Recommendation Letters

Admission committee pays serious attention to the recommendation letters you present them with. It’s very important to make the right person recommend you.


While you fill your application online, on one webpage you will need to give details of your recommender. A request from school is sent to your recommender for evaluating you. The evaluation is a set of ratings and/or a set of questionnaire. Your evaluator needs to complete the evaluation and submit it online to the school.

Who should recommend

While the school gives you a wide range of recommenders to choose from, only few of them have the capacity to judiciously recommend you. People often believe that the recommender should be very high official in the company. That’s absolutely incorrect! Think- you are a project engineer in your company and are getting recommendation from the CEO of your company, a guy sitting seven ladders above you. How much does he know about you? Such applications are generally rejected and the candidates never realize the actual reason for their rejection.

Schools generally ask for two recommenders and very few ask for three. The best people to recommend you are:

  • Your immediate supervisor in current company. Even if he is just an Assistant Manager, always get one recommendation from him. If you due to some reason, you can’t make him recommend you, go for someone who is as good as a reporting supervisor to you.
  • Your immediate supervisor in previous company.
  • A client you have worked closely with.
  • An official who trained you during your inception in the company.
  • An HR professional who is associated closely.

If nothing works out,

  • A peer or sub-ordinate.
  • A faculty from past institution.

Peers or sub-ordinates are not the best people to recommend you because they are not in a position to critically examine your performance. Professors from previous institution are, again, not the best people because they were associated long ago. Moreover, remember that MBA is not an academic program. It’s a professional course and it is in your best interest to get professional recommendations.

How do the enrolled students benefit?

We ask our students to provide us a list of all possible recommenders and tell them that who are the best recommenders among available options.

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