MUST HAVE 15 GMAT Full Length Tests. With video solutions, text solutions, rigorous analysis, and concept videos. $50!


GMAT Practice Tests (Updated for the shorter GMAT, 2018)


  • 15 full length tests with video as well as text solutions.
  • Rigorous analytics, clearly pointing the areas needing attention.
  • Conceptual videos and short exercises for the diagnosed weaknesses.
  • Not just a test series. A learning environment

Indian Cards: INR 2,999
Non-Indian Cards: $50

Every GMAT taker on earth must have this powerful companion. Hence, a throwaway price!

Preparation for any standardized examination is incomplete without due practice on full length mock tests; unfortunately, no single source provides enough number of high quality simulations to ensure that a GMAT aspirant doesn’t run out of practice. The mock tests are sometimes too easy, sometimes too difficult, often irrelevant, and always inadequate. As GMAT takers and mentors thereafter, we realized this challenge faced by the GMAT aspirants worldwide. Through this powerful software, we addressed this problem for good!

Every GMAT Taker on Earth Must Have this Powerful Companion. Hence, a Throwaway Price!

Indian Cards: INR 2,999
Non-Indian Cards: $50


Q: Are all tests updated for the April 2018, shorter GMAT format?

A: Yes.

Q: Do all tests have the Select Section Order feature?

A: Yes.

Q: Do all tests include AWA and IR sections?

A: Yes.

Q: Do all questions include video solutions?

A: Yes. Video solutions as well as text solutions.

Q: Can the tests be repeated?

A: No. We have deliberately not given the option to repeat the tests. Repeated tests do not give the same exam experience and the exaggerated scores do more harm than good. We have, rather, solved the bigger problem by giving you 15 tests so that you don’t need to repeat the tests!

Q: For how long does the access last?

A: For taking the tests- six months. For viewing your performances- lifetime.

Q: Is it advisable to take the tests only towards the end of preparation?

A: No. Building the balance of speed and accuracy is a gradual process. Serious aspirants must intersperse the tests in their preparation right from the first week. It is advisable that you take one test per week and increase the frequency to 2-3 per week during the final few weeks of your preparation.

Q: Is the scoring accurate?

A: Nobody has access to the actual GMAT algorithm and hence, it would be incorrect to claim that our scoring is accurate. However, we have taken into account, various factors that decide the score; these factors include number of incorrect attempts, difficulty level of incorrect attempts, whether you got questions incorrect in bunches, whether a few questions were left un-attempted etc. Overall, we have applied serious knowledge and experience in coming up with a robust algorithm that gives you a fine estimate of your overall level.

Q: Are the tests adaptive?

A: Imagine you are starting your preparation from a 450 level. Should you be solving 450 level tests then? If you do so, how will you improve? We deliberated a lot over this aspect and decided to give our tests, the feel of 700+ GMAT tests. Hence, each test in our software has been adapted to feel the way GMAT would feel on one’s journey to 700+ score; this way, you are always exposed to an overall difficulty level that you will practically face on the GMAT when you are fully prepared! The algorithm calibrates itself to give you a fair estimate of your level, however low or high, nonetheless.

Q: Are more tests needed?

A: Every GMAT taker must attempt the GMATPrep tests by; these come directly by the test makers and thus, apply the original algorithm. We strongly recommend the GMATPrep tests when you are closer to your GMAT. Apart from GMATPrep, 15 practice tests provided by Experts’ Global must suffice.

Q: What if I need a comprehensive course together with the practice tests?

A: You must consider our GMAT Guidance Program. Since 2008, this program has helped hundreds of aspirants, worldwide, prepare for GMAT in an effective, efficient, and economical way. Our GMAT Practice Tests come complimentary with our GMAT Guidance Program.

Every GMAT Taker on Earth Must Have this Powerful Companion. Hence, a Throwaway Price!


Indian Cards: INR 2,999
Non-Indian Cards: $50

Of all the test packages available, the one which stood out is the test pack from Experts’ Global. 15 tests, video solutions (I suggest that you must watch videos for even the questions you got correct as you may learn a better way), excellent diagnosis of problem areas, and a fine estimate of overall level on GMAT were all great help. The GMAT Sample Tests by Experts’ Global had a serious role in my 80 points improvement!

- Arun Narayanan, 710, Michigan Broad with 60% Scholarship. The first buyer of our GMAT Practice Tests!