Utilizing the Breaks During the GMAT


GMAT Coaching experts in Delhi recommend that you utilize the optional breaks offered during GMAT.

Two 8-minute breaks are given, one after the IR and the other after the Quant section. GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi warn against taking more than the allotted time for breaks because that time will be deducted from your next section’s time.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the time to move out and come back to the testing room, including the identity verification each time through your digital palm vein pattern taken before the test’s start, will be counted in those 8 minutes. Before going out, you must raise your hand and wait for the test administrator. Be alert to the ticking of the clock and be back with enough time to check-in. As GMAT Coaching providers will alert you, you must click “yes” for wanting the break otherwise, by default, your answer will be assumed to be a “no” after a minute has elapsed and you will end up losing out on 7 minutes from your next section.

According to GMAT Coaching experts, this short time can be utilized to your advantage if you act wisely. It is definitely a great idea to take breaks of the same duration while taking mock tests and doing what you plan to during your GMAT breaks (remember to subtract the time you will need for going out and coming back).

In Delhi, you will find GMAT Coaching providers who will give tips on what to do or not do during breaks. They will caution against studying. Even if it was not for the possibility of your score getting cancelled, studying will defeat the purpose of the break. It is certainly not meant to give you more stress or mentally exhaust you more.

Since the GMAT can be taxing on your mental faculties, relax your mind – through deep breathing or positive thinking, for instance. Try to gear up for the next section. Fretting about your performance should certainly be avoided- do not think about the questions you could not answer or have answered incorrectly. GMAT Coaching providers will certainly suggest that you stretch your body a bit as remaining seated at one place for long hours can cause slackness.

Another thing to keep in mind is that using cell phones or other electronic devices during breaks may lead to cancellation of your score. If you ask GMAT Coaching experts in Delhi, they will advise you to avoid carrying these items along, just to be on the safer side. As these GMAT Coaching experts will also tell you, you must not discuss or remark upon the test as this is likely to lead to score cancellation.

During the breaks, you must eat and drink, and use the restroom. GMAT Coaching providers in Delhi suggest eating something light that contains mainly proteins so as to boost concentration. Remember that consuming food heavy on carbohydrates could make you feel drowsy. It is best to have water. Caffeine must be avoided as it can adversely affect your brain’s responses. To use the restroom, permission must be sought. You also need permission to use medicines or toiletries. Smoking will be a waste of this valuable time. You may keep the stuff that you need in the locker provided.

If you heed the advice of reputed GMAT Coaching experts in Delhi, you can well utilize your breaks.


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