Profile of MiM Admissions Consultants

The MiM Admissions Consultants have a crucial job in hand as their mentoring plays a vital role in the outcome that what program a student ends up joining and what scholarships one gets. Each Mentor at Experts’ Global, guiding students with their Master in Management applications, carries the following profile…

Graduates from Prominent Global Business Schools
To be able to guide others, one must have traversed the path oneself. All Mentors, guiding the students with their applications, are themselves management graduates from the world’s eminent business schools.

Above the 95th Percentile on GMAT
To guide others with their applications requires acute analytical skills and verbal ability. A high score on the GMAT ensure that the Mentors have these skills in abundance.

Admissions Consulting as a Career Choice
The Master in Management Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global need to be full time professionals for whom mentoring students is an interest, passion, as well as a source for livelihood; this ensures that the Mentors are fully dedicated to their work and their mind is free of any distractions, 100% on guiding students.

Easy, Friendly People to Work with
Admissions Consulting requires serious interpersonal interactions between students and the Mentor; the students need to open up fully and the Mentor needs to lend a helping hand. Hence, we ensure that the Master in Management admission consultants are very comfortable people to work with and they inspire the best out a student!

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