Time Management on the GMAT


The importance of time management on the GMAT can hardly be stressed enough. GMAT Coaching will introduce you to strategies that help manage time.

First, gain clarity on GMAT’s structure and format. Preparedness will ensure a degree of comfort that will aid your speed. Take up GMAT Coaching and practice what is suggested. Timing yourself while practicing is essential. This will help determine which question types take you more time and how much you need to improve.

Reputed GMAT Coaching Centres recommend that you learn to decide whether to sacrifice time or accuracy. While undergoing GMAT Coaching, you will realize what your strong and weak points are. Only sacrifice on accuracy when the question is not on what you know well.

When you do not know a question, estimate or guess the answer. Because even after spending considerable time on it, you might not get it right. GMAT Coaching will teach you that the time thus saved will help tackle other questions with more accuracy.

Improve speed on areas you are good at. But, as GMAT Coaching experts will warn, do not be in a hurry to answer on what you know. Ensure accuracy of responses here.

Since the time required to read and understand questions is included in the time allotted per section, work on your reading and comprehension skills. In the course of GMAT Coaching, you will see that for complex and cleverly-worded questions, you tend to take longer to get to their gist. Improving the aforementioned skills will help grasp these questions quicker and have more time in hand for solving.

GMAT Coaching experts will advise against reading questions multiple times. You must go for a second, closer reading if you do not understand a question at the first go. However, if you read over and over, you will be hard-pressed to manage the rest of the exam with a desirable degree of accuracy. You should resort to guessing.

GMAT Coaching experts will tell you that the number of questions you answer is important. Do not focus solely on trying to get each right. There is severe penalty for not finishing the test, the possibility of which increases if you are running behind time.

If you have taken too long to answer a question, do not get panicky. That will serve no purpose. In fact, if you get too nervous and desperately try to make up for lost time, you might answer the next questions incorrectly. As you will learn during GMAT Coaching, getting multiple questions wrong in a row will hurt your score worse than getting the same number of wrongs spread through the section.

Getting an easier question wrong has greater penalty than getting a harder one wrong. So focus on accuracy in the easier questions.

Having built speed during GMAT Coaching will help if you get stuck on some difficult question. Take mock tests while undergoing GMAT Coaching, strictly under time-constraints. On the GMAT, check the time occasionally to ensure you are going right.


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