Deferment / Extension Policy

Regarding GMAT preparation courses

Any extension / deferment / transfer etc is strictly not possible for any GMAT course under any circumstances.

Regarding admission consulting programs

Please understand, we work with a limited number of applicants every year and are forced to freeze our enrollments multiple times every year. Hence, when a student does not complete one’s applications, it is a clear loss for us. Our one slot is wasted and whenever the student comes back to apply again, we need to give up a slot again. Hence, we do not accept deferment requests.

In rare scenarios, we accept deferment requests under the following, non-negotiable terms:

  1. The student needs to inform us about the deferment well in advance; for example: if one enrolled in September (or earlier) and informs us about deferment in December, the request cannot be accepted as Round-1 deadlines are gone by then. Similarly, if one enrolled in November (or earlier) and informs us about deferment in February, the request cannot be accepted as Round-2 deadlines are gone by then.
  2. The circumstance for deferment need to be truly genuine and technical in nature; example: one did not get the expected GMAT score. If the reasons are personal or because of change in plans, deferment cannot be accepted; example: a common deferment request is “I am getting married”; we wish you a happy life but we cannot accept the deferment request
  3. Deferment is possible only if no application work was delivered; if any core essays or key core essays or essays for one or more schools were delivered, the enrollment it is strictly beyond the purview of “deferment”.
  4. If the deferment is for one season, one needs to pay 30% of our total fee for the later season. If the deferment is for two seasons, one needs to pay 65% of our total fee for the later season.
  5. Deferment beyond two seasons is not possible. Hence, if one returns after 3 or more seasons, one needs to re-enroll.
  6. A “downgrade” in enrollment is not possible with deferment; for example: if one was enrolled for 11 schools, on one’s return, a downgrade to fewer schools is not possible.
  7. The deferment happens “strictly once”; hence, when you return for re-starting the applications, you must complete all applications in the relevant cycle; a deferment again- to the next cycle or the next season will be strictly not entertained.

Please understand that in the interest of fairness, these policies are strictly the same for all and we do not make any exceptions.

Thank you for understanding.

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