How to Nail the GRE Reading Comprehension

GRE Reading Comprehension

There are several online GRE Preparation courses that claim to get you a high score in the verbal section of the GRE. The complex vocabulary used in the RC paragraphs may confuse you if you are untrained; hence it becomes absolutely essential to get yourself trained through the online GRE Preparation courses. Here are few tips that can help you boost your score in the verbal section:

Improve Mental Stamina

Since the verbal section comprises of long RC passages, you need to build up your mental stamina. Reading long newspaper articles can help you in this regard and having a pocket dictionary handy to know the meaning of a new word will surely build your vocabulary. There a lot of RC passages provided by the online GRE Preparation courses which can help you bolster your score in the verbal section.

Develop Your Thought Process

There are several useful strategies published in the online GRE Preparation material which should be read before attempting to solve the RC passages. Do not go overboard by doing a great number of questions from the online GRE Preparation mock tests.  Spend enough time doing thorough analysis of each question, which will develop your thought process. Reflect upon each question and analyze why your answer was right or wrong. This will help in developing your strategy and approach towards the RC questions.

Identify the Components of the Passage

Each RC passage has 4 possible components- the main point, background, support and implications. The questions of the RC are categorized into main idea, tone of the author, factual and implication questions. Usually an author tricks the test-taker by making twisted statements, which makes it difficult for the test-taker to conclude whether the given information is background information or supporting evidence. The online GRE Preparation material on RCs can help you in distinguishing between the two and not fall in the author’s trap. Understanding the structure of the passage can help you crack the verbal section with high scores.

Make Notes

Make intelligent notes while reading the passage. Do not write full sentences as it will eat away your time. Make a note of the important details like keywords, dates and theories. Reword the tough language used in the passage with simple words. You can use flowcharts or diagrams to write the information in a short manner. Using shorthand for long words would also be helpful.

Read in the First Go

Do not skim through the passage in the first go. This way you will not be able to answer the questions and you will have to go back to reading the passage once again. You will waste a lot of time in re-reading. You will find many tough passages in the online GRE Preparation material. Practicing a lot on such passages will boost your confidence.

The online GRE Preparation courses provide a lot of other relevant tips which can help you sail through the RC in the verbal section.


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