How to Crack the GMAT Problem Solving


With just about a couple of minutes to spare per question in the Problem Solving sub-section of Quantitative Ability, speed is essential. It comes with diligent practice during GMAT Preparation.

Go for GMAT Preparation keeping in mind that clarity on concepts will be tested. Brush up on concepts of arithmetic, algebra, statistics and geometry. Many test-takers make mistakes in questions involving fractions and exponents; do them thoroughly during GMAT Preparation. Good trainers for GMAT Preparation will help clarify concepts.

You must answer each question without spending too much time. Therefore, you must learn well some strategies in the course of your GMAT Preparation. You will realize that you need to go beyond the formulae and think logically, so that you save time and become a smart thinker.

Read the entire question carefully to know what it requires you to do. Sometimes, there are questions likely to be misinterpreted and the answer such misinterpretation produces will be there among the choices. While certain things can be deduced from the diagrams, do not rely on visual judgment for measuring lines or angles. To remove the possibility of an error, pay close attention to the axes and units of measurement for graphs.

While engaged in GMAT Preparation, develop the knack of making complex problems more manageable by breaking them down and beginning with what you understand well. But ensure that no conditions are left out.

Answer choices provide clues. Look at them before beginning to make calculations. Quite often you will be saved the hassle of calculation by looking closely at the options and applying logic.

Learn to estimate what the answer is likely to be. While doing GMAT Preparation, practice this approach to become sure of employing it correctly.

An important part of GMAT Preparation should be learning to do mental calculation. Memorizing multiplication tables, and commonly-used squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots will be useful. Learning the efficient methods of Vedic Mathematics makes mental calculation for certain arithmetic and algebraic problems quite easy.

Since handling concrete numbers is easier, choose numbers when you have to work with variables or with any multiple/factor of some specified number. Write equations for word problems using letters that suggest what is to be calculated- for instance, to suggest milk and water, use m and w respectively.

Your GMAT Preparation should teach you the art of eliminating options. If nothing, not even elimination works, look at options and try to determine which of them can answer the given question. Since numerical values are in ascending order on the GMAT, starting with the third option will help determine whether to then test the first two or the last two options.

Remember to use all the given information to arrive at the answer and not disregard any piece of it.

Practice and take mock tests during GMAT Preparation to determine which areas you need to devote more time on. Pay attention to all question types given in good GMAT Preparation study material.

Keep in mind tips that reputed trainers for GMAT Preparation provide.


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