How to Apply to US Universities


Many of you must be harbouring the dreams of studying in the renowned universities in the US. In order to get that breakthrough in your career, you need to do extensive research before shelling out the huge amount from your pocket for applying to the US universities. Here are a few steps that you need to follow before applying to the US universities:

Decide on the Degree/Programme

Before applying to the US universities, you need to first choose the programme of your interest. Each programme has its own pre-requisites, so you need to ensure that you fit into its requirements. If you want to pursue masters, you may want to apply to the US universities offering MBA or MS (or some other) programmes. If you want to apply for an undergraduate programme at US universities, you need to select the subject of your choice.

Select the Schools

Once you have decided on the programme you want to pursue, you need to come up with a list of schools where you want to apply. Start your research early and narrow down to three or four schools. The International Student Advisor can give you the contact of a student from your country who is currently studying in the same university. This will give you valuable insights and help you with deciding which US universities you should apply to for best satisfying your needs. Make sure that the universities to which you are applying are accredited, so that your degree is recognized worldwide.

Admission Tests

Based on the programme and school chosen, you might have to appear for an online admission test. The SAT, GMAT and GRE exams are the gateway for applying to the US universities. After deciding on the school and the programme, check the school’s admission process on its website. You would know the exam for which you need to appear. Prepare rigorously for these exams as most of the renowned universities will have a cut-off score for granting admissions. Additionally, most of the universities want the candidates to appear for a TOEFL exam to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Fulfil All the Application Requirements

For applying to the US universities, you need to know the application requirements of each university which would be mentioned on the respective website. Read the application requirements carefully as they are different for each university. Submit your admission test scores, letters of recommendation, resume and personal statement before the given deadline. The admission panel has a holistic approach while short-listing the candidates. The members on the panel give weightage to a student’s GPA (Grade Point Average), his/her work experience, academic background, community service and extra-curricular involvements before taking a call on his/her candidature.

When your application is accepted, you will receive an offer from the university. You need to inform each university regarding your decision- whether you are accepting or declining the offer- within the deadline set by the university, post which it would be dispatching your pre-departure orientation pack.


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