Frequently Asked MBA Application Essays by Business Schools


Writing MBA Application Essays is an interesting task in that it presses a candidate to introspect, retrospect, and contemplate. Different schools have their own art of extracting the gist of an applicant’s experiences, accomplishments, values, clarity about the need for an MBA, and the career vision. There are no standard set of essay questions that can capture the questions asked by all prominent business schools.

However, a serious candidate applying to handful of schools is likely to encounter most/all of the following questions in some application or the other. Preparing responses to these essay questions shall lead to a strong framework for one’s MBA applications…

– The Career Goal Essay (Or the Statement of Purpose)

An Example Career Goal Essay Question:
What are your short-term and long-term career goals and how will your background together with an MBA from XYZ business school specifically help you achieve these goals? (typically 500-750 words)

– The Accomplishments (or Achievements) Essay

An Example Achievements Essay Question:
Describe your two biggest accomplishments till date and why do you view them as such? (Typically, 300-600 words)

– The Ethical (or moral) Dilemma Essay

An Example Ethical Dilemma Essay Question:
Describe an ethical dilemma and explain what you learnt from the experience. In retrospect, how will you handle the situation differently? (Typically, 300-500 words)

– The Professional (or leadership) Challenge Essay

An Example Challenge Essay Question:
Describe a situation in the professional context where you leadership skill were tested. How did you handle the situation and what did you learn from the same? (Typically, 300-600 words)

– The Obstacle (or Set-back) Essay

An Example Obstacle Essay Question:
Describe a personal or professional set-back that you could overcome. What effect did it have in shaping your character? (Typically, 300-600 words)

– The Diversity (or Impact) Essay

An Example Diversity Essay Question:
Describe what there is about your background and your experiences that will contribute to the diversity of the entering class and enhance the educational experience of other students.(Typically, 500-750 words)


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