All the B-schools ask for an updated resume as a part of your application. This resume is quite different from a job/professional resume.

Keep the following in mind:

  • People who read your resume are generally with non-technical background. Hence, make your resume qualitatively strong and easy to be understood by a lay man.
  • Use it as a medium to show your professional maturity.
  • Focus on awards & achievements, promotions, team handling, training & development, international exposure, and versatility.
  • If you have less than eight years’ experience, make sure to have one page resume, especially for non-Indian schools.
  • You may include a career objective at top of your resume.
  • Get opinions/feedbacks from few experienced people.

How do the enrolled students benefit?

We provide two tried and tested formats to our students. At least one of the two, normally both, formats suits everybody. We also provide feedback after the student prepares his/her resume.

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