Forwarding Scores

Although minor, forwarding GMAT and TOEFL (if applicable) scores is an essential part of your application. You get to forward your GMAT score to five schools as a part of your GMAT appointment. However, the irony is that you have to list the schools before starting the test. For forwarding scores to every additional school, you have to pay $28.

Similarly, you get to forward your TOEFL score to four schools before starting your TOEFL. For every additional school, you need to pay $18.

Immediately after getting over with GMAT, you would be given an unofficial report (without scores in AWA and IR). You can start the application process with that report but the schools will not take decision on your candidature until they receive the official score. Official report for GMAT comes within a week and is sent directly to the five schools of your choice directly. For additional schools, you need to put request on and pay online. It takes 2-3 working days to get the scores to additional schools.

TOEFL report comes in around two weeks’ time and is sent directly to the four schools. For additional schools, you need to put request on and pay online.

Also, please understand that schools also charge an application fee for processing your application. You need to pay the application fee to the school, regardless of when you forward your score to it. While very few schools process application without application charge, most schools charge between $50 and $250.

How do the Enrolled Students Benefit?

Enrolled students are made to answer a questionnaire and based on their response and their scores in recent mock tests, we recommend list of five schools to them. This way, they save $140 straightaway and also get a fair idea of the schools they should be applying to.

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