Is Admission Counselling for MIS Programmes Necessary?


If you wish to take your career to greater heights with the MIS programme, you need to do enough research about the programme and the prerequisites for enrolling in it. You will have your doubts and queries at each step. Looking out for correct guidance through your professional network will consume a hell lot of time. The Admission Counselling for MIS programs can give you all this information as well as provide a winning edge to your application.


You would be glad to know that you can opt for either GRE or GMAT exam for securing admission into an MIS programme. Both the scores are acceptable to the schools for admission to MIS. So, you have the flexibility to choose between the two exams and thus, depending upon your strength areas, you can make that choice. MIS Admission Counselling experts will recommend the GRE or the GMAT exam depending on your career goals and your areas of strengths.

Selecting the Universities

MIS Admission Counselling centres will provide you with the list of universities where the MIS programme is available. But choosing from this list could be a daunting task for you. So experts at these MIS Admission Counselling centres will help you to select a few from this list. They have huge experience in this field and will be able find the best fit school for you depending on your academic profile and your aspirations.

Building Your Profile

The expert MIS Admission Counselling service providers play a major role in providing an edge to your profile. With a personalized approach and sticking to the facts, they ensure that your profile stands out among the lot. During the long application process, they help you through enhancing your resume, reviewing your letters of recommendation and SOPs, and providing the required guidance till your application submissions. They study your work experience, and give the required boost to your application by highlighting your strengths.

Job Market

The best among MIS Admission Counselling service providers will also brief you about the job prospects post completion of the programme. They will tell you about the current job market situation and, what roles and salaries might be offered to you post MIS, depending on whether you have relevant experience in the field. They have a detailed structure of salary ranges in every location depending on the type and size of organization, and the level of responsibility.

Hence, it becomes increasingly important for these MIS Admission Counselling services providers to know your complete profile. Present your GRE/GMAT scores, GPA scores, transcripts, details of work experience or research work done, internships, extra-curricular activities to these MIS Admission Counselling services providers. They will collate all this information and help you present yourself in a manner which will be instrumental in securing your seat in the MIS programme.


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