GMAT-An Introduction


You perhaps wonder why GMAT Prep is made such a big deal of. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is a standardized, computer-based test conducted by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), a non-profit organization comprised of leading graduate business schools. Its importance derives from being taken into consideration for over 6000 programmes across the globe. So take your GMAT Prep seriously if you want an MBA.

GMAT is a reliable measure of aptitude and potential. GMAT Prep will help get a good score -proving you possess the skills required to be part of a reputed B-school and by extension, to be a business leader. Take the exam when you feel confident that your GMAT Prep is up to the mark. Test centres are spread across 114 countries.

Dedicated GMAT Prep is also essential because GMAT is the only aspect of your candidacy that the Admissions Committees can look at objectively.

Creating a favourable impression is under your control. Diligence in covering concepts and practicing questions during GMAT Prep will spell success. Take expert guidance for GMAT Prep to study in a structured manner. Take mock tests and time yourself. GMAT Prep is incomplete without working on speed.

During your GMAT Prep, concentrate on all sections:

Analytical Writing Assessment: You need to write an essay analyzing an argument within 30 minutes. Lucidly explain your points, substantiating them with examples. Do not worry much about lacking specialized knowledge on the given topic. The intent is to test your ability to organize and express ideas. This is not counted towards GMAT score and is reported separately.

Integrated Reasoning: Instead of the second essay of analytical writing, are now given questions considered more suited for judging skills for business school. The 12 questions testing graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis and multi-source reasoning require processing data and drawing inferences. This 30-minute test is designed to assess how you would look at real-life business issues. This is also reported separately.

Quantitative Ability: 37 questions have to be answered in 75 minutes. The Problem-Solving part tests your understanding of basic mathematical concepts while the Data Sufficiency bit judges your ability to determine whether the information provided is sufficient to answer a given question.

Verbal Ability: 41 questions have to be answered in 75 minutes. English language skills are tested through Sentence Correction questions wherein you choose the best possible expression of an idea. Critical Reasoning questions judge whether you can evaluate the structure of an argument and Reading Comprehension questions assess your ability to grasp and analyze written information.

Do your GMAT Prep aiming at a great score. For AWA, on a scale of 0.0 to 6.0, the mean score is above 4.0. Target a great percentile for IR, which is marked on a scale of 1 to 8. For QA and VA, marking is from 0 to 60 and percentiles for the two greatly vary for the same score. Be thorough with GMAT Prep as Admissions Committees consider the overall score (scale of 200 to 800) and percentile.

Good luck with your GMAT Prep!



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