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Undergraduate Admissions Consulting

Real achievement, we believe, comes from enabling others to also become achievers. With that belief, we, at Experts’, work to ensure that aspirants achieve their dream admissions and thus, embark on the journey to their desired destinations. The Mentors at Experts’, having successfully sailed through the rigorous admissions process to secure seats in world-renowned institutions, now help others achieve success in such process. They provide personalized applications for each school that a student applies to, thereby ensuring that the student’s chances are maximized through the templates-free, original work. The endeavor of our Mentors is to get each student enrolled with us the best he/she deserves on the basis on his/her merit. Through proper guidance and through honing skills, our Mentors have helped the students get admittance into the top-notch institutions of the world. Following, with earnestness, the Mentors’ guidance brings forth the desired outcome- multiple admits, many a time with considerable scholarships.

Do go through the following details to get a sense of the meticulous approach we follow in our Undergraduateuate Admissions Consulting.


Do you want your application essays to be impactful enough to maximize your chances of a dream-school admittance? Do you want your story to have a smooth narrative flow, with the various dots in your profile and aspirations effectively connected? Do you desire your essays to persuasively yet authentically present your case? Are you looking for guidance that goes farther than correcting your grammar? Do you need a Mentor who would help you craft the right story to tell to the Admission Committee after an in-depth analysis of your profile and goals? Do you want your Mentor to read your essays with a critical eye and propose fitting alternatives, in case there is a need? Are you looking for a Mentor whom you can rely on to be available even at odd hours to lend you assistance till you can, with surety, press ‘submit’? And as if this is not enough, a guarantee of admission- in the unlikely case of not receiving a final offer letter, a 100% fee-back?

If all this is indeed what you are looking for, invest faith in us and take seriously the Mentors’ advice to have, on the basis of your profile and scores, the best possible admits and scholarships.

In order that we get to know you better and are enabled to personalize a Guarantee Statement for you, do fill the Inquiry Form on the right toolbar. The world is not what we promise; but we do promise a delivery –in terms of admits and scholarships- better than what we ‘guarantee’.


Since our efforts are directed at helping people become achievers, we ensure that they utilize all available opportunities to learn and grow. Therefore, while we make certain that the student faces no hassles during the application process to global programs, we also take care that he/she does not lose out on the learning opportunities that this process offers.

Powerfully-written essays, with precise and impactful expressions

Well-structured, well-flowing arguments in essays

No copying of words or ideas. Completely original essays

Honest feedback aimed at genuinely helping the student

A promise of confidentiality


Sharing the essays of our successful students is something we will never agree to do. Think of it this way: would you like your essays, personalized to suit your candidature, to be read by strangers? All information that the students share will remain with us and us alone.

We will never offer or agree to include accomplishments that were never yours. Please be honest with us in relating what you have done thus far. Purely on merit-basis, then, we will help you get an admit from the school that is right for you, with highest possible scholarship.



100%! We have that level of confidence in our services- we will deliver on the promises we make. The desired results will surely be achieved provided our Mentoring and recommendations are properly adhered to. A look at the testimonials will give you an idea regarding the quality of our services.


We follow an organized approach in Admission Consulting. Enlisted in detail are the various steps involved:

To give a student a macro view of his/her admission prospects before enrollment, a Mentor counsels him/her over the phone. The Mentor tries to get a sense of the student’s profile and, undergraduate education, and career goals. Once these are understood, the Mentor gives the student an honest opinion regarding the kind of admits and scholarships that are by him/her achievable, considering his/her scores and profile. The student is given an idea about which programs and schools are recommendable for him/her. However, school short-listing is only possible at a later stage.

We offer, for our Applications Package, two versions- Standard and Guarantee. There is no difference at all in the quality and the extent of the guidance that is provided. The difference is that a fee-back (generally 100%) guarantee, after proper profile and score analysis, is offered in the Guarantee version. Before the student enrolls, a Guarantee Statement is presented; the fee is returned in the unlikely case of this guarantee not being met. An example of the kind of Guarantee Statements we present is: “Admission in one of the US top 30 schools as per the US News Rankings with at least 50% scholarship.” We want to point out here that the guarantee version can be availed of only on packages of 10 or more applications. A 30-100% premium, depending on what is guaranteed, is charged over and above the Standard version.

With the desire to help others achieve success in the admission process like they did, the experienced Mentors at Experts’ put in untiring efforts. In the team are MBAs from prominent global B-schools and, retired professors and adcom members from international institutions. One of these estimable team members is assigned as a Mentor to a student as soon as he/she enrolls.

The Mentor needs a comprehensive picture of the student’s needs and preferences to be able to render them well in words and short-list the right schools. Therefore, the student is assigned two questionnaires- Profile Evaluation Questionnaire and School Short-listing Questionnaire- to extract the essential raw information and these are required to be properly filled with no concerns about the quality of English. The student’s consent is sought before the school-list is finalized.

This is followed by a detailed ‘brainstorming’ session during which the student is counseled regarding the story that his/her application essays should narrate. The student is made to understand how links are to be formed that connect his/her experiences, undergraduate plans and career aspirations, and the factors that inspired these.

Once there is agreement on all the basic factors, the next step is to prepare the application essays. Since the right approach is to personalize the application essays for each student, his/her perspectives become necessary to be reflected. His/her suggestions are considered and if found suitable, incorporated. But, of course, the Mentor plays a decisive role in depicting the student’s candidature to make sure that the student’s chances of receiving an interview call are maximized. When the Mentor is satisfied that the essays that have been produced do reflect well on the student’s candidature, they give them to him/her to upload on the application portal.

Meticulousness characterizes each bit of the services we offer- if our Mentors are helping with the application process therefore, they will also help in recommendations, resume, interviews and all miscellaneous processes. Since there is so much involved in the application process, the student is bound to be faced with certain doubts or questions relating to the documentation, GPA, technical details, etc. Unless the obvious is way too obvious, the student is always encouraged to not assume what seems to him/her obvious but to ask questions.


Your intent should be to have the best guidance possible. That will ensure better admits, possibly with decent scholarships. And such scholarships will save you money, thus getting you worthwhile ROI on Consulting shortly after. And of course, a better admit increases substantially the chances of better work prospects post the program.

Q: Are our services limited to certain schools and geographies?

A: Since we excel at personalizing a student’s candidature to make it worthy of the program he/she applies for, we are able to provide help for all schools and geographies. We guide students in applying for MBA, EMBA, MS, MSM, MSF, BS, PhD and other programs for institutions across the globe.

Q: Is it necessary to personally meet the Mentor?

A: No. Our services are available to people living not just across the length and breadth of India but also abroad. E-mails, phone calls and Skype are used to complete everything. As deliberations over the student’s profile, prospects and goals are preferably done by the Mentors while sitting in quietude so as to have total focus, even if the student resides in the same city, meeting personally for discussions related to the admissions process is not encouraged. However, the student is welcome to meet us over coffee.

Q: How much do we charge for our services?

A: We have omitted to mention the fee for applications since, we feel, it is best to discuss the financial aspect only after the student has a clear notion of what all is on offer. What our admissions consulting offers has much more value than the price that is asked for it. The offerings are explained in detail over the phone so that the student can appreciate what he/she stands to gain through an association with us. While the price may not be low, our services are not wholly unaffordable.

Q: Why is the fee higher than what others charge?

A: We do not charge a higher fee for no reason. We have reasons, and solid ones at that.

  • The expertise of our Mentors (who work personally with each student) and, their willingness to spend as much time and effort as required on each essay of a student.
  • Our involvement is not limited to editing or critically commenting on the student’s essays. After understanding the student’s profile and his/her perspectives, we craft the entire essays and give them to him/her in a ready-to-be-uploaded form.
  • We have no use for templates. Every bit of every essay is original work, written solely for the student in question.
  • It is obvious enough that we know what we are doing and how precise our claims are. This is what gives us the confidence to offer a 100% fee-back guarantee

Recommendation: It is important for you to figure out who will be able to guide you properly. Since the quality of the applications determines where you get admission, your future depends on the guidance you get. Moreover, good applications can help secure scholarships which will save much money, making your investment towards Admissions Consulting worthwhile. What matter most, after all, are great results and success.

Q: What if my dream school finds no mention in the testimonials?

A: We have helped hundreds of students achieve their dream admission. A handful of those students provided testimonials. Therefore, these testimonials are just a glimpse into the level of engagement and the quality that we provide; the scope of what we have been able to accomplish so far is not reflected by these. We have been instrumental in making students gain entry into almost all the prominent institutions across the globe.

Q: Is it possible to avoid the repetition in the style of essays with only a handful of Mentors?

A: Since we understand the possible repercussions of this repetition in style, we have developed a way of functioning that ensures that the responses to the same questions are very different for different individuals. We write according to each individual’s background, profile, temperament and ambition. We also ensure that the workload is divided such that no Mentor is overburdened, not even during the peak season, and can take time off so as to be refreshed for thinking creatively.

Q: When should the process ideally be started?

A: It’s never too early to start. When you have decided on targeting a graduate admission, it is a good idea to enroll as soon as possible in order that you can derive the maximum benefit from our services. Some students enrolled with us with over a year to go and we could, thus, give advice relating to profile enhancement too. Besides, we offer a discount (the only one) on enrolling early.

Q: What is the turn-around time taken by us usually?

A: Usually, we take around 2-4 weeks for the first application and another 1-3 weeks for the remaining ones. Of course, you can be assured on the count that if deadlines are nearing, the work will be completed faster. There are no extra charges involved in completing the work in less time. Fewer days will not impact the quality of the applications- we will put in as much time and effort as is required to maximize the student’s chances. Yet, the student must realize that more time in hand is definitely better since the work involves creativity.

Q: Is starting the application process before getting the GMAT score advisable?

A: If you are positive that you will be able to fare well on the GMAT and have decided to apply in the next application, it is definitely advisable to start the process. Starting early will give you added advantage in terms of advice on profile-enhancement and more time for the Mentors to spend on making your application worthy. But have clarity in your plans before deciding to enroll.

Q: How many schools should be applied to?

A: It is essential to have clarity here. Having a balance is important- if being too ambitious and applying to all the top 25 schools is not recommended, applying to only 2-3 is also not recommended. The best approach is to apply to a few in each of these categories- dream, practical and back-up schools. While you may try your chances at the great schools, you will also be assured of an admit since the risk factor will be minimized. Among the packages we offer, the one of 10 schools is the most preferred. The Mentors will guide you on choosing the right package for yourself before your enrollment.

Q: Is any discount offered? Do I get one if I am a reference?

A: We believe that standardization in financial matters is the right policy. We are sure you will appreciate this sentiment. No discount is offered even to references. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of those enrolled with us have got our reference from our alumni.

Ethics and Trust


The value of the Admissions Consulting services lies in giving boost to the careers of those enrolled. Trust that we, at Experts’, with our knowledge and experience, will help you make the right career choices. We consider providing this help our responsibility and only expect sincerity from our students so that they achieve the best possible results.


The purpose of Admissions Consulting is defeated if honest feedback is not provided. We are brutally honest in telling what is realistically achievable (or not) for a student. Before a student even forms an association with us in terms of getting enrolled, we provide a broad idea of his/her admission prospects, the expenditure involved, etc. But actual school short-listing is possible only after a thorough analysis of the two questionnaires that the student is required to fill after enrollment.


We work solely on the student’s merit, helping him/her achieve what is rightfully deserved. It is against our policy to fabricate achievements and we, therefore, expect complete honesty from our students. Please refrain from insisting or even suggesting that we incorporate anything that is short of the truth. Also, do not ask for essays of our other successful students. Since we personalize essays for each student, it is against our privacy policy to share them with others.

Everything from GMAT prep to schools shortlistlisting and essays preparation to interview help was extremely professional and personalized. Great help in securing admits into several top notch institutions.

Mayam Gautam, IIT Chicago , Rotterdam School of Management , EDHEC,ESADE ,ASU Carey ,Simon Rochester ,Lancaster