MBA experience from Vlerick Business School, Belgium | Ankit’s story!




Experts’ Global: Hi, Ankit! Could you kindly share your journey in your own words?

Ankit: I completed my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering at NIT Raipur, and have had an eclectic professional path that includes a four-year stint with the Ministry of Defense. When I did decide to pursue an MBA, I targeted an international program to add a global tinge to my profile.


Experts’ Global: What were the main resources that you used during your GMAT preparation?

Ankit: I reached out to MBA admissions consultants Experts’ Global for their guidance on how to best study for my GMAT. Thereafter, I used the official material from the GMAT website. I also started reading novels regularly during my GMAT prep, and this significantly boosted my verbal aptitude.


Experts’ Global: What were your lessons from managing the application timeline?

Ankit: The application timelines for me were quite tight and nerve-wracking, but they also gave me a taste of how busy the MBA would be. Time management was an aspect of my personality that was tested during the application process as well as in the MBA.


Experts’ Global: What was your business school interview experience like?

Ankit: I received interview calls from three of the five schools to which I had applied. The interviews focused mostly on the lessons from my past achievements, on my vision about how the MBA would accelerate my growth, and what kind of plan B I had in place, post-MBA. To secure my eventual Vlerick admit, I benefitted much from my MBA interview prep!


Experts’ Global: What was your business school journey like?

Ankit: The time I spent in Belgium for my MBA is truly memorable to me. An MBA is less about academic immersion than it is about meeting people from different cultural and functional backgrounds and networking with them. My business school experience exposed me to European culture and a different kind of approach to work that also left time for to experience other aspects of life. I also graduated during the height of the pandemic, and this presented unique challenges for me in terms of securing a job.


Experts’ Global: How was your MBA job search, and what advice do you have for future candidates about the same?

Ankit: Above all else, it is important to create a network to secure a job after an MBA abroad. Vlerick had a strong foothold in the Belgian business arena, which meant that I had several alumni to connect with for my own job hunt. Further, the school held several job fairs with different types of recruiters such as MNCs, start-ups, and NGOs to give students initial outreach platforms to work with!


Experts’ Global: How have the pre-application phase and the MBA experience influenced your post-program growth?

Ankit: In my line of work, as a Product Manager, you have to do tons of documentation. Keeping track of the business requirements and product requirements is your responsibility. In this regard, my pre-application experience of tracking the progress of different school-specific materials and working with multiple essay drafts has been quite useful. Further, as I manage a five-person team currently, the lessons in camaraderie that I learned from my MBA cohort have been invaluable.


Experts’ Global: What are some common mistakes that GMAT aspirants should avoid?

Ankit: In addition to studying from the official material on the GMAT website, be sure to take a free GMAT practice test wherever available to select a GMAT online course that works best for you. Further, make sure to not spend too much time on any one question on your actual GMAT.


Experts’ Global: What is your final advice for the MBA dreamers out there?

Ankit: Make sure that you are ready for your GMAT by using a high-quality GMAT test series. For your applications, stay true to your story, and remember that your success will be all the sweeter for your struggles!


Experts’ Global: Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Ankit!

Ankit: I hope it helps some of the MBA applicants out there!


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