MBA versus MSF


Getting into the finance world could be a dream for many of you and you may be considering an MBA programme to make it happen. But is MBA the right choice for making a career in Investment Banking or Financial Management? MSF Admission Counselling will help you learn about another option- the MSF (Master of Science in Finance).

The Differences:


The MBA programme focuses on a broader skill set which would equip you to handle the different aspects of business like finance, operations and marketing. MBA programmes do not just concentrate on finance but also prepare students to take up other positions in the organization. You will learn through MSF Admission Counselling that the MSF programme fully focuses on the finance aspect of the business. Opting for an MSF programme, you would be studying the subject of finance in a detailed and exhaustive manner which will sharpen your quantitative skills further. MSF Admission Counselling will equip you to take an informed decision on which programme to choose based on your career aspirations.


The MBA curriculum (two years) comprises of an array of topics including accounting, statistics, economics, strategic management, human resources and even entrepreneurship. The MBA programmes have special workshops and activities on leadership which would help you take up a higher role in the organization. Your entrepreneurship dreams can become a reality with the guidance from business experts and discussions with eminent faculty during the programme. You will come to know through MSF Admission Counselling that the MSF curriculum (one year) has fundamental courses in areas of managerial economics, accounting, business statistics and other such courses related to finance. Through MSF Admission Counselling, you will come to know that some of the reputed programmes may also offer coursework in advanced topics such as portfolio management, options, mergers and acquisitions.


MBA programme is designed for working professionals with few years of experience, who want to climb up the corporate ladder and play more meaningful roles in the organization. While the MSF programme is designed for graduates who are fresh out of college and want to make a career in the finance domain. Though both the programmes require GMAT scores, MBA admissions are granted to individuals who have 3-5 years work experience.  Going in for MSF Admission Counselling will enable you to choose the right course for yourself, based on your background and aspirations.

Salary Ranges

It would be unfair to compare the earning potential of freshly passed out MBA graduates and MSF graduates. Through MSF Admission Counselling you will learn that since MBA graduates already have few years of work experience, the expectations and requirements of an organization are different from them. Hence, the salaries are higher. The MSF graduates, on the other hand, are individuals with no or little work experience who are at the starting point of their careers. Their inclination towards finance drove them to opt for an MSF programme. You can get the salary statistics for MSF graduates from some MSF Admission Counselling centre.


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