How Important are Accreditations While Choosing an MIM Programme?


If you are planning to pursue an MIM programme, you would be looking for some expert advice to choose the right school. MIM Admission Counselling experts will suggest that you opt for a programme which has acquired accreditation.

What are accreditations?

MIM Admission Counselling services providers will explain that these are a mark of the quality of education imparted by the business schools. These accreditations are granted to those business schools or programmes that have adhered to the minimum standard criteria set by the accreditation agencies AMBA (Association of MBAs), AASCB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) or EQUIS (European Quality Improvement Systems). The schools and programmes need to have minimum number of enrolments, alumni and case studies for use in the curriculum every year. Additionally, they need to show minimum number of years of experience and certain other documentation to attain accreditation.  MIM Admission Counselling experts will tell you that if you enrol into such a programme, you can be assured that the required internationally accepted standards for MIM are fulfilled.

Choose accredited or non-accredited school?

The accredited business schools have acquired their certification after going through an aggressive accreditation process and so have clearly implemented the requirements for fulfilling the minimum standards set by the agencies. By seeking admissions in accredited schools, you are ensured about the reliability of the programme. There could be other relatively young schools with equally excellent curriculum which haven’t got the accreditation due to fewer years of experience. If due to some reason you do not want to opt for an accredited school, then you must approach a reputed MIM Admission Counselling centre to shortlist from the non-accredited schools. It is important to talk to the alumni, read the press articles and do enough research before deciding for a non-accredited school. Reputed MIM Admission Counselling providers are equipped with all the relevant statistics about each school.

Triple Accreditation

EQUIS and AASCB accredit the whole institution while AMBA accredits individual programmes like MBA, DBA, MBM and MIM. Some MIM Admission Counselling centres may advise you to opt for a triple accredited school like the HEC School of Management. This implies that the school and the programme fulfil all the internationally accepted standards.

Accreditation- Just a minimum requirement

Accreditation is not the only criteria for deciding the school. Apart from accreditation, you need to talk to the alumni and school representatives before making any decision. Through MIM Admission Counselling you will learn all the essentials regarding each school. You need to know the career opportunities and job market for MIM graduates of that school. You will get all this data from MIM Admission Counselling experts. The school’s alumni could also provide you with relevant information about the career opportunities available for its MIM graduates.


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