Ethical MBA Essay Consulting


MBA candidates, world over, reach out to the best in business to gain that extra edge in their application essays. MBA Application Essays play a crucial role in one’s pursuit for admission into a premiere business school and there is nothing wrong in realizing that one needs professional help and seeking the same. However, an applicant- and more so, the MBA Essay Consultant- must ensure that the process of preparing impact essays remains ethical.

Here is the Experts’ Global take on what goes into Ethical MBA Essay Consulting :

Originality of Work

The first virtue that an ethical MBA Essay Consultant shall ensure is the originality of work. The Admissions Consulting Industry is full of cheap consultants who follow a template based approach as similar essays are fetched through a fill-in-the-blanks approach. Then, there are naive consultants who risk taking phrases (or even paragraphs) from the web, hoping that nobody will ever know. Further, there are ‘€˜smart’€™ consultants who use the essays of previous applicants who made into great schools. Such approaches do more harm than good and such applications go nowhere but the trash cans in the sophisticated admissions offices. Even if an applicant sails through with such work, the potential risk lurks and there have been cases where schools have taken strict steps, on account of plagiarism, years after a candidate graduated. We are not trying to scare you. We are simply asking you to be cautious of such malpractices. Ethical essay consulting requires that every draft produced be original- never used earlier, never to be reused, rather than a replica/distortion/restoration/decoration of someone else’€™s work.

Assure that the Applicant’s Learning is not Compromised

Applying to business schools is an enriching process. One gets to retrospect at one’s achievements and follies, introspect at one’€™s values, strengths, and deficiencies, and contemplate over what one plans to do with the remaining part of life. Besides, one gets to appreciate the value one shall derive from an MBA and research upon the best business schools that suit one’€™s career plans. This is a sea of learning in this once in a lifetime opportunity at an interesting, crucial juncture in an applicant’s career. Ethical MBA Essay Consulting requires that the learning value an applicant is expected to derive from the process is not compromised.

Ensure that the Applicant owns one’€™s Essays

An Ethical MBA Essay Consultant should ensure that, while an applicant’s application process is made organized and smooth, the applicant still owns the plot. An effective essay counselor should guide, mentor, counsel a student to think well and plan better rather than tell, spoon-feed what shall look the best in one’s essays.

Present Facts Effectively€ Rather than Cooking-up Effective Facts

Fairness is a virtue that applies in all spheres of life. It does so, a tad more, in Essay Consulting. Cooked up facts and stories not only jeopardize one’s chances in the longer run but are also unfair to other applicants and to the entire, worthy, MBA Applications Process. An ethical MBA essay consultant must work hard with an applicant to, first, bring out real facts and stories from the applicant’s experiences and to, then, present the same in an effective manner.


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