How Useful are the GMAT Videos?

Experts Global GMAT Video Screenshot

The GMAT videos are a learning guide to prepare well the concepts tested on the GMAT and work around the strategies to attain a high score in the exam. The GMAT videos will give you the feeling of a virtual classroom within the comforts of your home. In fact, these GMAT videos are one step ahead of the classroom course, as you can pause and re-run the portions in order to become comfortable with the concepts. The step-by-step approach in this audio-visual format will make your study time more efficient.

GMAT Videos on Sentence Correction

The best GMAT videos on Sentence Correction teach you to leverage the hints from the answer choices. This will help you in eliminating the incorrect answer choices. This problem-solving approach to recognize the common errors in the sentences is much more effective than cramming up grammar rules. Learning this strategy through the GMAT videos will help you nail the Sentence Correction portions of the Verbal Section.

GMAT Videos on Reading Comprehension

The experts from the GMAT land will tell you about the types of questions asked in the RCs and the strategies to tackle them effectively. Walking through a variety of RCs with the expert will help you understand the tone of the author, identify the main idea, summarize each paragraph, draw inferences from the passage and draw conclusions. Making effective notes from the passage is another important skill which you will master through the GMAT videos.

GMAT Videos on Critical Reasoning

The GMAT videos on Critical Reasoning provide an overview of strategies to approach the different types of questions that can be asked. Knowing the CR question types and tackling them with innovative techniques, along with making yourself aware of the common pitfalls and errors, you will be able to ace the exam. The GMAT instructors have several years of experience and you can benefit from their experience by learning effective ways of dissecting the arguments, and identifying premises, assumptions and conclusions. This would strengthen your reasoning skills.

GMAT Videos on Integrated Reasoning

This newly-added section is designed to test those very skills that an employer looks for in a new hire. The employer wants to see your ability to analyze the information presented to you. On the GMAT, information is presented in multiple ways like graphs, table analyses and two part analyses. With the help of the IR videos, you will develop the ability to synthesize the data presented, organize and evaluate the data, and manipulate the data to solve complex problems.

GMAT Videos on Math

The math topic-wise videos have step-by-step explanation for each concept followed by several sample questions to give you further clarity. The shortcuts given by the experts for solving the lengthy calculations will save your time. The practice questions at the end of each module helps you to apply the newly-learned concepts. You should do these questions on your own and check your answers from the videos so that you don’t repeat your mistakes in future.


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