Profile of MSF Admission Consultants

The Master in Finance Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global are seasoned mentors who have guided hundreds into the world’s most eminent MScF degrees, MFin degrees, MSF degrees, and Master in Mathematical Finance degrees. By guiding the students effectively through the schools shortlisting application theme building, application essays writing and editing, recommendation letters drafting, MSF Resume making, online application form filling, and interview preparation, our MSF Admission Consultants have gone a long way in helping the applicants achieve their dreams.

Such individuals need specialized skills and expertise in being able to do what they do. Following are the basic criteria that all MScF Admission Consultants at Experts’ Global meet…

Graduates from Prominent Global Business Schools

All our Master in Finance Admission Consultants are MBAs from eminent global management institutions. Their having been through the, complex and competitive, business school applications process and the firsthand experience of global management education enables them to guide the next generation through the entire maze of applications applications process and to set the applicants’ expectations right about the expectations from the management programs.

99th Percentilers on GMAT

The robust performance on GMAT reflects outstanding analytical and verbal skills of the MScF Admissions Consultants. These skills go a long way in our Mentor’s ability to guide the applicants from diverse background in bringing the best story out of their experiences and putting the same across in an effective, compelling manner to the admissions committee.

Firsthand Experience of Guiding Hundreds of Students

Each Master in Finance Admission Consultant at Experts’ Global needs to work under the guidance of a senior Admission Consultant and see through the applications work of a significant number of applications from a spectrum of backgrounds. Hence, any Mentor, before working directly with a student, has robust, firsthand experience of working on diverse profiles and guiding the applicants into the MSF, MFin, MScF programs from eminent business schools.

Admissions Consultation as a Full-time Professional

All Master in Finance Admission consultants at Experts’ global, guiding the students through the applications process, are full-time into the career of training. Mentoring requires focus and dedication- something that cannot be attained in a part-time pursuit. Hence, as a policy, our Admission Consultants are all full-time members of our team.

Friendly, Comfortable Guides to Work With

Having helped hundreds of students in their applications, we realize how important it is for the student to feel free and comfortable in reaching out to one’s Mentor in opening up, asking questions, and seeking help. We ensure that all our Mentors are easy, comfortable people to work with. They are talented individuals, passionate about Mentoring and have chosen the worthy role of guiding the next generation students in achieving their goals.

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