Preparing for GMAT – Dos and Don’ts


Here are some tips that will help you excel in the GMAT exam:

  • Do not wait for last minute preparations. Opt for GMAT Preparation material and Study Plans as soon as you have decided to attempt GMAT.
  • Always have a minimum target score. Before even starting the preparation for GMAT, decide on the school where you want to enrol. Find out the GMAT score requirements for getting admission into that school. This is your target score.
  • Now that you know your target, remember to attempt the diagnostic test from the GMAT Preparation material. You will know your current score and the gap which you have to overcome. The diagnostic test results will display your performance in each section along with highlighting your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Depending on the gap between your current score and target score, and your weaknesses, you can choose the GMAT Study Plan best suited for you. Choose the Study Plan that suits your lifestyle along with your requirements. If, for instance, your verbal section is weaker, a Verbal-focussed GMAT Plan would be a better fit for you. The GMAT Preparation material has been designed to cater to different types of Study Plans for individuals with different requirements.
  • Focus on your weaker areas. The GMAT Preparation material will help you build robust skills in these areas.
  • Excessively long periods of study in a day can overload your brain, thus causing problems with retention in the memory. You should have smaller periods of study with breaks which would be much more efficient.
  • Have one or two weeks extra in your review time. This will be helpful if you fall behind in your study plan.
  • Having a study group would be a great learning resource. Members of the study group may have signed up for different brands of GMAT Preparation material. Explaining the strategy to someone and learning a new strategy from someone will give you more clarity.
  • Practice tests taken after proper time-gaps play a very vital role in GMAT preparation. Attempting a practice test after every 3-4 weeks, you will know whether you are progressing well or not. GMAT Preparation material has ample practice tests which will not only help you know your progress in various sections, but will also help you improve your pace which is a must for your GMAT exam.
  • Do not be overconfident and ignore your strong areas. You shouldn’t be in for a shock during the main exam. Review these areas and prepare yourself for all types of questions that can be asked. The comprehensive GMAT Preparation material can help you with this.
  • Try to apply shortcuts in quantitative section. Apart from the method of computation, there are techniques by which you can just eliminate the wrong answer choices and arrive at the correct answer. Avoid doing long computations which would consume more time. The GMAT videos from the GMAT Preparation material will guide you on how to work smarter in this area.


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