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Experts’ Global: Hi Dalmanjot, thank you so much for interviewing with us today! May we request you to please share your journey in your own words?

DalmanjotAbsolutely, and thanks for inviting me to this conversation! I first thought about pursuing an MBA in 2019. At the time, I was working in the IT sector, and as I saw it, I had two problems to face. First, as a working professional, I had to struggle to find the time for my GMAT preparation. Second, I was unaware of how to present my application in the best possible way, in keeping with a consistent professional vision.

I used forums such as GMAT Club to look for MBA application assistance, and so found out about Experts’ Global. With their MBA admissions consulting, I kept my GMAT prep and application process streamlined, and ended up securing admission to UBC Sauder.


Experts’ Global: In your opinion, what are a few factors or actions you took that made all the difference?

Dalmanjot: Many candidates are unaware of what MBA admissions committees look for in worthy applicants. In my case, reaching out to Experts’ Global and gaining their insight into what makes a good MBA application, as well as availing of their MBA interview preparation, made the difference in my success.


Experts’ Global: With the benefit of hindsight, what are a few mistakes you believe that you committed in the entire process?

Dalmanjot: First off, I think I focused too much on getting into consulting. When I started my MBA, I was bent on shifting to the consulting domain but with time, I came to recognize alternative opportunities in booming market areas such as health care. Second, I realized too late that one should not necessarily blindly imitate the actions of those who have gained success. Each person in the MBA is on their own journey, and you should chart an original path of your own as well.


Experts’ Global: What are some other suggestions that you would like to give to future aspirants regarding their MBA applications and GMAT prep?

Dalmanjot: Regarding GMAT prep, I would say that you should know yourself. I took a free GMAT practice test to start off and gauge my strengths and weaknesses before beginning my prep. In my case, as I had an affinity for numbers, I focused on building my aptitude in the Verbal section. Have a clear preparation schedule. Take a series of GMAT practice tests in an environment that simulates the conditions of the actual GMAT day. Further, you can monitor forums such as GMAT Club to see the question types that are giving other applicants difficulty, and maybe identify gaps in your own preparations.


Experts’ Global: What GMAT resources did you use during your preparation?

Dalmanjot: My first attempt at the GMAT yielded a 650 because my preparations were not in full swing. After taking advantage of the Experts’ Global GMAT online course, my concept clarity grew. I also developed the habit of maintaining a record of the mistakes I made, in order to track my growth more accurately. All in all, I used the Experts’ Global GMAT prep materials, resources I found on GMAT Club, as well as the official material.


Experts’ Global: Could you talk about your MBA experience?

Dalmanjot: For me, the first couple of months of the MBA were spent online. However, the in-person duration of the MBA has been delightful. My class comprises people from over 36 different countries and an endless range of functional backgrounds. I have learned as much from my classmates’ experiences and anecdotes as I have from my MBA coursework. Keeping an open mind in the process has become a habit for me, and has increased my ability to absorb information from others.


Experts’ Global: Can you please describe your interview experience with the B-school?

Dalmanjot: I applied to five schools, and was able to crack the interviews for four of them. To this end, my time with the Experts’ Global MBA interview preparation program was invaluable. I learned to present my story in a condensed fashion and to sell myself with a three-minute pitch. I also learned much about proper body language for an interview.

My MBA interviews themselves taught me that it is best to be outgoing and frank about one’s curiosity about how well one’s interview went! Also, I learned to focus on my cultural and personal background too, in addition to my professional history.


Experts’ Global: What would you like to say about your learning from managing the application timeline?

Dalmanjot: As a full-time professional, I was initially quite worried about balancing the application timeline with my job demands. Thankfully, Experts’ Global’s orderly processes helped me set clear milestones for each aspect of my application, from essays to recommendation letters. While soliciting references for the applications, I also learned to reach out with a deft touch for professional guidance and to adapt to networking with people from varying time zones at their convenience.


Experts’ Global: What are a few common mistakes you believe that GMAT aspirants must avoid?

Dalmanjot: GMAT aspirants should work on their weaknesses, but also consolidate their strengths. In my case, most of my friends who also took the GMAT have strong quantitative skills, and they did not spend much time practicing for the Quant section, leading to a suboptimal actual GMAT score.

Many aspirants do not practice in exam conditions, by simulating the breaks allowed on the actual GMAT day and completing an entire GMAT mock at a stretch. One should take at least ten GMAT mocks, each of them in test-day conditions.


Experts’ Global: Can you tell us about how the pre-application experience helped in your growth thus far and how it is going to contribute to your growth post-MBA?

Dalmanjot: While I have not yet completed my MBA, I can certainly talk about how the pre-application process and its lessons have been of use during the program. My outreach in the pre-application process gave me a holistic picture of what life at UBC Sauder was going to look like. I also figured out that I needed to brush up on my economic and accounting concepts before the MBA coursework began, and this realization helped me significantly!


Experts’ Global: What is your final message to our readers?

Dalmanjot: You should be crystal clear on why you are pursuing an MBA. Further, you should also know why you are pursuing an MBA from the specific school you are targeting. Besides, remember to keep an open mind throughout your MBA experience, and network with most people you meet, even those who may seem like your polar opposites.


Experts’ Global: Thank you so much for giving us your time and thank you for letting us interview you. It was great chatting with you and I am sure your suggestions and advice will help a lot of other students aspiring for the GMAT and MBA!

Dalmanjot: No worries, and I hope my insights will prove beneficial!


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