Deciding Whether to Cancel Your GMAT Score

deciding-whether-to-cancel-your-gmat-scoreEven after you have been sincere throughout your GMAT Coaching and have taken the recommendable number of mock tests, you may find that your performance on the actual exam has been less than satisfactory. Now that the GMAT is offering a preview of your scores (except the score for AWA), you can know for sure how you have performed and, then take the decision to keep or cancel the scores.

Reputed GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi recommend that you think beforehand about what decision you would take if your score is below a certain level. You must be clear about your target score. GMAT Coaching experts will help in setting realistic targets.

You will be required to decide within a couple of minutes. If you fail to respond, the scores will be cancelled. You can still exercise the option of reinstating your scores within 60 days of giving the exam. However, you pay a price of US $100 for your indecision.

Some GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi will tell you that it makes sense to cancel the score if you have been unable to complete a section of the test (and scored poorly on it) or if you have performed well below your potential owing to not feeling well (or some other reason).

And these GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi will also tell you that it is not really a good idea to cancel if the aforementioned are not your reasons for wanting to cancel. The fact that the scores did not meet your expectations should not make you consider cancellation. If your total score falls within 100 points of the target you set yourself, you must definitely not cancel. Even otherwise, since the option of retaking remains open, whether you cancel scores or keep the ones that are below your target should not make a vast difference. As experienced GMAT Coaching experts in Delhi will inform you, B-schools will most likely consider your highest score. Moreover, a lower score is not as detrimental as many believe it to be.

Obviously, a retake does not necessarily translate into an improved score. So, if you have not done well, make sincere efforts to achieve a much better score when you retake. As GMAT Coaching experts in Delhi will say, by not cancelling and then improving on your performance, you can show B-schools that you have worked to better yourself. Ordering an Enhanced Score Report will help you know what to improve on (you can get this even if you cancel your score).

As you will learn from GMAT Coaching experts, the B-schools’ Admissions Committees will guess that you did not fare well enough if you cancel your scores. The fact of your cancelling will appear on your score report.

So, unless owing to something undesirable, your score is far below what you are capable of achieving, cancelling is not the recommended course of action. Discuss with reputed GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi if you feel unsure of how you would take your decision within the 2 minutes that will be provided after the exam.


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