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Deferment / Extension Policy

  • The validity of GMAT crash course is two months, of all online GMAT prep programs is six months, and of the GMAT classroom program is 12 months. Any extension / deferment / transfer etc is not possible for any GMAT course under any circumstances.

  • The validity of admission consulting programs is the active application season. A deferment to next year is possible for genuine reasons such as not scoring the target GMAT score. Formal approval of requests, well before the deadlines, is needed for the deferment. In such cases, the fee paid is adjusted against the active fee (we revise our fee every year) and the difference needs to be paid; any promptness/early-bird discounts are annulled in such cases.
  • As clarified in our no-refund policy, a refund is not possible for any of our products or services, under any circumstances.
  • Please understand that in the interest of fairness, these policies are strictly the same for all and we do not make any exceptions. Thank you for understanding.
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