GMAT Preparation

Exhaustive and ‘complete’ GMAT Material, Exclusive GMAT Training by mentors with 99th percentile on GMAT, personalized preparation through daily-basis GMAT study-plans, sophisticated recorded sessions (presentations with voice over and stylus), and unlimited doubt solving sessions come together for a systematic, efficient approach towards GMAT Preparation. The inspiration is to shape a student’s GMAT Preparation into an organized, enriching, and interesting endeavor. We ensure that a student gets the right GMAT preparation resources, under one program, in an organized way and no other GMAT material, mock test, discussion forum etc is needed. The pursuit is to ensure that a student gets one’s best GMAT score and then achieves optimal admits given one’s profile and career plans. Every time a student has sincerely followed our guidance for GMAT Preparation, the promise has been kept.
Feature Guidance Program Classroom Program
Classroom Training no 66 Hours
Personal Mentor yes(online) yes
Stage-wise Study Plans yes yes
Number of Books 14 14
Computer Based Tests 24 24
Paper Based Tests 20 20
Personalized Doubt Solving yes yes
Schools Short-listing yes yes
Experts’€™ Fee-back Guarantee yes yes
Post GMAT Help yes yes
Fee Within India: INR 30,000 Outside India: U$D 590 INR 40,000
Following are our two, proud modules for GMAT preparation:


Seek all resources for GMAT preparation, a personalized study plan, and doubt solving support? This course belongs to you. This program is ideal for individuals who are looking for self preparation, online courses, or correspondence / distance courses for GMAT preparation. As a part of this course, one gets the truly ‘complete’ study material, access to our exhaustive GMAT preparation Videos, exhaustive GMAT mock tests, personalized daily basis GMAT preparation study plans, and doubt solving support over emails or video conferences. There are no geographical restrictions and students from various countries opt for our Guidance Program for their GMAT preparation.


Believe in conventional, brick and mortar teaching? Wish to be trained by the ‘been there, done that’ mentors with the 99th percentile on GMAT? Seek a classroom atmosphere yet personalized attention? If yes, read on. Under this program, we provide all the study resources for GMAT preparation, a rigorous collection of GMAT mock tests, daily basis study plan, and weekend classes in a small batch of 10 students. Further, a student may opt for unlimited doubt solving session where a mentor meets the student one-on-one discussions. We currently provide the Classroom Program for GMAT preparation only in NCR (National Capital Region, India) and Pune.

ENROLL NOWGuidance Program(In India): INR 30,000
Guidance Program(Outside India): $ 590
Classroom Program: INR 40,000
* Inclusive of taxes and shipping charges.

Why is it Important to ‘Enjoy’ your GMAT Preparation?

First rule of GMAT Preparation is that do not underestimate the GMAT Preparation. The three digit score has the power of getting you the six digit dollar salary and, more importantly, roles that shall be more challenging, enriching, and satisfying. Do not settle with a 700 or 720 or 650 or whatever. The intent should be to get ‘your highest score’- the best output of the function of the time you can devote, your degree of agility to learn, and the reminiscence of Math and Verbal abilities from the adolescent years. You shall have your best shot at ‘your-best-GMAT-score’, if you follow one advice we keep giving all our students- “Enjoy your GMAT Preparation!” Treat GMAT not as an obstacle that needs to be surpassed for your business schools admissions. Rather, treat it as an opportunity to hone the appurtenances that shall help you in your MBA studies as well as post MBA career. A high GMAT score opens a sea of admission opportunities and drastically influences one’s chance for getting scholarships. Do not hate your GMAT preparation; it is an opportunity to sharpen some relevant management and life skills. Numbers, reading, writing, analysis are all around us; GMAT preparation gives you a chance to befriend them.

“When I started preparing for the management aptitude examinations, I felt I had an unfair advantage in my pursuit as I was good with numbers and- kind of -okay with words. However, on getting into the business school, I realized how relevant were the skills tested on GMAT to the life of a business school student. Studies at Boston University came a bit easy as I maintained a healthy GPA during the day while setting up Experts’ Global at night! Even today, as an entrepreneur and a Business Manager, playing aptly with numbers and using the correct English are crucial. Apparently, all the fuzz about a high GMAT requirement by premiere business schools seems to be so very valid!” – Mayank Srivastava, Founder