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Master in Management Admissions Consulting

MiM Admissions Consulting by Ace Admission Consultants

Seasoned Mentors, with first-hand experience of the applications process, provide personalized assistance to graduate school aspirants. The sweetness of the success they tasted made them desirous of helping others garner similar accomplishments. The approach that Experts’ has developed guards against any repetition or reuse of a work. Each aspirant’s candidature is personalized for each school he/she applies to and so, original, templates-free essays are produced. This lends authenticity to the application and thereby, optimizes the aspirant’s chances of admission.

Since we work to ensure that each student gets the best possible admit on the basis of his/her true merit, we also put in efforts at tapping their potential. It is due to this extra effort that we never shy away from that our students have reaped the benefit of educational opportunities at the world’s finest institutions. Effort is, of course, required on the student’s part too- the student must follow all guidance and instructions given by our Admissions Consultants. Only then will the desired admits, possibly with good scholarships, result.

Good amount of the Mentors’ time and effort can only come at a good price. When you achieve the admission we guarantee, possibly with a scholarship, you will know the ROI on our services is good too!


Are you seeking application essays that optimize your chances of fulfilling your B-school dreams? Are you looking to create an impact through a narrative that links the significant bits from your profile and career goals? Do you want to present an account that is accurate while being forceful?

Is your search for Mentoring that does not stop at the grammar? Is your search for Mentoring that helps you craft an authentic story- after a thorough analysis of profile and career goals- to recount to the Admissions Committee? Mentoring that does not just entail a critical examination of your essays but entails the providing of the right alternatives? Do you want the assurance of readily-available assistance with your applications- even at odd hours while you are finally at the submission stage? And most importantly, the assurance of admission- as solid as the guarantee of a 100% fee-back if the assured admits are not achieved?

If all the above sounds exactly like what you had wished for, invest your faith in us. All that you then need to do is follow the assigned Mentor’s advice and the best possible admits/scholarships, in view of your profile and scores, will be yours.

For us to be able to make a personalized Guarantee Statement for you, we need to learn about you. So, do fill the Inquiry Form on the right toolbar. You stand to given even better admits and scholarships than what the Guarantee Statement would guarantee.


The opportunity to learn all that can be learned during the rigorous application process.Mentoring in the truest sense of the term.

Essays crafted to leave a great impression through their accuracy and precision

Essays that, by their very structure, reflect a good thought-process; therefore, essays that are coherent and have a natural flow

Personalized, creative and therefore, original essays. There is no borrowing from other sources

Honest feedback, even if it is bound to be disappointing for the student- the intent is to polish his/her candidature to help him/her achieve the best possible result

In every respect, confidentiality


We will not provide essays of our successful students. It goes against the values we hold dear to divulge, in any way, the personal information of any student. We will follow the same policy with regard to your essays too.

Any fabricated information in your essays. We request you to be honest with us and not compel us to do what we do not want to. Solely on merit basis, we will help you achieve a great admit, with highest possible scholarship.



100%! Success will be yours if you just follow to the hilt the guidance that is provided to you. We are not making empty promises here- we will deliver on them. To get an idea of the good work we do, spend a few minutes on viewing the Testimonials.


Here is a detailed description of all steps involved in the Admission Consulting process with us…

Over the phone, one of the Mentors counsels a prospective student. Thus, even before enrollment, the student is guided about the best-suited programs for him/her and the admits/scholarships that should be targeted by him/her, considering his/her profile and scores. For providing such guidance, the Mentor first makes the effort to understand the student’s profile and aspirations. Since meticulousness is our approach, a short-list of schools cannot be provided at this point and will need a more in-depth evaluation.

We say with confidence that the quality and scope of our services are excellent. Whether you choose the Standard version of our Applications Package or the Guarantee one, you will find no difference in either the quality or the scope. But in the Guarantee version, a fee-back guarantee (generally 100%) is offered if the student fails to secure an admit. It takes due consideration over the profile and scores to come up with a Guarantee Statement for the student in question. To give you an idea of how such a statement would read, “Admission in one of the top 30 MiM Programs as per the Financial Times Rankings”. This statement is presented before enrollment because we believe in honestly telling the student about his/her prospects beforehand. Of course, this fee-back guarantee comes at a cost- we will be charging a premium on the Standard fee. This premium can range from 30% to 100%; how much is charged depends on the level of admissions and scholarships guaranteed. Only if you enroll for a package of at least 10 applications can you avail of this guarantee version.

As soon as a student enrolls, one of the Mentors from our dedicated team is assigned. All our Mentors have first-hand experience of the application process. The team members are either MBAs from renowned global institutions or retired professors and adcom members from international institutions. They are eager to help aspirants realize their B-school and career dreams.

Once the Mentor is assigned, the next step is for the student to provide all the relevant raw information through filling up the Profile Evaluation and School Short-listing Questionnaires so that the Mentor can properly craft his/her story and come up with a list of schools most likely to suit his/her needs and constraints. The schools are never finalized without the student’s consent. Since this raw information is so crucial, the student has to concentrate on answering what is required with no worries regarding the quality of English.

The Mentor goes through these questionnaires and then gets into ‘brainstorming’ along with the student. The story that the student’s application essays must narrate is discussed and he/she is given an idea about the narrative flow, i.e., how his/her background, MiM and career goals, the inspiration for these are going to be linked.

When consensus in reached after such discussions, the work on the application essays begins. The student’s own perspectives and suggestions, when effectively incorporated, do well the job of personalizing the essays. But since it’s in the student’s own interest that his/her essays be worthy enough to merit an interview call, he/she should realize that the Mentor must play a decisive role in crafting them. A ready-to-be-uploaded version is given to the student.

Recommendations, resume, interviews, and all the miscellaneous processes involved in the application process are provided assistance for by our Mentors. Doubts relating to the complexities involved- documentation, GPA, technical details, etc- are bound to arise in the student’s mind. Our Mentors are always willing to clarify doubts. In fact, they encourage the students to ask questions and gain certainty about everything, rather than assuming things.


Your intent should be to have the best guidance possible. That will ensure better admits, possibly with decent scholarships. And such scholarships will save you money, thus getting you worthwhile ROI on Consulting shortly after. And of course, a better admit increases substantially the chances of better work prospects post the program.

Q: Do we offer discounts? Do references get concessions?

A: We do not offer discounts. We prefer standardization in financial matters. Concessions are given to no one. And where references are concerned, more than half our enrollments can be credited to the recommendations by our alumni.

Q: What number of schools should be shortlisted?

A: The proper approach is to shortlist schools in the dream, practical and back-up categories. This way, you can try your chances at your dream schools while ensuring that you are not empty-handed at the end of the application season. With such an approach, the risk is minimized. The risk is too great if you apply only to the top-notch schools or only to 2-3 schools. Therefore, maintaining a balance is what we recommend. As for the exact number of schools, while the 10-school package is our most popular one, our Mentors will counsel you before your enrollment about how many should be on your short-list.

Q: Do we suggest initiating the application process before having the GMAT score?

A: Our suggestion is that you first have clarity on your future plans. If you are sure that you want to apply in the next application season and feel confident that you will be able to prepare well enough to get a good GMAT score, it is definitely a good idea to initiate the application process. We will be able to devote more time, then, on your case and suitably guide you on bettering your profile.

Q: How much time do we usually want for the applications?

A: We prefer to have 2-4 weeks for the first and 1-3 weeks for the rest of the applications. The meticulousness with which we work, the attention that we pay to the choice of words justifies this time frame. However, we work perfectly fine even with less time in hand if the deadlines are nearing. No extra amount is charged if we are required to complete the work more swiftly. Even with less time, we put in all required efforts to produce essays that are on a par with our usual, excellent quality. Yet, we say, more time is always preferable when it is creativity that is required.

Q: Is it fine if I start early?

A: Never is it too early, if you have decided on applying. More time in hand translates into more benefit derived from our Mentors’ expertise. We have had many cases of students enrolling with over a year in hand. They stand to gain from tips for enhancing their individual profiles. And another lesser advantage is that the only discounts we give are early-bird discounts!

Q: How do we propose to have no repetition in the essays’ style with only a few Mentors on board?

A: We promise to have no repetition in the style of essays as we know the possible repercussions. Such a promise can only be made due to our confidence in the effectiveness of our approach. We write personalized essays that reflect the individual student’s background, perspectives, beliefs, temperament and dreams. Thus, no two answers for the same essay question can be the same. Moreover, all our work is so efficiently scheduled that no Mentor is overburdened, not even during the peak season. Adequate time to be refreshed for creative writing is always provided.

Q: What if I do not find my dream school anywhere in the testimonials?

A: Over the years, hundreds of students have achieved admissions into the best institutions of the world with our Mentors’ guidance. Some of them voluntarily provided testimonials. So, obviously, these are reflective only of the much-more-than-satisfactory services that we have been providing. They cannot, however, capture the extent of our work.

Q: Is the Standard version’s quality on a par with the Guarantee version’s?

A: Yes, the quality is definitely on a par. And so is the extent of Mentoring. The sole difference lies in the fee-back guarantee.

Q: Are essays written using templates?

A: No. Since the essays are personalized and are designed to effectively reflect the student’s candidature, templates cannot even be used. All essays for original works, solely for the purpose of a given student, and will never be reused.

Q: When is the schools short-listing done? Can it be done before one enrolls?

A: It is only after a Mentor has spent significant amounts of time and energy on evaluating a student’s candidature that he can shortlist the best-suited schools for that student. The short-listing cannot be done before enrollment. However, a macro view of the level of achievable admits is provided before enrollment. Over the phone, the student’s profile and aspirations are discussed and, this discussion helps the Mentor give the student an idea about the right programs for him/her and, the admits possible with his/her scores and profile.

Q: What profile can our Mentors boast of?

A: MBAs from renowned global institutions and, retired professors and adcom members from prestigious international institutions form the team of Mentors. Of the admission process, they have first-hand experience. Having achieved their dream admissions, they feel eager to help others taste similar success.

Q: What is our success rate?

A: 100%! Surely do those who adhere to our guidance achieve admissions, often with good scholarships. But when a student is focused only on getting his/her essays written/edited, and does not follow all that we suggest, results can hardly be expected. Neither can we be blamed. Such cases- say about one in fifty-cannot obviously be considered for calculating our success rate.

Q: Should I take some help from others too-another institution, friends or family?

A: No. Our Mentors, with their expertise, can provide you the correct guidance. The guidance of those who can claim no expertise in the field should not be taken. Only good guidance will lead to good results.

Q: What procedure do we have in place for enrollment?

A: Prior to enrollment, you must go in for counseling with one of the Mentors. It is important that you gain clarity in every respect before you proceed to enroll. We will e-mail all the program details to you. We will also e-mail the company’s account details so that you can make the payment. You have the option of paying online. Know that advance payment has to be made for the entire fee.

Ethics and Trust


The purpose of Admissions Consulting and Career Counselling services is to positively impact careers. This is a responsibility and we take it very seriously. We expect our students to listen to us so that we can help them achieve their dreams and thus fulfill our responsibility.


Honest feedback is what we give. We provide real Mentoring and want our students to really improve. We also want them to understand what is realistically achievable in view of their potential so that they do not continue to cherish hopes that cannot be fulfilled. Though short-listing can only be done after evaluation of the filled questionnaires, a broad idea of the level of admits and scholarships, likely expenditure, etc is given before enrollment.


We never promise admission to some specific schools. We shortlist and target schools with the student’s merit in mind. The candidature is presented in a way that maximizes chances of getting admission into one of the shortlisted schools. Since we work on merit, we expect our students to be completely honest with us in relating their accomplishments and to not insist on including anything false. Also, we follow a privacy policy that is against sharing one student’s details with another in any way. So, do not ask for successful students’ essays.

Everything from GMAT prep to schools shortlistlisting and essays preparation to interview help was extremely professional and personalized. Great help in securing admits into several top notch institutions.

Mayam Gautam, IIT Chicago, Rotterdam School of Management, EDHEC, ESADE, ASU Carey,Simon Rochester, Lancaster

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