What is Considered a Good Score for GMAT?


In the last few years, the average GMAT score at the top B-schools has been consistently rising. The average for most of them is over 700. The competition is becoming more intense- more people are applying and putting in great efforts at preparation. The online GMAT Prep courses, due to the flexibility they offer, are becoming more and more popular. Since the bar is rising, it is important to score well. But what is considered a good GMAT score these days?

Reputed GMAT Prep Online course providers assert that a score is good enough if it makes you competitive enough for the school you wish to go to. Take the help of these online GMAT Prep experts to set realistic targets and decide which schools you must apply to. Looking at the average scores of different schools will certainly help in taking this decision. Usually, schools put up on their respective websites, besides the students’ average score, the scores of the middle 80% of admitted candidates. However, most schools do not specify the minimum GMAT score requirement.

It is important for you to remain diligent throughout your online GMAT Prep and achieve the best you can because this GMAT score will be considered for certain kinds of jobs too (those that require good quantitative and analytical skills). Do aim to score around the average score of schools you are targeting.

Schools also look at the sub-scores for quant and verbal. They do not look only at the total or the percentile ranking. Since these sub-scores reflect your skills, you must make efforts during your GMAT Prep Online to become well prepared for each section or sub-section on the GMAT.

Yet, as experienced trainers for GMAT Prep Online will tell you, you need not fret if you do not have a great score. That is, if you have a profile that can more than compensate for the lack of a stellar score. While there is no denying that GMAT is extremely important, remember that      it is only the first step towards admission into B-school- your profile, work experience, application essays and personality revealed during the interview matter a lot. So a great GMAT score is no guarantee of admission.

While your dedication towards achieving a great score should be immense, also do not neglect your career during your online GMAT Prep. Do concentrate on enhancing your profile. If you start early, you can take the help of knowledgeable trainers for GMAT Prep Online for profile enhancement. They will guide you keeping in view the available time.

If the rest of your application is very good or if you have made some unique contribution to something, you may get in even with a 650, which is not that great a score by today’s standards. So a not-all-that-great GMAT score might also win you a seat if you are seen as being capable of adding great value to classroom discussions and possibly to the school’s prestige.

Therefore, you must give importance to each element of your B-school application.


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