Learning from Practice Problems


The purpose of doing practice problems is to gain mastery over the problems so that, you can approach similar problems in the right manner. The GMAT coaching centres in Noida have an extensive question bank catering to a variety of questions that could be asked in the exam. Though you may not get the same question, but when you see a question similar to what you have practiced, you will know what to do.

Is it enough to just know the answers?

Along with knowing the answers, it is also essential to know how you can arrive at those answers. The GMAT coaching centres in Noida provide full solutions and explanations for all practice questions. There will be no learning if a GMAT coaching centre offers only answers with no explanations for the practice problems.

Reading the solutions

Is it just enough to read the solutions of the problems where you have gone wrong? Though you may have got the answer right, it is also necessary to know whether your reason to opt for that answer is right. Hence, going through the solution of each and every problem- whether you have got it correct or incorrect-is equally essential. While looking out for a GMAT coaching centre in Noida, ensure to opt for the one which provides step-by-step explanations for each and every practice problem.

How should you be reading the solutions?

Reading through the solutions passively after you have attempted the questions yourself can help you get clarity on the particular topics. But if you want to see a significant rise in your performance, you will have to go an extra mile and delve into thorough post-problem analysis. The classes conducted by experts in the GMAT coaching centre in Noida can throw light on each problem, thus enhancing your learning and improving your method of approaching it. Brainstorming over each problem with others who are sailing in the same boat, you would get to look at the problem through various perspectives.

The best of the GMAT coaching centres in Noida will have detailed solution to each problem wherein the steps of arriving at the solution are stated. You need to imbibe the approaches you learn. You need to grasp how the data is organized so as to retain in your mind the strategies that are being followed. These reputed GMAT coaching centres in Noida breakdown the complete comprehensive question bank into strategies. You will be taught these strategies in the class along with relevant examples. Your expert GMAT tutor will walk you through these strategies and provide you with abundant practice questions which require the use of such strategies. This will help you to learn to identify the strategic architecture of questions and equip you to decide how to approach them.


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