Job Opportunities after MSF


MSF Admission Counselling will help you learn about the good job opportunities available for MSF graduates. Listed below are some of those opportunities:

Investment Banking Analyst

You will know learn through MSF Admission Counselling that this is the most widely sought after job by graduates post the MSF programme. As an Investment Banking Analyst, you will be required to analyze data from various sources and provide recommendations to Fund Managers based on your research. As part of the job, you will be required to develop an understanding of financial information available from the company’s financial statements and accounts. You need to interpret data, keep a tab on the changes taking place in the market, monitor the financial news and consider the economic implications of political changes before providing recommendations to the Fund Managers.

Valuation Analyst

You could also opt for the role of a Valuation Analyst post your MSF programme.  Through MSF Admission Counselling you will learn that you need sound reasoning skills for this role. You will have to determine the worth of a business, taking into consideration the tangible and intangible assets of the company. Your valuation needs to be backed up with charts and statistics to elucidate your reasons for showing a particular value.

Financial Analyst

Through MSF Admission Counselling you will get to know about the rigorous quantitative training provided during your MSF programme which will help you to do justice to this role. Using fundamental principles while doing your analysis and backing it up with market survey and research, you will be required to recommend to your client to buy, sell or hold the security.  MSF Admission Counselling centres can provide you with the list of firms that hire Financial Analysts and the variation in their roles with regards to the company or client. MSF Admission Counselling experts may suggest that you opt for a school which provides an advanced course in Financial Modelling as part of its MSF programme, if you want to be a Financial Analyst in future.

Risk Management Analyst

In this role, you will be required to forecast future trends which could impact your organization. You need to have strong analytical skills to identify the issues which could cause threat to the company’s assets in future or impact the earning capacity of the organization. You can know the different types of Risk Management courses (credit, market, operational, regulatory) offered in the MSF programme through MSF Admission Counselling. If you intend to take up this role after your MSF programme, ensure that the programme offers risk management courses in its curriculum.

Private Equity Analyst

In this role, you will recommend the private companies to have the right mix of equity and debt instruments in order to have the highest possible return on investment (ROI). You need to do extensive research on private companies to know the merits and demerits of investing in a particular stock. MSF Admission Counselling experts will suggest taking up an MSF programme from a school which offers an advanced course in Financial Modelling.


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