While all Asian and many western schools accept the four years’ mark sheet and certificate as enough proof for your undergrad, most of the western schools ask for an official transcript, directly from the university where you did your undergrad.

Transcript is an official document that talks briefly about your university and mentions your marks of all the years in one document. University’s stamp is put on all the pages of transcript, which is then sealed and stamped. This sealed packet is supposed to be couriered to the B schools you are applying to.

Normally universities have a predefined format for transcripts and you just need to put your details and marks. University officials cross-verify the marks mentioned before putting the official stamp. In case your university does not have a format, the best way is to contact a senior who went abroad for his education. He will be able to give you the format. Get at least ten copies of transcripts as you don’t know how many you need and it is quite a complicated process in few universities.

You can save the courier cost of sending transcripts by requesting schools to consider your scanned certificates in place of transcripts. Schools normally agree, mentioning that you will need to submit official transcripts when you are finally selected.

In case the school insists on a hard copy, ask for student’s discount on couriers. All the main courier services give 50% discount on your application to foreign schools. However, you would need to remind them about the student’s discount.

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