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Experts’ Global: Hi Devang, thank you for your time! Could you kindly share your story with us?

Devang: Sure! I started thinking about pursuing an MBA in 2019, while working at Deloitte. I took the GMAT in September 2020 and secured a 710. Applying to several schools with the help of ISB admissions consultants Experts’ Global, I secured an ISB PGP admit!


Experts’ Global: What were the decisions that you think made the difference in your success?

Devang: The most important initial decision was which GMAT prep material to study from. I used the official material well but also went with the Experts’ Global GMAT online course on the recommendation of my brother. My research on what schools to apply to was also crucial to my success. I did this research in parallel to my GMAT prep, so that I was clear on my targeted programs by the time I had a good GMAT score in hand.


Experts’ Global: With the benefit of hindsight, what mistakes did you make along the way?

Devang: I took a couple of breaks during my GMAT prep and ended up spreading it over half a year. Doing so meant my studies were suboptimal and I often forgot certain concepts due to breaks in practice. Further, I spent too much time on Verbal concepts because I felt my Quant ability was up to the mark. I should have made my prep more balanced.


Experts’ Global: Going back to your GMAT prep phase, what were the main resources that you used and what would be your advice to future candidates?

Devang: I used the Experts’ Global GMAT prep program. In particular, the GMAT mocks offered therein were truly essential in my prep. I also used to tackle GMAT Club questions on specific sections during idle moments in my day to keep my concepts sharp.


Experts’ Global: What are your thoughts about mock tests? According to you, how many and at what frequency should a candidate take mocks?

Devang: The first step to taking GMAT mocks is to select those that follow the GMAT’s pattern. Many GMAT mock series sellers offer a free GMAT practice test. Take the said test to find a mock series that works for you. I think twelve to fifteen mocks should suffice. When you are sure of your concepts, start with taking two mocks each week!


Experts’ Global: What did you learn from managing the application timelines?

Devang: I completed my ISB application within a week of taking the actual GMAT, which made it a very rushed process. Looking back, I should have kept at least a month to spare to work on my essays in-depth, so that I could have my application materials in hand a week before the deadline.


Experts’ Global: How was your business school interview experience?

Devang: The interviews for US and Europe-based schools were largely conversational and geared towards assessing if I was a good fit for the school’s ethos. I thought many of them went quite well, even though I was not able to secure a final admit to some of these schools. This taught me to not dwell overmuch on how any of my interviews seemed to go. My MBA interview prep came in useful during my NUS, NTU, and ISB interviews particularly.


Experts’ Global: What has your PGP experience been like?

Devang: The first two months of my PGP were online because India was going through the second COVID-19 wave at the time. When classes moved to campus, I was truly able to see the advantages of the PGP. Being amongst a truly diverse learning group meant that even random conversations often exposed me to a differentiated cultural or professional perspective. I was also able to work on approachability and team skills during my PGP immersion. The PGP has also allowed me to explore my post-MBA ambitions in full. I specialized in finance and strategy at ISB, and joined various clubs at the school to build a network relevant to my domain for later use!


Experts’ Global: What was your post-PGP job search like and what tips do you have for future candidates?

Devang: ISB has an on-campus placements team. There is an annual placement process where applicants are shortlisted for interviews for the roles they apply to on the basis of their CV.  In my case, talking to alumni and some of my peers helped me understand the culture of certain firms I was targeting, and so apply to companies that were a match for me. My advice to MBA applicants is to never consider remuneration as a deciding factor when picking a job. Think long-term, and use the MBA platform to pivot to a role or company that provides you with the most consistent growth paths!


Experts’ Global: How do you think your pre-application experience and MBA journey contributed to your growth?

Devang: The pre-application process, and especially the essay-crafting bit of the process, requires one to do some soul-searching. You can clarify your ambitions for the next ten years as well as your motivation for the MBA during this time. The answers that you come up with will prove useful even during your job interviews! The course you pick during your MBA can help you develop subject matter expertise in the domain you wish to build your career in, and this expertise can differentiate you from other candidates in the job hunt!


Experts’ Global: What general mistakes should all MBA aspirants avoid?

DevangTake GMAT mocks as regularly as you can. The GMAT is not only a test of your concepts but also of your ability to stay intellectually focused for a three-and-a-half-hour span. Regular mock testing will help you build the necessary stamina for the real GMAT. Form a GMAT prep timeline that plays to your pace of studying and your particular aptitude, and then stick to it. This will ensure that you have sufficient time in hand to work on your application materials. With guidance from an MBA admissions consultant, you can use the responses from your application essays to inform your answers during the MBA interviews as well!


Experts’ Global: Your journey has been truly inspirational, Devang, and we are sure your suggestions will prove helpful!

Devang: Thank you for the opportunity to share my MBA takeaways today!


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