 0-100% Scholarships

I got to learn about Experts' Global through a friend who himself made into an esteemed school through Experts' help. I could develop a strong feeling of trust from the very first time I spoke with Mayank. The complicated applications work was made very smooth as I got a few of the most desired admits

Vikram Chhabra


I had fewer years experience than the ISB's average, lower GMAT than the class average, non-scintillating and limited extra-curriculars, and above-average academics. Experts' Global used the uniqueness in my profile to strengthen my candidature as I made into my dream school

Pankaj Aswal

(Minutes after scoring a 710, an improvement of 220 points)

"I can't describe what I am feeling but I am for sure elated with the score I got. You are mainstay behind this performance. The first person I called after the test was not my mom nor my girlfriend but you since I owe this to you. While I know that this is not greatest of scores, I couldn't have got better."

Ashish Rathore

Bentley, Molson-Concordia

If I have to name anyone, apart from my own hard work,who is behind my success in getting admission into B-Schools in Bentley Univerisity,USA and Concordia University,Canada, then I would say its Experts' Global. Right from the begining to the end of this one year long journey, I got tremendous help from them. Class room teachings, personal assitance and guidance by Mayank sir followed by guidance of Shailesh sir for later processes of application really helped me to achieve my goal. Though my score in GMAT was very decent i.e. 620 but looking at adverse circumstances I had to face during my GMAT preparations, this score is more than satisfactory for me. School shortlisting for this score and guidance at later stages like essays and interviews were also incredible. I again say Tons of Thanks to Mayank sir and Shailesh sir for guiding me, literraly chassing me for my admission,something I woud really appriciate a lot, and staying with me at the end of my journey of B-school. ....Though my score in GMAT was very decent i.e. 620 but looking at adverse circumstances(I was sufferring from major depression and bipolar disorder when I started my GMAT prep and was going through treatment under a psychologist in NOIDA).....

Satyam Mehrotra


Just wanted to thank you for your help with the application process and the way you helped in my application. Don't think it would have been possible without that. I am not sure whether i will join HEC or not but getting an admit from HEC wouldn't have been possible without your help.

Pankaj Kumar

ASU Carey (with GA), Purdue Krannert (with GA), Arizona Eller (GA + $9,500), Katz (with $10,000), SMU Cox (with $55,000)

Thanks for all your help during my application process

Nipun Khanna

Kelley, Darden, Krannert, Fisher, Kenan Flagler

My decision to take Experts' services paid great dividends as my unconventional profile and career change were delicately handled, to an extent that the same sounded as the extent in my profile.

Ankit Singh

Simon Rochester, UIUC, Rotman, Foster, Mason, Carroll with hefty Scholarships

First of all I wish to thank Mr Mayank Srivastava, Aanchal Sharma and Nikhil Kumar for the invaluable contribution you guys have made to my career. When I came to you first I was not sure in what way could you help me portray myself in front of the MBA schools. Since the first interaction I had with the Experts' Global staff, I have not had even a moment of doubt. I never expected to receive a call from 6 of the 10 schools I applied to and that too with very significant scholarships. I have gained enormous experience through out the process. The mock interviews have also helped me a lot in my communication skills. I have already recommended Experts' Global Training Services to a few people and will continue to do so in the future. I feel Illinois MBA will be the perfect choice for me and I am glad I let you decide that for me!

Sanatanu and Jayashree

Darla Moore with $55,000 Scholarship each, Thunderbird with $ 27,000 Scholarship each

We are a couple, aspiring to pursue MBA together from an esteemed B-school in USA. As both of us were leaving our full-time employment, the financial considerations were strict. What we would like to mention is that with a score of mid-600s, nothing can be better than a scholarship of USD 55K from a decent American business school. We never expected this kind of high scholarship and the credit goes to the Experts' Global team. If it wasn't for their guidance, we would never have achieved what we did with the MBA applications. We are very happy with the essays, interview preparation and everything else. At one point in time, we thought we would never make it, but everything seems so fine right now. Thank you, Experts' Global!

Ravish Sharma

690 to 730 on GMAT, Iowa with 100% scholarship and GA

Thank you guys for the support; got my visa today and have started packing my stuff. Time to enter into a new phase of life; you guys did a lot for me and thanks again for all your support. Will meet you guys personally sometime; my best wishes...Experts' Global rocks!!

Candidly, I was quite doubtful about taking professional help for my applications process and I deliberated a lot before zeroing on Experts' Global, the only player I could trust during my conversations. The trust was honored as I was very closely guided in all aspects of application and I managed to secure admission in my dream school- ISB

Pooja Talukdar

Illionis ($10k/yr) , Notre dame ($30k)

Would highly recommend their guidance for application process! With a score of 690, made it to Mendoza Business School (Notre Dame) with 60% scholarship on tuition. Got interview calls from 4 of the 6 colleges and 3 admits. The entire application process made comfortable and easy with Experts Global guys! The team's dedication and quality of work was unmatched for. I couldn't have asked for more!

Arun Narayanan

The Best GMAT simulation test package available on the Net. Closest to the actual GMAT, helped me improve from 650 to 710 just with the Test package. .

Aarthi Narayanan

Price ESSEC, ESADE, 3 colleges from SAI (Scholarships for two 50% & 35%)

Very responsive and helpful team. Top guidance on everything starting from essays to interview prep. Mr.Shailesh not only helped me select the right schools for my lists but also was very approachable and helped me fine tune my application.

Karthika Pillai

Price ($23k), Darla Moore School of Business ($40k), SUNY Buffalo, Rutgers

I connected with Experts Global for my MBA applications. The entire team has been very responsive and prompt. I liked the way they mentored me for my Essay writing and Interviews. Their suggestions were very crisp and to the point. I would strongly recommend Experts' Global for all those who are seeking help in their application process. Thanks a lot :)

Rishabh Singh

HEC Paris (10,000 Euros, Ross, Duke, ESSEC

Shailesh is very structured and frank in his assessment, and throughout the application process, he made me feel very confident. Available to clarify all the points at any time, and providing very important feedback, he helped me develop a structured and organized approach to my applications. All my successful results wouldn't be possible without his help. Thanks a lot :)


, 610 to 680 on GMAT, ISB

Precise material, effective guidance, and meticulous help on applications sum up my experience with Experts'. Else, it may not have been possible to make into my dream school with 51% in undergrad and a mediocre GMAT score.

H Aggarwal

IE, RSM with 0-100% Scholarships

The help from Experts' Global Training Services made my entire application experience extremely easy and smooth. My unconventional profile was portrayed to my benefit and I got into a few of my first choice programs


Vanderbilt Owen with $20,000 Scholarship, Fisher

The main highlight of Experts' Global, apart from excellent essay work, interview prep etc, was to create a strong career plan for me as I was quite unsure about the usual questions- why MBA, career goals etc. This theme building helped me immensely in first gaining interview invites and then in converting the same. Thanks for your support in winning me admits and scholarships from institutions of such repute.


USC Marshall, Boston University, Vanderbilt Owen with 50-100% scholarships

I am really thankful for all your and your team's help in making my admissions possible. It would not have been possible without all your help and guidance.

Aseem Raina

UIUC, Simon Rochester, Boston University with 50+% Scholarships

The overall application process with Experts was more like a student-teacher experience. Transformation of ones ideas and experiences into an intellectually meaningful content through a systematic process is what you can expect from Experts' Global Training Services

Requests anonymity

Indiana Kelley and USC Marshall with substantial scholarship

Thank you for your mail and for helping me in my MBA Path. To be really frank, the efforts of Team Experts' Global converted my roller coaster ride of MBA into a smooth enjoyable experience.

Bharath Punati

710, HEC Paris

I was indeed satisfied and impressed with the guidance I received in first improving my GMAT score significantly and then in the application process to help me realize my target of admission in a top tier one year MBA Program


Kelley, Purdue, Simon Rochester

Experts' Global consultants have been extremely dedicated. Their case by case approach, patience in hearing out concerns 24*7 and personalised feel are just that unique aspects that certainly won hands down. Given the limitations in my profile and with 680 GMAT score, it's their team who had been instrumental in getting me calls from 3 reputed schools Kelley, Purdue and Simon along with scholarships of around $15k. I would definitely recommend your work to my peers. Thank you very much !

Harsh Khaitan

Smeal, ASU Carey, BU, Rotman, Tippie with 0-100% Scholarships

Thank you so much for everything. Working with you has been a great pleasure and has benefited me enormously. I will recommend Experts' Global to any aspirant looking for a successful MBA admission. It would not have been possible without you. We have forged a lasting relationship.

Kapil Sharma

680, HKUST, HKU, CEIBS, SDA Bocconi, University of Cape Town

Thanks a ton for guiding me from day 0 through my GMAT Prep and Applications Process. Your guidance was very personalized in nature and unmatchable in quality. My best wishes to Experts' Global

Mayuresh Satpute

ISB, Lancaster, Tippie with 0-100% Scholarships

Glad to have ISB admit with your help. The essays were impeccable and earned me the interview invite. The interview preparation I received was great! The mock interview prepared me for the uncomfortable questions I actually faced in the interview and helped a lot in showcasing my unconventional experience and profile into the interview. Thanks once again for helping me getting into my dream school

Pranu Johri,

690, Foster , Tippie , Purdue , SMU, Cox($40,000), Mason($40,000), Katz($22,000)

When I first contacted Experts' Global, I was clueless about GMAT Prep and MBA admission process. After helping me win the GMAT, Experts' Global helped me in identifying my goals, shortlisting B-schools to applying based on my profile and finances, essay and resume preparation, interview preparation etc. You have multiple options today if you look for Admission Consulting companies , you have to find the right fit for yourself and Experts' Global has a package for everyone and the package offered to me was an excellent fit for an engineer like me. My essays were picture perfect and the things my essays portrayed about me were something I always wanted to project. The best part is that they do not sideline you in school selection or essay preparation , this results in your own story with magic from wordsmiths (Mayank in my case). I'm more than happy and would like to thank Experts' once again for their wonderful services which helped me to gain admits from six B-Schools with good scholarships from some and calls still coming in this year, which was really competitive. I'll be joining University of Washington's Foster School of Business this fall !!

Shibasish Das

Olin, Owen, Tippie, SMU Cox with 40-100% Scholarships

The best part of Experts' Global in the application process was to come up with a career theme that linked my experiences, goals, and MBA need to give me a convincing story to portray to the business school and feel confident in the interviews. This theme building played a pivotal role in my success.

Vaibhav Sharma

Krannert, ASU Carey, Katz, SMU Cox with 30-100% Scholarships

First, I would like to thank you for the expert guidance and exceptional essays that helped me to receive interview invitations and admission offers from few of the best institutions in USA. Finally, I would like to share the best News of my life so far. I have received an admission offer from W.P. Carey school of Business with 100% scholarship. I thank you for the services and efforts that you put in

Requests Anonymity

650, UConn with full scholarship and GA, Lancaster, Great Lakes, Rutgers, Missouri

Given my humble academic background and limitations to perform on standardized testing, I think Experts' Guidance Program helped me hit my peak score.Thereafter, admissions were looking difficult and the worry of funding my education was giving me sleepless nights. My mentor at Experts' understood my requirement and made me apply to the right schools with very strong applications. Eventually, I not only got full scholarship in a decent program but also got GA. Thus, I am earning while doing my MBA and having time of my life with my wife and kid at the beautiful east coast!

Amit Mishra

Mason with 50+% Scholarship

While I could not prepare very thoroughly for GMAT under Experts' guidance, I was still able to get admits with high scholarship, as was my priority when I took applications assistance. Thanks a ton, team...I hope to use this MBA opportunity to achieve new milestones in my career

Vikram Chauhan

Krannert with 50+% scholarship, Smeal, Fisher, Katz, Nore Dame

I thank you for all your hard work in preparing my applications. You were instrumental in putting me to the place where I am right now.

Thanks for the personalized attention in my GMAT Prep and excellent help in the application process. I got admission into my target business school.

Mandar Buddhikot


I certainly appreciate the help extended by Experts' Global for preparing my case for the MBA admissions in the last year's application season. The tips and guidance received from Anand and Mayank were much more helpful in building my case for writing essays. The set of questions that Experts Global has come up with help in bringing out the candidates' own experiences and examples from their own professional life in much more meaningful way. The professionalism of Experts' Global truly showed up in the multiple interactions that I had. It also showed up how much Experts' Global understands - what exactly different b-schools look for in their applicant pool and which b-schools will be best suited for the candidate that they are mentoring, looking at the multiple factors like - strengths of the institute, candidate's academics & professional experience, aspirations, financial, geographic and global economic scenarios. The best part was the mock interview and the analysis that followed after it, through which I got the feel of a real interview and that also boosted my confidence before the actual interview. I wish Experts' Global a great success, which means more and more candidates like me getting into their dream institutes.

Pavan B

USC Marshall, Maryland Smith, Fisher, UIUC

A very patient team that helps you with multiple edits, changes in list of schools, plan etc. Extremely accommodating and helpful. Thanks for the difference you made in my applications.

Vijay Sachdeva

710 on GMAT

The study material is truly effective and complete in every sense; it helped me improve my score from 640 to 710 in a short span of 1.5 months. I believe that Experts' Global has the simplest and smartest way for GMAT prep. My suggestion to the fellow candidates would be to sincerely follow the advice and study plans prepared by your mentor and you will get results.

Siddharth Sharan

Rotman, Carlson, Crosby, Maryland Smith

Thanks for motivating me to take the GMAT again and simultaneously helping me on applications. In hindsight, that, along with your expertise, made all the difference! Thanks again!

Abhinav Jain

ISB and Pittsburgh

"With an average GMAT score of 710 and work ex of 3.5 yrs, ISB was the last of top-ranked colleges I could think of getting into. But Experts' committed guidance and focused approach in helping me find my strengths, achievements and helping me pen them down in form of essays helped me get an admit into one of the most sought after colleges in India. I am really thankful to Experts' and especially Mayank, without whose counseling I would have never made it to ISB. I am still awaiting offers from other top US b-schools and hope to get admits from a few of them as well. I sincerely recommend Experts' to all aspiring MBAs right from coaching for GMAT thru' application process to finalization of schools."

Gaurav Singhal

"A perfect guide makes ordinary people put extra-ordinary efforts toward success. I was down and devastated by my performance of 610. As I covered most of the material, my only option was to repeat the same for my next attempt. Mayank had analyzed my weakness and provided me the plan right from covering the basics to mastering the concept. When my chips were down he motivated and pushed me towards the perfection. On my second attempt I scored 720 with 44 in Verbal. It is an amazing feeling to conquer my weakness in Verbal and it would not be possible without Experts'. I am thankful to Mayank for his guidance and being with me in the journey of transforming my 610 to 720"

Nikhil Jaiswal

700 on GMAT + SMU Cox, George Washington University

Experts' Global played a crucial role in lifting my GMAT score and helping me gain apt admits with respect to my career plans, location preferences, and financial constraints. I recommend Experts' to anyone seeking precise help for GMAT Prep and Admissions Process

Rohit Grover

Freeman, Mason, Schulich, Tippie with 70-100% scholarships

I came to seek help from Experts' Global Training Services in Feb'13 and badly needed to get admission in Fall'13 (and so with high scholarship) owing to certain alarming developments at work and personal life. I dedicated myself to whatever Mr Mayank V Srivastava said and I am thankful I did so.

The excerpt of my B-School journey and story, and the important role played by Expert's Global:- When I was sitting on the couch of Expert's Global office, more than a year ago, reading various successful stories mentored by Experts, I dreamed of sharing my own story someday and imagined how it would be for me. Now that I get the chance to share it, I am quite thrilled. The journey was long, tiresome and full of struggles, yet the learning was subliminal. Expert's Global were the only people I approached after reading various reviews online. I took the complete package and started with the GMAT preparation, then came the applications, interviews and finally the decision of which school to go to and they guided me through each of these steps. During the GMAT preparation part, I received complete study material, plenty of practice questions and a proper schedule. There are also a good number of mock tests that really give the feel of CAT test such as GMAT so when THE DAY arrives you will feel like you know everything about it. I was preparing with full zeal but then I got promoted, which showed a lot on my preparation. My scores stopped increasing and I decided to take the test. My GMAT score was not exceptional (a lousy 680) so I knew I needed strong essays and a nicely built profile (time to thank the promotion) and Shailesh Sir proved to be a gem on this front-I remember emailing him at 2;30 in the morning on the day of my first application and received immediate response and support. Such efforts go far beyond and ultimately it shows on your results. Experts advised me to apply to 11 schools, which I did, however I could not complete 2 applications so I ended up applying to 9 schools. Out of these I received interview calls from 6 schools namely Foster, ND Mendoza, Mason, GWU, Katz and BYU. I got admits from 3 of these schools, 2 with good scholarships: Foster did not offer any scholarship. My final call was between GWU and BYU. GWU offered me $60K scholarship so tuition for me was less than BYU. Though BYU does not offer scholarships that easily (I have asked a few other admits) but again Shailesh Sir insisted that I ask for a scholarship, so I did. And I got a scholarship. It was great! That made my decision easier, I guess. BYU was a clear win (though in the start, I was so confused). In my opinion the best thing about Experts is that they prepare you to do, instead of doing it themselves-it kind of warms you up for the longer run ;) In all, I think it was a tremendous experience and without the support I received, it would have been much difficult and far less fertile! I heartily thank the entire experts team for their guidance and support. Thumbs up!

Durga Prasad

Tippie with 100% Scholarship, Lancaster

I had taken application assistance from a very costly consultant in 2011. When I did not get any admits despite applying to around 10 schools, I was -honestly, quite skeptical about taking professional help again. After due diligence, I took the Guarantee Package (as I needed to be sure this time) from Experts' Global. The words were kept and the admits/scholarships were significantly better than what I was guaranteed. Thanks for the support you have given all these days.

Venu Gadde

Simon Rochester, 700, Iowa will full scholarship, Kenan Flagler, Katz, Krannert

I never knew I could get so much with just two year experience and 700 on GMAT!

Anoop Kothari

Thunderbird, Wake Forest, and Lancaster

Thanks for your meaningful help on my GMAT and applications; I believe that I got the best I deserved!

Saurabh Malani


The to the point study material and sharp mentoring got me a decent increase on GMAT and the astute help on applications played a vital role in getting meinto my dream school, arguably, the best for Entrepreneurship! Thanks for your meaningful help on my GMAT and applications; I believe that I got the best I deserved!

Vikas Kumar


Thanks for all your help in my application; I came to you in January with a four poor GMAT scores and you still got me a decent admit!

Manav Garg

760/6 on GMAT

I believe that Experts' Global played a vital role in helping me reaalize my peak. I did not have to worry about searching or buying study material and tests. I referred to only the material and tests provided by you and got overwhelming results.

Ankit Bhatia

ESADE, USC Marshall Admissions Consulting

I will be embarking on my MBA journey to ESADE this September, and I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided through the tough application process. I felt that the application journey was made a lot easier by you, and I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who would ask for my opinion. I am quite pleased with my admission to ESADE, and you could also use my reference in the future, if need be.

Ashrae S

740 on GMAT with three months prep

Thanks a lot! Your material really helped. I used nothing else!

Yugank Rishi


Working with Experts Global for my MBA applications process was a great experience. Although I reached out to them pretty close to the admissions deadlines, not only did they diligently helped me during the application process with school shortlisting, essays, resume, and interviews, but also they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the output before we moved on from one step to another. I'd like to specially mention and deeply appreciate the openness and caring attitude that both Mayank (founder) and Shailesh (my mentor) exhibited during the entire process. They were very supportive all this while and worked real hard with me to produce essays that were of top-notch quality, completely personalized to reflect my voice and experiences, and precise enough to clearly communicate my core story. I cannot thank Mayank enough for the unlimited support he has been even after the application was submitted. Whether it was conducting mock interview sessions with deliberate, oddball questions or guiding me towards making my final decision, his support was unprecedented and his feedback transparent. As I am living in US, he and Shailesh made every effort to get on a call or respond immediately over WhatsApp or email to provide me prompt responses despite the time differences. Overall, support from Experts Global transformed my MBA application journey into a learning and insightful experience that provided me useful takeaways for my future along with an admit to ISB. I will strongly recommend them to any prospective MBA applicant, and suggest one to really give their best, truthful shot to this process in order to get amazing results out of it, regardless of which business school you finally decide to go to. Good luck!

Ashok Nadeepmpalli

Schulich, Wake Forest

"I came to know about Experts' when things were not in the best shape. I was a victim of the turmoil in Satyam and my GMAT preparation backfired as I managed only a 640. I used the crash course prepared for me and jumped to 710 in six weeks. Thereafter, I got some very effective help for applications and despite my average profile, have managed few very good admits."

Pranav Gupta

George Washington, University of South Carolina, Rotman

I joined Experts Global after learning about the organisation from a friend and was even more impressed to learn that it was a formed by a group of full time MBA grads. Initially, I had only enrolled for GMAT help but after drastic improvement in results and seeing such positive guidance from the staff, I decided to enroll in the school guidance part as well. Overall, I am very satisfied with the firm and its abilities. The USP is the staff being able to relate to the students as they have been in the same boat at some point. Very structured and practical teaching methodology.

"Got a 710 in just four weeks' preparation. I must say that the study material is really effective. However, I committed the mistake of not keeping in touch for all the three stages. I am doing so now and am taking GMAT again with a target of 750"

Niharika Malik

Buffalo, Bentey, Syracuse

I am deeply indebted to you for all the help you have provided throughout my tenure with you, as a mentor.I came to you when I desperately needed someone to guide me well and help me, as I was in the middle of a few applications and rejections from all sides.I couldn't take any more risks and you were my only ray of hope.You not only gave me hope, but guided me at every step, being patient with every detail and my every question. Today, as I have 6 admits from good universities and I am finally living my dream of going for my MBA to a reputed college, I only have you to thank! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and a better agency-Experts Global to take me through the whole experience, which was so overwhelming for me as a beginner. I wish and hope that many more lucky students flourish under your guidance and continue to excel.Many thanks for always being there!!:)

M Amit


"After two bad outings at GMAT, I got a desired score after just two months' preparation under Experts' guidance. It is just because of your continuous guidance and effort that I have been able to grab admit in five of the top seventy B schools. So, thanks to you and your team. Hope you will enlighten the careers of many people like me in the coming future. All the very best."

Bhanu Chandra

McGill, Molson-Concordia

I consider myself fortunate to have chosen Experts Global as a consultant in my MBA application process. Shailesh, Mayank and Priyanka have been very helpful in every aspect of the application process starting from the college selection to the final visa process and they have a great response time. Shailesh especially was very helpful in fine tuning my interview skills which helped me in attending the interviews confidently. If you ever consider going for an MBA and need to seek a consultancy's help, I would gladly suggest you to go for Experts Global.

Requests Anonymity

Booth, Berkeley, Cornell, UCLA, ISB

I wish to thank you for all your help. Your expert guidance and mentoring has helped me in getting closer to my goals which in turn has opened doors to many new opportunities for me. You were always available and eager to help no matter what time of the day I called you. Working with you, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses on time, which proved to be very important when it came to the interview (remember how I messed up the mock interview). At the end I'll just say this - You guys were there when I needed help most. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors and hope to stay in touch

Ibrahim Syed

ASU Carey, BU, Boston Caroll, Arizona Eller

After burning my fingers, last year, with a leading Admissions Consulting firm, I was wary of such organizations. But, considering my busy work schedule, I knew that I had to seek admissions consulting services. So, after doing thorough research, I came to know about Experts' Global. I went through their website, perused all the testimonials, and finally decided to have a telephonic conversation with them. I spoke with Mr. Mayank Srivastava a couple of times over a period of one week, and was totally convinced that EG's was exactly the kind of service that I was looking for. I decided to enroll with them and went for their standard package. Soon, my mentor Mr. Shailesh Otari and I had a brainstorming session and all my nervousness and apprehensions were gone. I had a clear mind now. The entire process thereon was extremely smooth right from school shortlisting to application finalization. Shailesh was very prompt and was always available to guide me through all the phases of the application cycle. Finally, I am extremely delighted with the results I have got. I interviewed with 9 of the 11 schools I applied to and received admits from 5 of them! I received admits from BU, Carlson, Carroll, Eller, and WP Carey with 50-100% scholarships!!! I would like to thank Team Experts' once again for their wonderful services. My journey wouldn't have been successful without them. I strongly recommend Experts' Global to anyone who is serious about getting an MBA from a top b-school

Praveen Khokhar


"GMAT was looking difficult to me after spending 12 years in the industry, away from books. I simply followed the material and guidance and got 700 on GMAT despite having a bad day." Thanks a lot!

Gavesh Yerasani

USC, Illinois, Boston University, Katz, RICE, Foster, Kelley with up to 100% scholarship

The Results:

  • University of Southern California - 30% scholarship - US News Rank 25
  • Illinois University - 50% scholarship - US News Rank 47
  • Boston University - Full scholarship - US News Rank 43
  • University of Pittsburgh - Admitted - US News Rank 35
  • Robert H Smith - Wait-listed - US News Rank 41
  • RICE(33), Foster(23), Kelly(21) - Interviewed
My Story:

It all started during my undergrad, 5 years ago, with an arduous preparation for GMAT, followed by a good 730 score. One of my relatives suggested me a consultancy for application process. That uninformed decision costed me dearly, 2 years and 2 Lakhs ($3000 USD) rupees to be precise. It was time for a change. The stakes were too high, as it was getting a little too late. Several of my friends, who got into ISB and other good US schools, suggested Experts Global.

The Experience:

From the Day-1, the experience was incredible. I can say this with authority because I have a sour experience to compare with. I was surprised by their expertise and the level of flexibility they allowed. They worked harder than I did to project my best self. After my profile evaluation, we finalised on the list of schools to apply for. The admission results, both reject & acceptance letters, made me feel that, the school selection process was very calculated and I got the best offers I can possibly get. The words of confidence, the experience in selecting schools, the expertise in projecting the best image and suggestions during mock interviews made a huge difference. If you are aiming for the top schools, I strongly recommend Experts Global. P.S: Surprisingly, they suggested me to not take their Guarantee Plan unless I am uncomfortable, because the quality of service would not vary.I would suggest the same. Their service was great even without it. P.P.S: The initial days of profile evaluation will be hard. You have to push your mind to think hard. Do not delay. It could hurt the quality of your application and your chances

Rony Chowdhary

"With just 40 days left for meeting second deadlines of all the major B schools, I came to know about Experts'. I was provided with all the study material with a 30 day crash course. I gained more than 100 points in these 30-35 days and got an exact 700. It would not have been possible without Experts'."

Swati Shashi


"I was a chef in USA before I decided to take GMAT. It was an extremely difficult task for me as I had not studied such things in more than eight years. I improved by almost 250 points. I also got some great help in writing my applications. I made into two schools, among my first few choices"

Ravin George

SDA Bocconi, Krannert

"I had opted for the applications help. I got some very genuine help and the quality of my essays really improved. I got three coverts despite applying in the second/third rounds"

Vansha Dawer

Baruch Zicklin

I would like to thank you a lot for the application process. Without your expert guidance, nothing would have been possible. I hope you keep mentoring me the same way throughout my time there. Sincere thanks and best wishes Sir.

Murahary Golla

Ryerson, Edwards, Trinity

Experts global is real expert in process of MBA admissions. . . works with great transparency and discipline. They instill high level of motivation to get to your true levels, no false commitments. I decided to pursue my MBA after career stint of 14+ years with various organisations and various functions, my entire working and studying are inclined towards practical learning. After such a long stint prepared for GMAT by putting lot of efforts, managing challenges of work and preparation for GMAT. Could able to secure only 550 , may be some mishaps in preparation and handling D day pressure. After discussing with many consultants, discussed with Experts global, I was impressed with their systematic approach, analysis on feasibility of various option depending upon the work-ex, financial suitability, Impressed with the transparency and straight forwardness. The expected US Ivey league colleges option was not suggested for me by Experts team, not due to low GMAT but majorly on account of work -ex. Discussions with them were very informative & motivating. I Explored other country options of my interest and finally have opted for Canada and second option of Ireland. The total services of the team were "stupendous". Sorting of best fit colleges as per your profile, guidance in initial steps, creating profile, essays for each college as per questions, preparation for interviews, all the activities were tracked and executed with discipline. The flexibility of working of entire team is greatly appreciable, though I have enrolled for package of lesser no universities, they have created all things with no questions raised for 6 universities, the accessibility of team, responsiveness and expertise makes them stand apart in the herd. With high level of committed working from either sides, have secured admission from 3 universities of Canada and 1 university of Ireland. Scholarship grant from the Dublin University of Ireland is in process. I strongly recommend to all MBA aspirants - Experts global for their committed and disciplined working.

Abdul Aleem

Alberta, Rutgers Admissions Consulting

I would like to thank the entire team of experts global,who helped me secure an admit at one the top business schools. Starting from GMAT preparation till preparing for visa interview, Experts global has helped me through every phase. Their GMAT course is one of the most comprehensive online courses available, and a personalized study plan along with that makes gmat preparation much more effective. Their admission counselling services have helped me apply to the best schools as per my profile and the essays and interview preparation by experts global, made me standout from the rest of the applicants and helped me in achieving an admit. I would definitely recommend Experts global gmat and admission counselling services to students who are serious about their MBA plans and want to do their MBA from the elite business schools. A special thanks to Shailesh for his guidance and support right from the start of this journey till the end. With his help and dedicated guidance, I was able to get admits from university of Alberta and Rutgers Business School

Preethi Rudramurthy

ISB, Queen's, York Schulich

Thank you for writing in and sorry for d delay. Please go through the below email. Let me know if you need any additions or changes When I first started to look for professional help for my applications, I came across experts global. I decided to go ahead with their service after talking to Mr. Mayank and I am happy to have done so. Mr. Mayank and Shailesh always encouraged me to chase my dreams and look for those aspects in my profile which I did not even consider worthwhile to mention. During the application process, I travelled out of india for a short term assignment. In spite of the time difference, my mentor Mr. Shailesh was always available for me. His timeliness and dedication towards his students is commendable. It is only with their help that, I was able to get an interview call from all the 4 colleges I applied to and admit offers from 3 of them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at experts global for making my dream come true.

Shankar Chandran

Sauder, Great Lakes, BYU Mariott

I reached out to experts global after securing a decent score on the GMAT. 680 was not a great score if you are from India. However, I was confident that with the right kind of help I will be able to get into my target schools. I spoke to Shailesh Otari over the phone and over a couple of weeks, we came to a consensus regarding my target schools. I had given extensive information about my career plan as well as my background to Shailesh. I recieved my essays on time for the first deadline for all the schools. The essays were simple, elegant and bang on the money. They were simply great. I had applied to BYU Marriott, Sauder UBC , Katz and Great Lakes. I was delighted to get an interview call from all the schools that I applied to. Just when I thought the difficult part was over, I realized that the interview requires meticulous preparation as well. Once again Mr.Shailesh was instrumental in helping me pick the right stories and present them in the best way possible in front of the adcom. I grew in confidence as my second mock interview was completed. Two months later, I am happy to let you guys know that I have an admit from 3 out of 4 schools that I have applied. And I also received a 2000$ scholarship from Sauder and a 3500$ scholarship from BYU Marriott. Even though the interview pattern was different for the school in Canada, the school in the US and also the one in India, I was able to handle them well and secure a seat. After a detailed discussion with Shailesh, I have finally decided to attend BYU Marriott this fall. I probably would not have been successful in my MBA journey without the excellent guidance from experts global and especially Shailesh

Mythili Mukka


" My journey with Experts Global (EG) began in the month of August'15. After an initial brief up about their services and methodology of their guidance, EG seemed "fine" for my MBA journey. But I never knew, that this "fine" fit would actually turn out to be "perfect" fit for me! When I say perfect, I refer to the personalised attention/mentoring which every student receives here. At the very beginning itself, I was assigned my mentor Mr.Shailesh Otari. Right from day 1, what I realized was that its the sincere efforts and the willingness of this academy to care for its student's future, is what actually drives it. For each and every step in the workflow, a deadline is fixed mutually between the student and the mentor and this religious adherence to the timeframe from the EG team is what actually makes the whole process worthy. On basis of my school preferences, profile and constraints, I and my mentor mutually agreed upon few colleges and for each and every college, I was given a clear perspective on what my chances would be in making to the college. There were times when I had suggested some schools without understanding the least chances of my profile making it to the school and in such scenarios, my mentor guided me immensely in scrutinizing the schools based on the practicality of the situation and shortlisting only those schools where I had fair chance of making it. So here I would like to bring out that EG doesnt show you any false pictures, just to concede to your choices, and makes an honest attempt in guiding the students. The brainstorming sessions in finalizing the content of the essays really helps you in discovering a NEW you. In some instances, I actually felt that I was worth much more than what I had thought about myself. All thanks to Shailesh! After the discussions, you feel much more confident, positive and gain more clarity on your career goals. The way my story points were interconnected to bring out the content of my essays was very interesting and I am sure I would not have brought that "interesting" element in my essays if I had not taken EG help.The final essays were drafted to perfection and EG wsa very prompt in sending across the final draft of essays. The most important and priceless learning during this process was the mock interviews session.After every mock interview, I was given a feedback on my responses, inputs on strengthening my responses and a detailed dos' and donts' during the interview. Honestly speaking, the feedback I received in these mock interviews is what actually helped me tremendously in preparing for the interviews and facing them more confidently. I got admissions in ISB and IIMB EPGP (Rs. 5 lacs scholarship) and waitlisted in IIMA PGPX and Tepper. Lastly, all said about EG team, I would like to specially thank my mentor Mr.Shailesh Otari for his guidance, support and expertise in helping me reach my goal. I had that comfort that I could back to him at any point of time in a day and ask whatever silly questions I had in my mind ! Thank you Shailesh for being so patient and warm :) I intend to keep my association with EG for lifetime and I would like to just reiterate that if it was not EG for my MBA applications, then nothing else!"

Well it was one fine day after two years of giving CAT, scoring 97 and 98 percentile respectively, and still not getting any interview calls (Being a Male - General - Engineer does have its perks!) that I realized that - (pardon the use of hindi for dramatic effect) Bahiya Bharat se MBA na ho payega! (It does not seem possible to do an MBA from India).

By that time I had three years of work ex and I was like - cool now I can target universities outside for MBA (though I really didn't have an idea why I was doing that). After having my due share of trips to Jamboree, Princeton etc I understood that this was just a business for them. As I had already spent about a couple of years, on and off, taking coaching from TIME, Jamboree and Princeton didn't seem any different. Yes they were (probably still are) cheap and affordable but I seriously doubted if they were going to do me any good (also read a few reviews and god they were awful).

So I started calling any and all agencies who were in this business and that is when I met Experts Global. Off the bat they were very professional in their approach. I still remember my first conversation with Priyanka who took a brief of my profile and then told me that Mayank sir will speak with me and decide if they want to take me on as a student (and my first reaction was - COME ON! Are you seriously THAT good that you will reject a potential customer...and you know what dear readers - apparently, THEY ARE!)

So I spoke with Mayank sir and he understood my profile, questioned me on why I want to pursue MBA and what options I would like to choose and finally gave me the green light to come aboard. I paid up for both GMAT prep and Application package, however even before I could start I got a ringer from XLRI that I was waitlisted for an MBA in HR. I discussed my case with Mayank sir and he told me "Fair enough! You have a legitimate case and if you get admit in XLRI we will return the money (around 50k)". This was the moment, THE MOMENT that I realized that I have made a good decision by choosing EG.

Eventually I didn't make it to XL and started off with GMAT prep - thus started months and months of my life revolving around one excel sheet. Experts had shared the study material and an excel sheet that contains the well chalked plan to prepare for GMAT. All one needed to do was just follow the plan and one would be golden - no extra study material - no additional tests - nothing extra - just the stick to the plan. Please take this 'Gayan' because trust me I did end up doing all the things above, that I am asking you not to do. I spent a couple of weeks on GMAT club website searching for 700-720 difficulty question only to come back to EG study material and find all these questions neatly compiled there. And then after grilling myself for three months I gave GMAT, aced it and everybody lived happily ever after. HA! You wish! A week before GMAT I thought that giving GMAT in my current state is not challenging enough so I decided it will be a great idea to have Dengu right before the exam (my other option was to give GMAT while juggling swords on a unicycle but sadly they don't allow swords in the test center.)

GMAT Attempt 1 SCORE - 670

I took the week off and then started my preparation again. Any other coaching institute would have said Sayonara to me by now or would have asked me cough up more money for the prep but not EG. They sat with me and understood why I did poorly and chalked up new plan for the prep. It was again one and half months of preparation, mocks and lots and lots of practice but eventually I managed to crack GMAT (On hindsight it seems that trainers at EG were more obsessed with me cracking the GMAT than I was).

GMAT Attempt 2 SCORE - 740

For any other person with 3.5 years of work ex with top OEM, good GMAT score and decent extracurricular the normal course of action would be to happily apply to B-Schools, but...well...normal is a little too mainstream for me. At this wonderful moment I thought to myself, "Hmm so I cracked GMAT, but why the hell do I want to do an MBA in the first place?"

"Enter Career Crisis"

See, the thing was, along with my 6 day, 9 to 5 job (9-5 on paper, 9-9 in reality), I was also running a small training firm on the side with a couple of my friends (you know, the kind of people who get kicked out by their wives or girlfriends because they are not useful around the house and they end up discussing crazy ideas while sipping tea in dhabas). Now this entrepreneurial venture started doing well and thus I was getting torn between either doing an MBA or to focus on venture. By this time the work on my applications was underway by my mentor Shailesh sir. I had given a lot of inputs on essays to him and he had been listening to my rambling on "Why I want to do an MBA" and "Why HR", "My strengths", "My weakness" etc for past three months. So when I called him (Unannounced, as I often did) and told him - "Sir I am not sure I want to do MBA" - There was an understandable silence on the other side (I believe he was probably thinking at that moment - getting real tired of your sh@# man, but that's just my interpretation ;)). In reality we went on to have long conversations about the options at hand, pro con analysis and many other things. I toyed with this idea for a couple of months and during this time I would call Shailesh sir whenever I would have a new idea or perspective to discuss. Though none of this directly related with MBA, all the discussions with Shailesh sir matured my understanding and allowed me to deeply introspect and identify the reasons for doing and MBA, what I stand to gain from MBA education and what career course I must choose. Eventually we decided to delay the application by one year and for good measure.

I filled my profiling questionnaire again (it's a 32-35 question long questionnaire that will make you deeply introspect your reasons for doing an MBA, draw out leadership stories etc and will serve as a base for your essays) and shared with Shailesh sir. One good thing about the whole mentoring process was Shailesh sir never spoon fed me what I should write in my essays to get in a B-School. My profile is aligned well for a general management / operations role however I wanted to transition to HR. He could have easily told me that if I projected my profile a certain way I would easily be able to crack in a B School but he didn't. Through the questionnaire and discussions he allowed me to realize and understand what my strengths are and how can I justify the choices that I am planning to make for myself. In the end I did create a compelling argument about why I want to do MBA in HR.

My schools were selected keeping in mind my profile, the choice of career option and that I wanted to target scholarship friendly schools. The risk was spread between 3 Dream, 7 Realistic and 2 Saftey schools. Next comes the interviews - I ended up giving around 5 mocks with different trainers and received extensive feedback before I even sat down for my first interview. I have to say this here, one of the big reasons I cracked Wisconsin Madison with a scholarship and stipend was an HR exclusive interview I had with Mayank sir a day before. The inputs worked wonders for me and I knew, as soon as my interview was done, that I have cracked it. I consulted with Shailesh sir before every interview to understand what focus area or strength the school has and tweak my answers accordingly.


  • ADMITS WITH FULL SCHOLARSHIP - Wisconsin Madison, Purdue Krannert, Boston University
  • Admits with Partial Scholarship - Washington Olin, Rotman
  • Admits with No Scholarships - Marshall and ISB
  • Interviewed but turned the college down because decision was already made - Carroll, Foster, Emory
  • Rejected - Vanderbilt Owen, Pittsburg Katz

In the end I just want to tell you this - there is a difference between consulting someone to get in a B-School and mentoring someone through the entire process so that they gain that maturity, intellect and understanding. I believe I have established a relationship with EG that goes well beyond giving tips of getting in B-School. Anyone can do that. But to grow someone so that they learn to find a path for themselves - that is what EG is all about.

Reach out to me in case you need any help, guidance or support.

Gunjit Mittal

Tippie- around 80% Tuition waiver via scholarship and GA, UIUC ($25k), UC Davis, UT Dallas (Instate tuition - With TA) , Questrom ($45K scholarship,) UC Irvine

Experts' Global is the best when it comes to admission consulting. Whole team is extremely professional and helpful. They follow an organized and streamlined process, which accommodates all the needs and requirements of their students and deliver accordingly. Just follow their lead and you will get the best possible admits given your profile.

Raksha Jangada

NCSU, Stevens Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, NYU Tandon ($3000), UCLA Anderson

I approached Experts Global for my MFE Applications. It was very satisfactory Experience. Instead of my demand of my some essays on time they did it patiently and within a deadline.That was really appreciating.Their Essays are so personalized and so well written that it has its own differentiating Factor.I would rate Experts Global 5/5 and highly recommend for prospects

Pooja Sharma

UIUC with $10,000 and Notre Dame with $30,000 scholarships per year

Awesome people, great company. Experts Global is a real 'expert' in GMAT Preparation and MBA admissions consulting. Over my yearlong association with the company, I enriched in many ways. I scored high on GMAT, gained admits from multiple Indian and American MBA Programs, and learnt a great deal of verbal, analytical, and writing skills that I think will remain with me for rest of my life. Thank you Experts Global! Keep enriching the future students! Best wishes.

Nirosha Kamal

Rutgers (3000 USD scholarship), GWSB(40000 USD scholarship), UC SD Rady (10000 USD ) , Concordia university Canada and Temple Fox school (50000 USD scholarship)

My journey with EG has finally come to an end and I have achieved my goal of getting into a business school starting Fall 2016, only to start a new and exciting MBA journey! I wanted to advance my career in the technology consulting for which the next logical step in my roadmap was to get a MBA degree from an esteemed university. This is when I decided to work with EG to achieve this goal. EG follows a very systematic and a streamlined process throughout. As soon as I was on board I received numerous emails from Priyanka and Aanxhal in order for them to map my competencies, education background, career goals and extra curricular interests. I was also introduced to my mentor Shailesh who going forward helped me with shortlisting the schools and with understanding what these schools look for, in a MBA candidate. After which my profile was processed and a story was portrayed in all my application essays. The content of the essays was very precise and fine. Priyanka helped me out with application reviews and pointed out the shortcomings if any, thanks to her that everything was up to the mark! After submitting my applications I received interview calls from 8/11 schools which was great! Shailesh helped with the interview answers and conducted mock interviews. The feedback I received was very fruitful and it only made more confident. I went on to give my interviews one by one and received admits from Rutgers (with 3000 USD scholarship), GWSB(with 40000 USD scholarship), UC SD Rady (with 10000 USD ) , Concordia university Canada and Temple Fox school of business where I received 50000 USD scholarship! Shailesh helped me weigh down all these opportunities and I finally accepted Temple Fox! The next step was the visa process, EG helped with this as well. They gave me a document with a step wise process which was easy to follow. Shailesh was always available to clear all my doubts all along my journey. He gave me constructive feedback at every step of my application process. The best part about EG was the systematic and logical approach and round the clock availability! Shailesh as my mentor was a great support, we had healthy discussions about every aspect of the MBA journey ranging from career goals, networking opportunities and Living in the US. Thanks a lot to the whole EG team and big thanks to Shailesh for the valuable guidance! It was great working with you. .

Jyothi Boyi

Babson (MBA)

Experts' Global has a very focused team, that is totally aware of what it is doing. It have a very refined and professional approach to resolve our case and bring that to a proper closure. You just need to trust the team even when they suggest you something which is out of your plan, and you will still love the results!.

Anand Kumar

Price ESSEC, ESADE, 3 colleges from SAI (Scholarships for two 50% & 35%)

I approached Experts' Global for MIM applications. My profile consultant, Mr. Shailesh Otari, supported me at every step of the process. His valuable guidance, great writing skills and constant support helped me secure a place in top three business schools in the world. I recommend him and his team to everyone who wishes to get into the best b-schools in the world.

Anuj Suri

Rotterdam School of Management

The last one year has been a ride. Quitting a job in hand, taking a risk to pursue a dream was tough. I needed a direction, a systematic approach and at Experts Global I found the perfect blend. I consider myself average and my past trysts with competitive examinations had reflected the same. Today, with a GMAT score of 730, an admit to a top ranked school (Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands) with a possible scholarship, and most importantly some newfound confidence I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Experts Global has been vital in both the preparation phase and the college search. The meticulous detailing in the course material, the excel activity trackers (breathing was probably the only activity it did not track), the constant motivation from the guides and the terrifying weekly score reports were not only a perfect guide to the examination but a lesson for life. The college search became so effortless I only came to know all was done when I received the admit letter, thanks to the able guidance of the mentors. I would once again like to thank the team for the guidance and would highly recommend the programme to the dreamers!

Sumit Jain

Boston University

After Scoring 710 in my first attempt , I was hopeful of getting admission in a good business school but when I came across the admission process followed by top business schools my hopes dashed to the ground . So , I talked to experts global only 25 days before the second round deadline . I got valuable feedbacks from them right from the very first day regarding school selection , essay questions , interview preparation and , visa interviews and it is only because of their feedbacks that I was able to complete my applications within stipulated time and get multiple admits . My special thanks to my mentor Mr. Shailesh Otari for guiding me at each stage of the admission process. Great work Experts Global and thanks a lot.

When I came to Experts' global I was perplexed about my career plans. I had been working in Sales Job and I started getting a feeling that I can not continue in the same profile since my talent cant be best utilized in sales domain. Mayank sir took a day long session to identify my strengths and weaknesses. After thoroughly understanding my profile and my capabilities, he suggested me to go for GMAT which can open the doors for a bright career prospects and global understanding of business. Like many others I too had a dream to enter one of the top B-Schools in the world and become a global citizen. Experts' Global has been my guide, counselor and pillar of support throughout my GMAT preparation and Schools application. I really appreciate the help of Mayank sir for my GMAT preparation and Shailesh sir in application process. I am now admitted to Uconn School of Business with 60 % Scholarship and looking forward to starting a global journey. I wish them all the best and hope they keep on guiding students so that the students can follow their dreams.I would like to recommend Experts' Global to future GMAT aspirants because the course material and the faculty enables you with the confidence and the ability to take the GMAT head-on.

Vishal Sinha

Great Lakes, AIM, HKU, NUS S3

I had only a few target schools as I needed a one year MBA in Asia in my budget. 680 on the GMAT and a conventional profile did not help much. The mentoring I received from Experts' Global helped me immensely as I got multiple admits from my restricted portfolio of schools

Mankaran Singh Chhatwal

U. Minnesota, UT Austin, Georgia Tech and CMU

I first heard of Experts Global through an online advertisement. Initially, I was skeptical of the services being offered, and was doubtful about the high cost of the services. However, I decided to give the service a try after receiving glowing references from some of their alumni in the US.

I must say that the quality of the mentoring provided was nothing short of spectacular. Shailesh Sir made sure that he was absolutely familiar with each and every detail of my academic and professional career, and was thus able to provide extremely tailored, high quality help with structuring my essays and in fact, the entire application packet. The help offered extended to not just the essays, but ran the entire gamut from career counseling to visa prep, and everything in between! Any question I ever had, Shailesh Sir was always there to weigh in with his vast experience and wisdom.

The results speak for themselves: I got admitted to each and every university I applied to: U. Minnesota, UT Austin, Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon University. I finally decided to pursue my MIS at CMU.

I can only say that I'm extremely satisfied and grateful for all the help provided, and that going for Experts Global was an extremely worthwhile investment.

Roseena Malhotra

University of Pittsburg

Experts' Global has played a pivotal role in my MBA application process. Right from the GMAT preparation to my US visa application...Experts Global has been there to guide me and help me at each and every stage. I decide to prepare for my B School Admission in the US around August 2015!! I was deputed to Dubai for work at that time and I had consulted many GMAT Prep Schools in Dubai. But the response had got was discouraging and everyone told me its too late to get into Fall 2016 class. One of my close friend advised me to approach Experts Global and that's when I got in touch with Mayank. When I first spoke to Mayank, he gave me a very different perspective from what I had been hearing and encouraged me to go ahead and give my GMAT with full preparation and there is still a chance to make it for Fall 2016. I trusted him and went ahead with my GMAT prep. Many people have a perception that online learning sessions aren't effective and they are not as good as class room sessions. But this is not the case with Experts Global. Sitting here in Dubai, I was in constant touch with Mayak, Priyanka and my mentor Shailesh. I did all my classes online and that saved so much time for me. There online sessions are really informative, helpful and gives you a good knowledge of the subject. The planner prepared by Experts is as per your schedule and if you follow that, you cannot go wrong in your GMAT. The GMAT material provided by them is exhaustive abd it really helped me improve my Verbal as well as Quant. If you are ready to work hard and put in your 100% with the Expert's guidance and stick to their planner, you can achieve what you have aimed for. I really want to share a hilarious experience (Now it's hilarious when I think about it!!). I had given all the GMAT Mocks provided by Experts and I got very less score in my last GMAT mock from what I had expected. Just a day before the final GMAT exam, a bad score made me even more nervous. That's when I had a call with Mayank. He could make out that I was freaking out that if I go to the exam with that attitude, I will definitely screw up the whole exam. He gave so much confidence and such immense positivity during the call. It's not just about providing the preparation material for Experts Global, it's also about guiding, counselling and preparing the student mentally for the exam. Post my GMAT (P.S. I scored 620 with a prep time of 45 days), I started with my application process with Shailesh Otari. Experts guided me through School shortlisting. Although, my choice of schools was really aggressive based on my score but Shailesh helped me project my profile as a strong one in my Essays. He was very patient with all my inputs and with good coordination we were together able to draft Essays for 11 colleges and submit all the applications on time. Shailesh helped me not only with my applications but also with my interviews. They conducted Mock interviews with me which really helped me with the final college interviews. I got admits from four colleges with two of them in my "Dream "category. Experts Global helped me greatly and so far I have recommended them to around 4 of my friends. My experience with experts Global and specially my mentor Shailesh Otari was wonderful and I am so grateful to have received there guidance and support. I am about to join JOSEPH M. KATZ SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURG and I owe it to them.

Smita Singla

ISB, Tepper with $40k scholarship

Experts' greatest assets are its study material and personalized guidance. Material is really comprehensive and one does not need to look beyond it. I got a 750 quite effortlessly and then opted for the applications help from Experts'. Despite my less experience and an average profile, my essays looked very impressive and convincing. My journey has been highly successful and smooth. My suggestion to prospective students of Experts' is to religiously follow whatever they say

Jyoty S

CMU Tepper, Michigan Ross, Duke

I finally managed to get the name on my passport corrected and obtained the F1 with a proper first name. Thanks for your support! Pl find my testimonial below. (Hope it's not too long :)) As a Marketing & Brand Manager with a commercial vehicle manufacturing company, I love my innovative and engaging job.But beyond just liking something, I really wanted to make exceptional & disruptive innovations, beyond the regular value-adding contributions I was making at work. I wanted to strategize, take up responsibilities at a faster scale than what the company was accustomed to offer an employee with just 4 years of experience. This made me realize that a valuable MBA can do wonders for career progression. An MBA is a massive investment on oneself and that is when the prudent investor in me was alerted. I gave the GMAT almost a year before my application cycle- I identified a time period when work pressure would be minimal & strategically prepared for 2 months.I took a week off from work and gave multiple mocks. Finally on the GMAT day, I managed a 730 Q50 V38 AWA 4. Age and slightly below average work-ex were definite challenges ahead of my application journey. But, I also had another one - the burden of previous rejections from schools I had applied the year before.For school selection this time I wanted to be extra careful and choose wisely - balance was the key. When on the lookout for a suitable consultant to help me out, a colleague referred Experts Global to me. Having no info about EG, initially I was a bit skeptical, but soon my discussions with Shailesh proved me wrong. They make a genuine effort to understand the profile of each candidate. We went through several rounds of calls to decide upon the schools. Shailesh gave a practical viewpoint to balance my school choices. We did disagree on the timing of the application, I however insisted based on my work schedule that I can do justice to only 5-6 schools in R1. Understanding my situation, Shailesh offered full support and we started the process. I worked on all the first drafts of the essays and Shailesh checked for consistency, structure and grammar. He added a valuable outsider perspective which helped me refine the essays further based on his feedbacks. After all my R1 applications, we decided to start on R2 within a few weeks. In the meanwhile, I started getting interview calls. I was excited to get interview calls from 3 out of the 6 R1 schools I had applied to. Working with Shailesh on the interview prep was the best part. The mock interviews helped assess the flaws in my responses and greatly improved my confidence! In fact, I managed to successfully convert all three calls! I was offered an admit to CMU Tepper with a huge scholarship, Michigan Ross albeit with no scholarship and was waitlisted with Duke. Some of my top preferred schools! I had a difficult decision to make and EG team's input was one of the several factors which helped me decide. I went ahead with my Ross admit and would begin my course shortly. My application journey with Shailesh and Experts Global has been very memorable and has helped me get into one of the top b-schools. The mutual support that the team fosters with its students is unparalleled in my opinion. I sincerely thank EG and Shailesh, and the team continues to mentor many more students in the future.

Taru Sardana

Olin with $15k scholarship

"GMAT was looking to be a daunting task since I had never taken a computer based test of such a time duration. But the Experts' advice really worked and took the fear out of my mind. The study material was extremely good as it contains the relevant and the best of all topics from various sources and at a very reasonable rate.Hence the quality of the material far exceeds the cost. AWA template recommended is in sync with what is expected from GMAT takers and covers all aspects of analytical writing evaluators are looking for. All this helped to me score a good 740 with a scaled score of 5.0 in AWA."

Anurag Nandan

Katz, AIM

"GMAT was looking to be a daunting task since I had never taken a computer based test of such a time duration. But the Experts' advice really worked and took the fear out of my mind. The study material was extremely good as it contains the relevant and the best of all topics from various sources and at a very reasonable rate.Hence the quality of the material far exceeds the cost. AWA template recommended is in sync with what is expected from GMAT takers and covers all aspects of analytical writing evaluators are looking for. All this helped to me score a good 740 with a scaled score of 5.0 in AWA."

Shilpi Garg

Georgia Tech

"I got some very effective help in applications and feel lucky to get into three schools of my choice with a score of just over 600. Thank you..!!"

Sriharsha Bade


I was looking only for direction for my essays from expert's global when i signed up with them. Once i did sign up they gave me this direction in the form of a self assessment document which would help them understand me & my perspective better. This was all I needed from them and the self introspection inspired me to write my own MBA admission essays. My mentor did write me some essays. They were written well and answered every question asked but were definitely run-of-the-mill. My interaction with my mentor was at a minimum because I had already understood what I wanted. That being said, I have to credit Expert's Global for pushing me to self introspect (with the self assessment document) myself which led me to join my dream school, Babson College.

"I was helped in getting a decent GMAT score in my third attempt. Thereafter, I opted for the applications package and am more overwhelmed with the experience with Experts' and my accomplishment. You guys have a great future"

Manish Tewani

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Before I jump to my experience with Experts Global and how I found them, I would like to share some basic information about myself. I did my B.Tech from MNIT Jaipur and started working for a sales and marketing consulting firm after that. I have completed almost 3 years at the firm and have now resigned as I am going for my MBA in the fall of 2016. I started preparing for GMAT in June 2015 and gave the exam in the last week of August 2015, scoring 750 on the first attempt. After getting a satisfactory GMAT score, I started looking for admission consulting firms immediately. I reached out to Experts Global after doing some research online and selected the 11 school package. The Experts Global team a host of services at a reasonable price including school shortlisting, resume review, essay review, recommendation providers' selection, interview preparation and visa interview guidance. Experts Global assigned Shailesh Otari as my primary mentor and I am fortunate that I was able to apply to B schools under his guidance. He carefully looked at my profile and provided useful suggestions regarding things to include and exclude from essays. He also gave individual tips for each school based on the profile and strength of the program. Once I started getting interview invites, he also scheduled several mock interview which helped me tremendously. He also answered my questions about the Visa application process and interview. As I had mentioned, I applied to 11 schools. I received interview calls from 5 institutes, converted 3 of them and was waitlisted on 2 (I eventually asked both schools to remove my name from the waitlist as I had already made a decision). Unfortunately, I didn't get a call from the other schools, mostly because of the limited work experience and not being able to apply in the earlier rounds. I finally decided to matriculate from the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a decent scholarship. To sum up, I would recommend Indians looking to apply to US universities for MBA to consider Experts Global as their partner and I can assure that they would get the right guidance at the right time.

Ehsaan Mohighmi

"Some very effective material and guidance. Reached a 600 from a level of 430 in 2 months and made into a school of my choice."

Shubham Gupta

Boston University ($60K scholarship), The College of William and Mary (50K scholarship), 9 IIM's, MDI Gurgaon, XIMB

The MBA application process can be quite challenging at first. Finding a benchmark and evaluating oneself is hard. When I began my application process, within the set of limitation that I was working under, I wasn't very confident about my chances. Shailesh and Mayank evaluated my profile thoroughly and were very patient in understanding my constraints and requirements. They helped me structure my thoughts and motivated to apply to the better B-Schools. At every stage, they went above and beyond what was required. I never realised when they ceased to be 'admission consultants' and became 'mentors'. Their mentorship helped me, not just with my applications to universities abroad, but also through the application process to Indian schools."

Admits: Boston University (60K scholarship), The College of William and Mary (50K scholarship), 9 IIM's, MDI Gurgaon, XIMB

Rajeev Choudhary


Thanks very much to the Experts' Global team for the enormous support. Thanks to Nikhil for coordinating every thing really well and making sure that Application Process is completed well before time. Thanks to Mr. Shailaish Otari for helping me give my best performance even when the preparation time for interview was just one day. And Special Thanks to Dr. Rajesh for helping me prepare the best essays possible from my profile. It was his detailed research about my profile and the Schools which made it possible to write the best suitable essay for a particular School. Thanks to Mr Mayank V Srivastava for conceptualizing and leading this wonderful venture- Experts' Global Training Services.

Amit Jathar

HEC Montreal

Thank you for your support with my applications. Happy to be joining one of my target schools.

Sumesh GS

Bradford, Lancaster

Thanks for your apt guidance in R-2/3 applications. It was late to apply but with your right guidance, I could earn some fine admits

Adithya Yaganti

Simon, Naveen Jindal

PFB, Power outage yesterday night due to heavy rains in Chennai :) After seeing couple of my friends spending 2lakhs each on MBA admissions consulting and not getting a single admit, I thought about applying on my own and asked my friend to review my resume and essays. He suggested that my essays lack completeness and doesn't feel great and that I should take help of EG, which helped him to get bunch of admits with 100% scholarships from US top 40. Shailesh helped me to decide on my short-term and long-term goals that would help me to develop a good story. The process and questionnaire shared by EG brought out all the crucial points that should be highlighted in essays. Schools shortlisting was a crucial step and we distributed the risk aptly and EG instilled strong confidence in me to apply for even better programs. Interview was one of the hurdles for me and Shailesh helped me to overcome it by arranging mocks and giving wonderful feedback. Finally with all the good work done by me and EG, I received 40% scholarship from Simon and 100% from Naveen Jindal.

Vijay Mannur

HKU, CUHK, Tippie, Lancaster

The care taken by Experts' Global and several rounds of internal quality checks- before the essays came to me, were overwhelming. Brilliant work, nice results.

Yogesh Wadhwa


With 680 on GMAT, constraint of applying to only two schools, among US top 25, and with a very stringent budget, I knew I was asking for the sky. Experts' Global, however, got me the sky as I made into the extremely competitive, small class of BYU !

Bharat Gupta

RSM, Lancaster, Vlerick

I must say that with a relatively low GMAT score and a regular profile, I got excellent admits. Thanks to the right guidance and professional support I received from the Experts' Global Training Services Team

Raunak Sinha

Kelley, BU, Foster, Olin, Marshall, McDonough, Emory, ISB

After securing a good score of 730 of the GMAT, I felt I would be able to make it into my target schools without much difficulty. How wrong I was! As soon as I did my research on the application procedure and the many facets involved, I immediately realized I needed someone to guide me through the process in order to ensure the desired results. That is where Experts Global came into the picture. Right from the process of selection of schools tailored to my profile, to the final interview preparation, I found their approach to be highly meticulous and professional and in the end, rewarding. My mentor, Shailesh Otari was immense in his efforts to ensure that the final essays were right up there and was always on hand with invaluable advice and tips to make the whole application process seem like a breeze. I found the mock interviews to be of great help while appearing for the admission interviews and ultimately I succeeded in securing admission to 4 top B-schools with a generous scholarship.

Samarth Malhotra

Oxford, RSM, IE

When I enrolled with Experts', I had very humble aspirations as I thought a sub-700 GMAT score and non-corporate experience did not lend me a good chance in the top tier schools. However, I was amazed to see the level of confidence Experts' Global showed in my profile and inspired me to target much higher schools. Few of my dream schools now became back-up schools and others were removed from the list as my entrepreneurial experience was showcased to be my strength and my applications, I believe, did make me standout among the vast pool of applicants. Targeting only one year MBAs, I broke into a few of the top ones. The ability of mentors at Experts' to present one's profile in a was that it differentiates a candidate is, I believe, a great skill that will always make them produce amazing results. Besides, it's a very encouraging team that motivates students to dream higher and achieve the same

Saikat Roy

690, Katz, McDonough

Thanks a lot for the value you added in making me realize my goal of pursuing prestigious global MBA program


710, Rotman

I found Experts' Study Material extremely comprehensive and can vouch that anyone taking up this course need not refer any other study material. The able applications help really simplifies the maze of applications process

Gaurav M

Richard Ivey, Indiana Kelley

Thanks for your support in helping me with my applications

Varun Kumar

Rice, Mason, Freeman, Northeaster with 50-100% scholarship

I applied last year to various humble institutions and made into an MBA program. However, I had a feeling that I had not got the best admit I deserved. Almost $100,000 were to be spent in not a very high-ranked school and hence, I spoke with Experts' Global before leaving for my MBA. Experts' gave me the confidence that I deserved far better admits and motivated me to apply again. I deferred my admit and applied under the mentoring at Experts' Global. This was a life altering experience as I now made into much better institution with big scholarships. I thought scholarships were impossible for MBA programs. Thanks Experts' Global; my best wishes

Kuldeep Ajaria Katz

Vlerick, Thunderbird

Very sincerely, the admits I received- with my relatively low GMAT and a very conventional profile, were overwhelming. When the schools were shortlisted, I said I'll be happy to study at any of those. Fortunately, I made into a few of the better ones. Thank you for the difference you have made in my MBA plans, career, and in fact, life

Vikas Kapoor


Some very personalized mentoring and I have established a long-term relationship with you guys

Shobhit Gupta


I gave my visa interview on May12. It is approved as the visa officer told me.

So my journey with Experts Global started off with many positive references. Having faith, I put my career in the hands of EG. Immediately I got numerous emails charting the path forward and introducing me to my mentor Shailesh. After that things went smoothly, everything was planned and sorted out. After few discussions my schools were finalised. My career history, education and aspirations and interests were processed and my story was formed. Which then was reflected onto my essays. The quality of the essays was really good. I then went on to apply to my schools meeting deadlines one after the other. Priyanka helped me out with the reviews and pointed out any errors, minor as well as major. Thanks Priyanka!

After that I got interview calls from 9/11 schools. That was great. Shailesh took my mock interview and I was pretty confident in it. He gave me few points I should work upon too. I took care of them and never needed another mock interview. I went on to give all interviews and got admitted to GWU (60% scholarship), Katz (33% scholarship), Eller (100% scholarship), and UT Dallas (With a Very good scholarship). I was offered MS at Carey, but I wanted to do an MBA. So skipped that. And after that I happily accepted UTD!

After that the VISA process started, EG helped me with the VISA process as well. Shailesh gave me really good advice, advice which was logical and true. He told me to be true and to not go with the cliched answers. I liked that. It worked out for me smoothly.

Shailesh was my mentor throughout the process, and also helped me tremendously throughout the way. The best part about him is that his advice is logical, though out and based on personal experiences. If at any point I felt I needed further discussion we would fix up a time and sort out any questions I had. Understanding the fact that he might be pre-occupied with other students, I used to wait it out too sometimes!He always delivered, that's what matters. We also had fruitful conversations related to networking, Living in the US, building contacts. All of this helped me with my journey. BIG Thanks to Shailesh!

Shekhar G

680, Rotman

The guidance from Experts' really made my GMAT preparation and application work organized and efficient. Keep up the good work

Archana Padmasenan

Expert's guidance was extremely helpful to me right from the beginning of my GMAT preparation till my visa interview. By the time I got my GMAT score of 680, it is late December and the Round 2 deadlines were approaching fast. I felt it will be really difficult to get into a good school with such a GMAT score in R2 and I was in a dilemma whether to retake my GMAT. Expert's mentors guided me to pick up the right schools and boosted my confidence to proceed with my applications. I thank from the bottom of my heart Shailesh my mentor who guided me throughout my application process to get multiple admits with good scholarships. His suggestions helped me to choose the right stories and articulate them in an appealing manner. I am very much satisfied with the final structure of my essays; they are very crisp and personal. Also Shailesh helped me to prepare best for interviews; the mock interviews were extremely useful and he boosted my confidence to bring my best in the interviews. He was great coach who always listens to me and guides me in the right direction. He always ensured that he takes my inputs or concerns even during the stringent timelines. I am sure that without Experts guidance I wouldn't have been able to fulfil my MBA dream.

Abhishek D

Rutgers, Missourie

Came to Experts' in March when all results were out and I had not made into any of the 12 schools I had applied to. Within a month of my joining, the fate changed its course as I achieved a couple of very good admits

Abhishek Sahni

Olin, Purdue Krannert

I chose Experts Global for my application prep and got Olin & Purdue Krannert (with scholarship) with 710 GMAT. I wrote the GMAT last year and had very little idea about how to showcase my profile and get in a top US B school. Experts Global gave me that edge through their vast experience in MBA applications and helped me frame my story. I got end-to-end solutions for my application journey and I got good calls considering I only had 2.5 yrs of work experience and not an amazing score on the GMAT. I am extremely grateful for their guidance and contribution to my success

Rupesh Bharadwaj

Binghampton, Pforzheim with partial scholarships

Thanks a ton to Experts' Global Training Services and Mayank Srivastava for your extraordinary support and guidance! I am at the paucity of words as there is no better way to express gratitude. I have finally received $10,000 financial support from University and I must say here- all credit goes to you. Your effective writing has blown me away since I came into your contact and I myself am highly motivated to achieve such excellence.

I was looking for some good finance programs in the New York Area and Experts' Global were instrumental in getting me the best possible admits with my score and profile in the area and field of my interest.

Anil Kumar

Eller with GA

Truly appreciate your role in the complicated application process and making it smooth and successful for me

Rajan Agrawal

Boston University with 50% scholarship + five admits with just 660 on GMAT!

I just want to say a sincere thank you for the opportunity to work with you. This was an incredible experience that meant all the difference in my applications. You not only guided me through the process, but also answered hundreds of questions during this long process. As a result, I have been admitted into the several schools and also got substantial financial aid packages.

Needless to say, when we started the application process, I was filled with anxiety and doubt about applying. I had a million questions and concerns but you were always extremely responsive and honest. From the very start, you were very supportive and helped erase my doubt, and dedicated interest in helping me succeed.

I really loved the way you helped me to draft my "Social Entrepreneurship" story in the Essays. The story was superb and incredible. When we started the application process, I was very anxious thinking how will I connect all the dots because of my diverse working experience in Non-profit, IT and Retail-Manufacturing sector. You came up with out of the box solution and that really made all the difference. You helped me focus on telling my story in a way that jumped off the page.

Further, From resume and recommendations to interviews, you provided the assistance to strengthen all aspects of my applications. There were a few weaknesses from my side in interview process but you helped me to overcome those weaknesses.

The application process was expensive but it turned out to be the one of the best decisions I made.

I will be attending BU- Questrom School of Business my first choice and a very fine school, this Fall. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to help spread the word about the wonderful services that your company offers.

Your guidance and ability to see the best in me helped me realize my lifelong dreams. Thank you so much Sir for everything. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Rishabh M


It was a learning, warm, successful experience with Experts' Global. I strongly recommend

Praveen Baghel

Suffolk with $55,000 Scholarship, IIT, Drexel

I have been comparing Experts' Global with other services that my friends enrolled for. I really find Experts' Global very supportive. I have been helped throughout the process in a very professional and idealistic way, be it school selection, essay writing, or, most importantly, interview preparation. I am particularly glad in the guidance received in obtaining scholarship, something that was done extra by the team. Experts' Global team consists of multiple individuals and they coordinate excellently within their group, leaving no communication gap, thus making me very comfortable. I always had the feeling that Experts' team is taking my case with complete ownership. I will give Experts' Global 10/10 on everything, be it communication, commitment, or quality of output. Thanks, Experts'!

Gaurav Verma

Virginia Tech, ESSEC

What I most liked about Experts'Global is that their process is student-centric. The focus is on the student's needs and the services are very personalized. I especially liked the flexibility they provided me. I am a working professional who keeps busy at most times and Experts' Global team was very considerate in being available at times convenient to me, mostly in the night and on weekends. The mentoring is very personal and the delivery is structured. There are definite action items, agenda etc for every meeting or conversation and the expectations were always met from the Experts' Global team. Also, the mentors are knowledgeable and were able to help me in all my doubts throughout the process.

Shirin T

ISB, Olin, Tepper (with 50+% Scholarship)

Thanks for your help in reflecting my unconventional profile in a convincing way and making my candidature stand out; thereby, helping me gain excellent admits with an average GMAT score and lesser years of experience

Varun Verma

Smeal with $20k and Katz with $10k scholarship

I'm a very ordinary guy and like all my peers I too had a dream to pursue an MBA. Gave CAT twice and faltered for obvious reasons- my preparation was not up to potential. I promised myself not to give CAT again and started looking for other avenues. GMAT was the obvious choice as I assumed it to be way easier than is the CAT. However, this assumption was soon to be shattered! I failed miserably in my first attempt and got a 590. It was then that I joined Experts' and my score shot up to 710. It wasn't as easy as writing the last sentence. Achieving a 700+ score required both a strict regime and a quality GMAT preparation material. I was lucky to have been blessed with both. I can easily say that the Experts' material is the most comprehensive GMAT material I have come across.It helped save time as I did not bother to pile on multiple GMAT books. The great quality of the study material was complemented by Mayank's flawless strategies. He was and still is a constant source of motivation for me. Mayank also helped me with my fall 2010 application-essays & interviews. I was extremely content with the b-school essays and the interview tips helped me improve not only as a prospective b-school candidate but as an individual. And now that I have admits from two schools of repute, I must say that I owe every inch of my success to Experts' and wish the team all the best for its future endeavors.

Pankaj Aswal

Great Lakes

"I could not believe that the essays spoke about me. I never knew that I was quite an achiever and there were so many great things about my profile. You really have the knack to make an ordinary person, look great. But for the technical problem in my degree, I would have made into few great US schools where I was interviewed. Anyway, I am happy with what I have finally achieved"

Charit Bhatt

Boston College, ASU Carey, Purdue Krannert, SMU Cox, Mason with 10-75% Scholarships

Thanks for all your help during the applications process. The vast options in admits/scholarships may not have been possible without your support. Thanks again

Deepak Rohida

Tippie with 100% scholarship

"We need good people like you in the education sector. Thanks for your help in GMAT preparation, applications, and interviews"