GMAT Study Plans and Their Advantages

GMAT study plan advantages

GMAT being the most sought-after exam worldwide by individuals to get admissions into Business Schools, it requires you to have a strategy in place to crack it. The online GMAT Preparation experts can help you chart out a study schedule to conquer the concepts over a period of time. These are called the GMAT Study Plans. The reputed mentors for GMAT Preparation provide 1-month, 3-month and even 6-month GMAT Study Plans catering to the student’s requirement. Depending upon the time you can give to GMAT Preparation based on your work commitments if you are a working professional or your college exam/projects if you are still studying, you can choose the Study Plan which suits you best.

Types of GMAT Study Plans

Apart from the time you can shell out per day for GMAT Preparation, another factor needs to be taken into consideration before choosing the plan. You need to choose whether you want a Beginners version, or Verbal-focussed, or Math-focussed or GMAT Study Plan for Advanced learning. Your score in the diagnostic test will help you take this decision. If you are already comfortable with math and verbal, and scoring in the range of 600-650, you should go for the GMAT Study Plan for Advanced learning. You should opt for the Verbal-focussed GMAT Study plan if you scored low in the verbal section. Likewise, it would be logical to opt for Math-focussed GMAT Study Plan if you have scored low in the Math section.

Each GMAT Study Plan gives you weekly as well as daily breakup of the tasks you need to cover within that time frame. The Study plans provide a timetable where it is clearly instructed as to how many reading comprehensions you need to do and the number of questions of each concept which you need to cover. Apart from that, they also instruct you to go through certain videos if you have got any answer wrong. This ensures that you get clarity on the concept then and there.

The GMAT full-length tests are also scheduled in the Study Plan with timely gaps. You would be able to see the difference in your scores after grasping some additional concepts. The last week is reserved for concentrated review of the entire course. It is advised to keep a buffer of one or two weeks in case you fall behind schedule due to any unforeseen situation.

Will I score 700+ if I follow the GMAT Study Plan diligently?

Almost all the test-takers have this question in their minds. The answer to this is- all the material that is needed to score a 700+ is available to you. If it was that simple to follow a step-by-step procedure, there would have been a large number of students belonging to the category of 700+. But surprisingly, only 10% of the test-takers are able to score 700+.

Your ability to grasp the concepts, your passion, dedication, commitment, and curiosity, all play their role here.


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