How to Master the Art of Guessing on GMAT


GMAT, being a Computer Adaptive Test, you need to select an answer for proceeding to the next question. You cannot come back and change your answer either. Your GMAT tutor will advise you to not spend more than two minutes per question. For sure, there would be some questions on your GMAT exam where you wouldn’t know the answer. It is best to make a guess and move on without getting panicky. But one should ensure that the guess is not a random one, but an informed one.

The reputed GMAT coaching centres in Noida will train you on strategies which will help you to make educated guesses. GMAT coaching centres also provide training for making such guesses in a time-efficient manner.

Process of Elimination

This is the most widely taught method by the best GMAT tutors in Noida. GMAT experts will train you to think through the question and eliminate the options which you know are incorrect. After narrowing down your choices, you will be left with fewer options. Do not just select any option based on what you had selected in the previous question. It is possible that two consecutive questions have the same option number as the answer.

Plugging In the Answers

GMAT tutors will teach this technique for the problem solving or data sufficiency questions. Reputed GMAT experts in Noida will train you to plug in the answers from each option (solving backwards, by taking the answers first) and check which option is fully consistent with the question. Your GMAT tutor will tell you that in some type of questions, back solving helps to save your time as well.

However, if you have no clue about the question or you know that the question is of a very high difficulty level, as GMAT experts will tell you, you must make a random guess and move on instead of pondering over it for a long time. Think positively; think that you are saving 2 minutes on this question and getting an extra bucket of two minutes for the other questions.

Running Out of Time

Suppose you are running out of time and have three questions left to be answered. GMAT experts say that it is better to make random guesses on each of them. If you leave them un-attempted on the GMAT exam, they will be considered incorrect. By randomly guessing, you have a fair chance of having answered them correctly. There is a 20 percent probability of your answer being correct whereas, if it is left un-attempted, you do not stand any chance to score in that question. The best of the GMAT experts in Noida will train you so that you are able to pace your exam well. The mock tests conducted by the GMAT coaching providers in Noida will further enhance your speed so that you do not face this situation of running out of time.

GMAT experts from Noida’s best GMAT coaching centres will be able to provide you very valuable guidance.


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