From being a clinical cardiologist to completing MBA from UK top 10 | Dr Ravi’s journey!




Experts’ Global: Hi Ravi, thank you so much for interviewing with us today! May we request you to share your story in your own words?

Ravi: Of course! As a practicing doctor before I set my sights on an MBA, I began reaching out to people with similar backgrounds who had taken the business education leap in 2017. They advised me to honestly assess if I could take a break from my career for further education, and try and get into a one-year MBA to maximize my ROI.

As I researched one-year MBAs both in India and elsewhere, I realized that their applications required one to do much more than just take the GMAT. Leveraging aid from MBA admissions consultants Experts’ Global, I was able to land a spot in the Warwick MBA, and graduated quite recently therefrom.


Experts’ Global: In your opinion, what are the factors that made all the difference?

Ravi: I would not know about Warwick and its fit for those pursuing a management career in the healthcare industry if I had not gotten in contact with Experts’ Global. I feel like the structured approach they followed during the application process, after shortlisting schools with inroads into pharma companies, made the difference in enhancing my admissions outcome.


Experts’ Global: Looking back, what are some mistakes you made along the way?

Ravi: Initially, I used to think that the GMAT was the most important bit. I was scoring well on the GMAT practice tests I attempted, and after getting my targeted score, I felt I had done the lion’s share of work. I left myself with just a month to complete the rest of the application. That was an error, as it tested my energies to the utmost, as I found myself discharging my medical duties and working on several applications all in a meager downtime.


Experts’ Global: Regarding GMAT prep, what resources did you use and what advice do you have for the candidates?

Ravi: I was being coached for the GMAT by a private tutor back in Ahmedabad, taking classes early Sunday morning. More than the coaching though, self-study is what made a difference. I would advise students to take a free GMAT mock before they begin their prep to understand their weak areas. It is important to work on addressing one’s deficiencies to achieve a well-rounded GMAT score.


Experts’ Global: What would you like to say about your experience and lessons from managing the application timeline?

Ravi: Managing the application timeline reinforced the importance of considered planning for me. Experts’ Global’s support in scheduling calls with me in between my OPD appointments helped keep my application materials on track even with my busy schedule. Discipline was another trait reinforced in the process, even for a professional such as myself!


Experts’ Global: Can you describe your interview experience with the business schools?

Ravi: My interview experience focused mostly on the lessons of my life outside my professional history. Thankfully, I was well equipped for the questions due to Experts’ Global’s MBA interview prep program. I was asked little about my medical knowledge and more about my personal circumstances. Questions about my MBA motivations, how my current career fits in with my post-MBA aspirations, and how the MBA will help me impact society positively were common.


Experts’ Global: Could you enlighten us on your MBA experience at Warwick?

Ravi: My MBA experience in the UK was great. While in 2020, when my MBA started, I was able to attend in-person classes and network well. My second term was spent in online classes due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases in the UK. When the elective term started, the cases had begun to decrease and by the time companies began hiring from our batch, things were back to normal.

Looking back on the MBA journey, I can say confidently that I learned at least as much from my peers’ diverse cultural and commercial perspectives as I did from my coursework!


Experts’ Global: Would you like to share about your job search experience during the MBA and what tips would you give to future candidates about the same?

Ravi: Indian students are used to campus placements, which are almost non-existent in the UK. However, business schools in the UK offer career services that will groom you to succeed in job selection processes, but it is on you to go out there and find a job. How well you can network and how many relationships you built during your MBA will come into play here.


Experts’ Global: How do you think that the entire pre-application phase has contributed to your growth in your professional life?

Ravi: I wanted to use my MBA to switch to a career in consulting. Post-MBA then, while applying for consulting roles, I found their selection processes quite similar to the MBAs. I had to submit a resume and cover letter, complete analytical tests similar to the GMAT, clear two to three case study interviews, and finally interview with a firm partner. Just like in the pre-application phase, one needs to have the discipline and foresight to plan ahead and stick to one’s plan.


Experts’ Global: What according to you are a few common mistakes that all GMAT aspirants must avoid?

Ravi: Do not focus overmuch on the GMAT. Use a good GMAT online course to study, take the actual test as soon as you can, and spend more time on the other aspects of your application. Indians in the top business schools generally have higher GMAT scores than the median for their MBA class and so it is your story or personal background as presented in the application that can make a difference to your admissions success.


Experts’ Global: What is your final message to all the GMAT and MBA aspirants reading this?

Ravi: The MBA application process is a journey that you can complete in three months. Start out by clarifying your post-MBA goals both long-term and short-term. Research and identify the schools that give you the best platform to realize these goals, and network with alums and current students from the said schools. You will be able to get a sense not only if the school is a fit for you, but also if your profile and USPs match those that the school prioritizes while selecting MBA students.


Experts’ Global: Congratulations on your growth, Ravi. Your unique MBA story is sure to help many!

Ravi: Thank you for letting me share my experiences through this conversation!


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