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ISB Admissions Consulting

90+% Interview Invitations Since 2010~40% FINAL ADMITS!

Owing to the renown that the Indian School of Business enjoys, it is the target of many B-school aspirants. Year after year, aspirants wholeheartedly devote significant time and energy towards GMAT preparation and the applications process mainly for ISB admissions. If you aspire for an ISB admit, our ISB admission consulting with interview guarantee will hold interest for you.

Among the aspirants we trained through our ISB admission consulting module, ~90% candidates received interview calls from ISB for the coveted PGP and ~40% candidates secured final admits! Such results can, of course, be credited to the quality of the students enrolled with us (and our honest feedback to those who could have practically no chance), but the role of our Mentors- most of whom were shortlisted for ISB interviews- cannot be discounted. We take pride in relating that our students, even those with slight chances, reached the interview stage.

The success that we tasted in the initial years, thanks to the expertise of our Mentors in ISB admissions consulting, led us to introduce the “ISB Interview Guarantee” module in 2012. After a thorough analysis of a student’s profile and scores, we give a 100%/75%/50% fee-back guarantee to a student. Hence, in the unlikely scenario of a student not receiving interview invites, the corresponding percentage of the fee is refunded to a student. We have had only three such cases since the inception of this module!



A student is assigned a Mentor- someone who has successfully been through the entire process and has led significant number of students into eminent business schools including ISB. To begin with, the Mentor conducts a detailed kick-start video conference with the student; over this detailed, informal discussion, the mentor gives a run through to the process and answers any questions the student may have. All ISB Admission Consultants in our team are 99th percentilers on the GMAT, MBA from premiere business schools, and carry serious ISB admissions consulting experience.


The student needs to answer our dedicated ISB Profiling Questionnaire. This questionnaire, updated every year as per the required essay topics, extracts all information relevant to one’s profile; this thought provoking questionnaire is a carefully drafted document, meant to bring up pointers and achievements that an applicant didn’t know existed. Adequate time is given to the student for filling up this questionnaire as the response to the same forms the base of the entire application.


After due deliberation over the student’s response, Mentor invites the student for a detailed Brainstorming Session. Over this discussion, apparently the most important interaction in the entire process, the Mentor suggests a broad ‘theme’ of application, clearly linking the student’s background with the need for management education from ISB, short-terms goals, and long-term vision. The Mentor and the Mentee discuss the content and flow of all essays to be written.


At this stage, the actual essay writing for ISB application starts. The student is helped by the mentor to furnish an impeccable version of essays that represent one’s best chance.


The student is guided on who are the best people to get the recommendations from. Further, the Mentor gives a detailed perspective for each recommendation to the student,


This is when the ISB interview preparation process starts. The student is given a set of 15+ interview preparation videos for a robust training on ISB interview preparation. Next, the student is given a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions in the MBA Interviews. The student is expected to prepare detailed answers to the questionnaire and conduct mock interviews with one’s Mentor. There is no cap on the number of mock interviews and the same are conducted until the student as well as the Mentor is convinced about the preparation. In multiple cases, a new Mentor is introduced during the interview process to help a student gain exposure to multiple interviewing styles.


Q: Are there any geographical barriers? Is meeting the ISB admission consultant in-person required?

A: No. We have students worldwide taking our help. The entire process works over emails, phone calls, and Skype.

Q: What do our ISB Admissions Consulting service cost?

A: Please fill our inquiry form, talk to us, and see if you’re able to relate to us. Fee comes later; while we’re not very economical, our fee won’t change your decision.

Q: The fee is a bit high…?

A: Yes. Owing to…

  1. the quality of people working personally with you,
  2. the ownership of providing good-to-go essays- impeccable and original,
  3. holistic ISB admissions consulting- essays, recommendations, online application form, and rigorous ISB interview prep, and
  4. ownership of results- up to 100% fee-back guarantee.

Q: How much work time do we usually need for ISB admission consulting?

A: Preparing the ISB applications in a haste-free manner takes 4-6 weeks. In case your deadline is sooner than that, check with us; rest assured, we’ll either not take up the project or do an impeccable job at the same!

Q: Is beginning the application process prior to having the GMAT score recommended?

A: It’s all creative work and the more time we get, the better it is. In case you are confident about getting a fine GMAT score or are running short of time on meeting the deadlines, starting the applications process alongside the GMAT preparation is recommended. Please read: Core Essays Approach

Q: What if one needs help with both GMAT Prep and ISB applications process?

A: We have such combos and a significant number of students opt for the same every year. Please consider opting for our GMAT prep and ISB admission consulting bundle option.

Q: What if one wants to apply to multiple schools alongside ISB?

A: Most our students apply to multiple schools. Ask for our MBA admission consulting packages and we shall email you all the details.

Q: Are discounts available? Will special consideration be given if I am a reference?

A: No. More than half our students are references. All students are the same.

Q: How is enrollment done?

A: Before thinking of enrolling, please talk to us and have your profile evaluated. In case of synergies, we shall share our account details and you can transfer the fee.

Q: What is our success rate in ISB Admissions Consulting?

A: ~90% of our ISB admission consulting students during 2010-19 received interview calls; ~40% students secured the final admit.

Q: Profile of the ISB admission consultants?

A: Our ISB admission consultants carry serious industry exposure in Indian as well as global contextand have hefty experience of mentoring dozens of students into ISB!

Q: Templates?

A: Never!

Q: Should one take help from friends, family?

A: No. Please don’t. Everybody has an opinion and that’s a pain in matter of MBA applications!

Ethics and Trust

When a student enrols with us, one trusts us to leave a positive impact on one’s career. It’s a badge of honor that must be respected!

Under-promise, over-deliver.

Originality of work.

Results on merit.

Strict privacy policy.

All students are the same. Standardized charges. We don’t negotiate.

I will never forget that day before ISB deadline, when you slept at 5 am in the morning to finish my application. When you say authentic mentoring on your website, you indeed mean it. I sincerely recommend Experts’ Global!

– Santosh Kumar, ISB

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