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One full-length test
200+ conceptual videos
Set of 10 SC e-books
Study plans
20+ MBA application videos
15+ interview prep videos


Experts’ Global brings you the world’s most exhaustive GMAT App for GMAT preparation. Available as both the GMAT Android App, as well as the GMAT iOS App, this tool shall prove to be your most faithful buddy for GMAT preparation at any point. Download this GMAT App for loads of free resources on the push of a button, as well as a weeklong free trial to the online program.

200+ Mini Videos – Free
These 2-minute videos available for free on the GMAT Mobile App will expose you to the most frequently tested GMAT concepts – one at a time! You could watch these videos whenever you have a 2-minute window in between your tasks. “GMAT Shots” as we term these mini videos will be your most sought after companions throughout your GMAT prep!

World’s Most Comprehensive GMAT Sentence Correction E-Book – Free
The set of 12 e-books available on your GMAT App will provide you with the most complete understanding of GMAT Sentence Construction. Read through these books and keep revisiting them on the GMAT Android App or the GMAT iOS App on your mobile phones for the entire duration of your GMAT preparation.

35+ Application and Interview Prep Videos – Free
The GMAT App by Experts’ Global provides you with a set of 20+ MBA Application concept videos, as well as 15+ Interview Preparation videos. These videos will help you navigate the applications maze in an organized and efficient manner.

One Full-Length Test – Free
The exhaustive GMAT app by Experts’ Global comprises a free full-length test with video explanations and interesting analytics. The test will give you a fair understanding of your existing preparation level, as well as help you identify the problem areas. To access the same, one only needs to opt for a “Free Trial” and complete a registration process that barely takes a minute. To opt for the free test on the GMAT App, one does not need to fill out any financial information.

100+ Concepts Videos
For the benefit of our users, we have broken the GMAT into 100 pieces on the GMAT App and prepared conceptual videos for each part, followed by an exercise on a GMAT like interface. So, the GMAT Mobile App helps you understand a concept, apply it to an exercise, watch the detailed solution and video explanation, and thereby master the concept.

4000+ Practice Questions on GMAT-like Interface
There are 4000+ practice questions on the GMAT Android App, as well as the GMAT iOS App. These high-quality questions, on a truly GMAT-like interface boost one’s preparation levels. The exercise is followed by some comprehensive solutions, video explanations, and innovative analytics. The GMAT App allows one to repeat all the questions in an exercise or only the incorrect ones, any number of times!

15 Full Length Mock Tests
The GMAT App provides the user 15 Full-length Mock Tests (with video explanations) that closely replicate the GMAT in every way. 500+ of our global audience has confirmed close sync between the mocks on the Experts’ Global GMAT App and the actual GMAT, in scoring, question quality, the scope of concepts, and the user interface.

Rigorous Analytics
Both the GMAT Android App and the GMAT iOS App have a tool that analyzes your performance on the exercise and provides you an analysis of the same through graphs and charts that you can use to assess your performance and improve!

Weakness Diagnosis
The GMAT App keeps you aware of your 5 weakest areas each on the quantitative and verbal sections, on the basis of your attempts at solving the concerned exercises. To overcome your weaknesses, you can use the rich conceptual data that is available on the Expert’s Global GMAT App.

The GMAT App provides you with the feature to mark questions, which you wish to revisit. Using flags, one can tick off those questions, which one may not be completely clear about and revisit the same at a later point, in order to gain greater conceptual clarity.

The GMAT App provides you with the option of Stickers, that you can use for jotting down the points, which you find noteworthy and relevant and wish to recall at a later point.



Q. Are the said resources totally free or there are any hidden charges or conditions?
A. Yes, the assured resources are totally free, with no caveat whatsoever. When you install our GMAT Android or iOS app, you get access to 200+ short GMAT videos, a set of 12 GMAT sentence correction e-book, 20+ MBA application videos, 15+ interview prep videos, and one full-length test free. While all the other resources do not require a login, the free GMAT full length test requires you to complete registration for the free 7-days trial post which you can take the test within 7-days of registration. Remember, for the correct exam experience and assessment, it is recommended that you take the full-length test on a desktop and not a mobile screen. You will be able to login to the desktop version of the application using the same login details.

Q. What is the validity of the free GMAT mobile apps?
A. Lifetime. The free content on the app shall stay on the app for as long as the app is installed on your device.

Q. Is the GMAT app responsive to both mobile phones and tablets?
A. Yes. The software is, in fact, responsive to mobile phones, tablets, as well as desktops. It is designed to work well on all devices with a screen size above 5 inches.

Q. How often is the content revised?
A. As a serious GMAT prep firm, we ensure that our resources are always up-to-date with the GMAT pattern. GMAT underwent serious format changes in 2017 as well as 2018 and we were one of the first companies worldwide to release updated software compatible with the updated GMAT.

Q. Are there ads on the application?
A. Strictly, No. The application is meant for the pure educational purpose of GMAT preparation and we do not want our students to be distracted by anything else displaying on it.

Q. Does one need to login to the GMAT app every time for accessing the resources?
A. The frequently used free resources such as 200+ short videos, sentence correction books, interview prep videos etc are all available to a user with no need for login. However, certain resources (full length tests, exercises etc.), which require a user’s prior details to be saved on the system, do require a login. Hence, if you are waiting for a cab and want to watch a short video, you do not need to login; however, if you want to take a full test or an exercise, you must login so that the system can store your performance and make it available to you on your next login, through all your devices across all operating systems.

Q. Does one need to keep installing the updates?
A. For the latest content- “No” because the content on our system is dynamic and any change on our software automatically reflects in all versions of our mobile as well as desktop applications. For the latest features- “Yes” because as an innovative firm, we keep adding new features on our platform and, over the next several months, we foresee adding more and more artificial intelligence components to the GMAT apps. Such enhancements are fundamental in nature and generally require the updated software release to be installed.

Q. How do I take the free GMAT mock test?
A. To gain access to the free GMAT practice test, you need to register for our 7-days free trial. You can do so on the following page- Free GMAT practice test.

Q. Is taking the test on the GMAT mobile application recommended?
A. No. You must take the test on a desktop. Please understand that the software is enabled through a single login on all devices. Hence, you can login to your account using the same login details across your mobile, tablets, as well as desktops (across all operating systems).

Q. I am interested in a proper GMAT course. How do I upgrade my subscription?
A. You can take a look at all our GMAT courses and choose from the 13 prep options, one that best meets your preparation needs. Please visit- GMAT online preparation courses.

Q. What all does the full access to our GMAT online preparation course include?
A. Factually, our GMAT online course is the world’s most ‘complete’ GMAT prep offering. It includes 100+ concept videos, 4000+ practice questions, 200+ short videos, 15 GMAT full length tests with video explanations, set of 12 sentence correction e-books, rigorous analytics, and tons of innovative features that make your prep easy and fun! You can see all the details on the following webpage- GMAT online program.

Q. I am also interested in opting for MBA admission consulting while preparing for GMAT. Is it advisable?
A. Preparing for applications alongside GMAT prep gives us more time to work on your MBA applications and allows us some bandwidth to guide you on profile enhancement. Hence, if you can manage to devote some extra time, working on applications alongside is a fine option. You can take a look at the details of our MBA admission consulting services on the following page- MBA admission consulting.

Q. Why do we give so many resources for free?
A. The inspiration behind the inception of Experts’ Global is to provide authentic mentoring to students worldwide. That our application can give rich guidance to students worldwide, for free, is a satisfying feeling for us. Besides, the free app enables students to get a very fine idea of the quality of our resources and if one is interested in opting for a proper course, the free app really helps in developing confidence.


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