How to Crack the GMAT Analytical Writing


Its score not being calculated towards the aggregate should not make you lax in your preparation for the Analytical Writing Assessment. As GMAT Coaching experts will assert, its importance derives from the skills it intends to assess.

It judges how well you can critique a given argument. Your command over the English language and ability to effectively communicate your ideas are also judged. So, GMAT Coaching experts recommend being prepared for this section. A low score will reflect poorly on you as a candidate.

It is important to understand that since you can be given any topic to write on, preparedness is possible in terms of equipping yourself with “tools” needed to crack this section.  Reputed GMAT Coaching Centres help those enrolled with them to learn the templates plus the approach. They make you realize the need to hone your analytical skills to be doing well on this (and on other parts of the GMAT). Needless to say, you need to practice well in the course of your GMAT Coaching. And as GMAT Coaching experts will assure you, a lack of specialized knowledge on the given topic is no cause for concern.

The question typically states what response is expected. Remember that you are required to critically evaluate the argument, not present your own opinion. During your GMAT Coaching, you will learn to perceive logical (and other) flaws.

Think before you write! Your mentors during GMAT Coaching will help you appreciate the necessity of first gathering and organizing your thoughts, and then giving proper shape to them.

GMAT Coaching will provide you the advantage of being guided on constructing a strong introduction and conclusion. You will learn to structure your argument well. It is advisable to divide your response into paragraphs- introduction, (a number of paragraphs on) discussion of the flaws, conclusion. Write separate paragraphs for all flaws or unwarranted assumptions that you discuss. Do provide apt suggestions for addressing the flaws and strengthening the argument. Experienced mentors providing GMAT Coaching will tell you how very important it is to substantiate the points you make using relevant examples.

While undergoing GMAT Coaching, strive to gain confidence in spotting and addressing the flaws in the given argument. Diligent and consistent practice throughout your GMAT Coaching will not just to get into the mode of assessing and then structuring your arguments, but also develop your ability to do so within the given time-constraint of 30 minutes.

GMAT Coaching experts will guide you on not just the structure but some key words/phrases that are recognized by the e-reader software that grades you (in addition to a renowned college/university teacher grading you) and so are desired to be used. This grading format, in a way, makes things “fair” as the assessment is not wholly subjective. And if there is too much difference in the grading, another teacher provides the final grade.

If you are serious about joining a B-school, do give sufficient time to this section during your GMAT Coaching.



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