Profile of MIS Admission Consultants

The MIS Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global have guided hundreds of candidates into the world’s most prestigious Masters in Information Systems programs. These Mentors have a crucial job in hand as their association with students may often decide the outcome of the applicants’ applications process in terms of the admits as well as scholarships secured.

Here is a brief note on the MIS Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global…

Experience of MIS Admissions Consulting
The MIS Admissions Consultants carry prior experience of guiding the applicants into prominent universities offering Masters in Information Systems degrees. These mentors have helped students through all aspects of MIS applications- SOP, application essays, recommendation letters, application form, resume, and interview preparation. These seasoned Mentors help the students in traversing the maze of MIS applications in an organized and smooth manner.

Graduates from Eminent Global Institutions
All MIS Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global have pursued their masters degree from prestigious global institutions. Hence, these professionals have been there, done that and guide the future generation on the basis of their firsthand experience as applicants, students, and alumni to few of the world’s most esteemed academic institutions.

Excellent Performers on standardized Examinations
The MIS Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global scored brilliantly on the relevant standardized examinations- GMAT and GRE. This performance ensures that the Mentors have strong verbal and logical abilities- skills much needed in mentoring students from diverse backgrounds and putting a strong case for the admissions committee.

Full Time Commitment
All MIS Admissions Consultants at Experts’ Global are full time members of Experts’ Global. Hence, Mentoring is their only profession; this way, their is never a conflict of interest and their focus as well as loyalty is with imparting authentic mentoring into the next generation students.

Friendly Individuals
The Mentors at Experts’ Global are friendly, easy people to work with. The students often form a friendly relationship with the Mentors and are often able to discuss things pertaining to their applications, career plans, and beyond. Students often stay in touch with their Mentors years after graduation and keep seeking guidance and advice in key career decisions.

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