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Experts’ Global: Hi, Anshuman! Thank you so much for taking out the time for this interview. Could you kindly share your journey in your own words?

Anshuman: My MBA journey started in 2016 when I was able to secure my targeted GMAT score. I then approached MBA admissions consultant Experts’ Global for guidance with my applications. Their process empowered my admission to the IIM Lucknow IPMX. At IIM Lucknow, I got to interact with a truly diverse peer group and enhance my credentials and commercial awareness. After graduating, I got placed with the Shapoorji Group, and I currently work at Amazon as a Program Manager.


Experts’ Global: In your opinion, what factors made all the difference in your success?

Anshuman: I would say that the first step was getting a good GMAT score. Thereafter, I focused on shortlisting schools that best matched my profile and career aspirations. Experts’ Global’s advice was crucial here. The third vital step was crafting worthwhile essays and well-researched answers to common interview questions. Finally, when I had multiple admits on hand, I had to soul search and research deeply to select the program with the best ROI for me.


Experts’ Global: Looking back, what are a few mistakes you believe you committed in the process?

Anshuman: The one mistake I made was messing up the timing of my GMAT attempt. I took the GMAT in October 2016, which meant that several of the schools I was targeting had their second admission rounds ongoing by the time I received my score. However, I was able to apply in the first round of the subsequent admission cycles for all my target programs. Looking back, I would say that you should get your GMAT done early in the year to leave yourself enough time to get your other application materials ready before the first admission rounds for the year begin.


Experts’ Global: What were the main resources that you used for your GMAT preparation?

Anshuman: I primarily used the official material from the GMAT website, as it allows one to get used to the exact pattern of GMAT questions. I also relied on the Experts’ Global GMAT online course, as well as E-GMAT resources. Near the end of my prep, I also completed several GMAT practice tests.


Experts’ Global: What would you like to say about your experience with managing your application timeline?

Anshuman: The timeline was so condensed that at one point I had to complete the applications for three schools in a week! Experts’ Global’s significant experience with MBA admissions came in handy in managing the time pressures involved. I also learned to keep an eye out for application fee waivers, many of which I availed by attending the webinars hosted by several of my targeted schools.


Experts’ Global: What was your business school interview experience like?

Anshuman: Each business school interview presented me with a unique experience. Overall though, my MBA interview prep was a lifesaver throughout. I was easily able to answer queries about my professional experience, my leadership exposure, and my future ambitions. I was also questioned on current affairs at certain points. All in all, though, I would say that, primarily, one needs to know oneself to ace MBA interviews!


Experts’ Global: Would you kindly describe your business school journey?

Anshuman: My IIM Lucknow tenure was truly enriching. I was part of a small batch that encouraged extensive bonding within the peer group. I had various classmates with years of work experience ranging from forty to five years, and this brought a wealth of perspectives to our group assignments. I also really enjoyed the international immersion in London, whereby we got insights into luxury marketing and the opportunities in European economies.


Experts’ Global: Can you please tell us about your job search experience during the MBA and what tips will you give to future candidates about the same?

Anshuman: The post-MBA job search depends on your location to a large extent. Indian business schools hold on-campus placement processes, whereas foreign business schools require students to find their jobs through outreach and networking.

At IIM Lucknow, we participated in several career workshops throughout the program’s duration. The placement team at the school solicited a list of target companies from each student, after which they invited certain firms for hiring. During the interview processes with these companies, our faculty truly went the extra mile by helping us with our preparations and taking mock interviews for us!


Experts’ Global: How have the pre-application phase and the IPMX experience contributed to your post-program growth?

Anshuman: My IPMX gave me a firm grasp of business fundamentals and leadership theory, as well as a mastery of time management. These lessons have been quite useful in my career after graduating. During the pre-application process, I learned to handle rejection well, and this has allowed me to become a better negotiator. Learning to sell my story through my MBA applications was a skill that helped me in securing my current job at Amazon as well.


Experts’ Global: What is your final advice for our readers?

Anshuman: Remain focused, remain calm, and remain sure of your goals. Start your GMAT preparation as early as you can, take a free GMAT practice test to assess your level before you pursue advanced study resources, and try and have your targeted score in hand three months before your first application deadline.


Experts’ Global: Thank you for telling us your growth story and sharing your lessons with us today!

Anshuman: It was my pleasure to do so.


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