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Over a period of one year, Experts’ Global team helped me with my GMAT preparation as well as profile building. The result was that by the time I scored 730, I had also enriched my Indian IT male profile with a range of other experiences. Applications were already in great shape and post some finishing touch, I met all the deadlines comfortably. On a better day, I could have scored a 760 and with some more luck, converted by Harvard interview call. Nonetheless, happy to have attended Kelley on a scholarship and to have secured my dream role with Microsoft!

- Jyotishman Sharma

Profile enhancement support

+ &

World’s most complete GMAT platform

  • 100+ conceptual videos, 150+ short videos
  • 2,500+ practice questions
  • 15 full-length tests
  • Amazing, AI driven analytics & diagnostics!

End to end admission consulting

  • Theme building- your compelling story!
  • Complete support for all application essays
  • Support for resume, recommendations, and forms
  • Structured and thorough interview preparation

Longer mentoring, lower fee!


+11 Applications
  • 6 months access to GMAT platform
  • End to End Admission Consulting for 11 Schools
  • Interview Preparation
$6,720 $3,860


+1 Application
  • 6 months access to GMAT platform
  • End to End Admission Consulting for 1 School
  • Interview Preparation
$1,820 $1,010

GMAT Crash Course

+5 Applications
  • 2 months access to GMAT platform
  • End to End Admission Consulting for 4 Schools
  • Interview Preparation
$3,880 $2,440

All concept videos in
American Accent as well as Indian Accent


Q. Has the GMAT offering been updated for the GMAT Focus Edition?

A. Yes. Our entire GMAT offering, including 15 mock tests and the online course, has been duly updated for the Focus Edition - in terms of content, features, functionality, as well as user interface.

Q. Why are there no “buy” options for the bundle packages?

A. Enrollment for our admission consulting packages is only after a detailed counseling session with us. This is because we train a limited, pre-decided number of students every year and slots for enrollment are often not available. Besides, we sincerely recommend a candidate to duly understand our offerings and have all queries resolved in the personal session before enrolling. Hence, please leave an inquiry so that we can schedule a counseling session for you.

Q. Please elaborate on results of Experts’ Global.

A. Admission consulting- our alumni base boasts students from each of the world’s top 150 universities, for different master degrees; students from more than 30 countries have taken our services; applicants with virtually all backgrounds have worked with us; each year since 2010, our students have realized $2Mn+ scholarships; we maintain 100% success rate among students applying 4 or more schools and duly following our advice through the complete process.

GMAT prep- the average improvement for first time takers has been 130 points (6 points in Quant and 13 points in Verbal) and the same for repeat takers has been 60 points (2 points in Quant and 4 points in Verbal); students from virtually every country in the world have opted for our GMAT offerings; practically, every formal feedback about our GMAT software has only been positive so far.

Q. What are the main advantages of starting GMAT prep and application process together (rather than first GMAT and then application)?

A. The biggest advantage is that one gets time for enhancing one’s profile. Generally, when students come to us after completing the GMAT, the deadlines are very near and we only work on “presenting” the profile. When you opt for admission consulting at the time of starting the GMAT prep, we also have time for preparing a profile enhancement plan, after a detailed profile enhancement. Next, as a lot of ground on applications is covered early, one can take longer to prepare for GMAT as applications generally take only 2 weeks to complete post GMAT, through the bundle approach.

Q. For what all programs is the admission consulting offered?

A. Admission consulting is offered for all master degree programs. Some of the most common programs that students apply to with us are- MBA, MSF, MIS, and MIM.

Q. How long does the access to the GMAT online platform last?

A. Five weeks for the GMAT crash course. Six months for all other GMAT online programs.

Q. How much time commitment is needed for balancing GMAT preparation as well as applications?

A. On average, ~25 hours per week for GMAT prep and ~3 hours per week for application process is enough. Once GMAT is done, ~15 hours per week for application process is enough.

Q. Is it possible to opt for a lower bundle option (fewer applications) and later upgrade?

A. Yes but it depends on availability of slots. We consult a limited number of students and our slots are booked much in advance. Hence, to avoid the uncertainty, it is advised that one directly opts for the final number of schools.

Q. Is it possible to opt for a lower bundle option (fewer applications) and later upgrade?

A. Yes but it depends on availability of slots. We consult a limited number of students and our slots are booked much in advance. Hence, to avoid the uncertainty, it is advised that one directly opts for the final number of schools.

Q. Does one need to physically visit our office for any part of the process?

A. No, the entire process works online. However, in case you are in town and wish to meet over coffee, you are welcome :).

Q. Are there any live sessions for GMAT preparation?

A. No. Our GMAT offering is a completely on-demand, web-based offering. Our GMAT platform provides end-to-end GMAT prep in an organized and effective way without any live involvement from a trainer- that is our model. You can know more about our GMAT prep offering on this webpage.

Q. Is it possible to take a free trial of the GMAT course?

A. Yes. You can opt for our one week trial by registering here. You will simply need to enter some basic information; no credit card details are required for taking the free trial.

Q. Why is the GMAT preparation course priced so low?

A. We have worked hard on developing what is factually the world’s most ‘complete’ GMAT platform. Our vision is that every GMAT aspirant worldwide uses this course for one’s GMAT preparation. Hence, we are aiming economy of scale. Further, as there is no human involvement in our model of GMAT prep, it reduces are marginal cost and helps in keeping the offering economical.

Q. Despite being a prominent admission consulting firm globally, why have we priced our admission consulting economical, compared to other such prominent admission consulting firms?

A. Thank purchase power parity. We are based in India so our expenses are relatively less.

Q. Why is our admission consulting fee a bit higher than many Indian admission consulting companies?

A. Quality. Expertise. End to end consulting including interview prep. Our charges are inclusive of taxes.

Q. Is it possible to see the essays of some previous students?

A. No. Doing so is not in sync with our privacy policy. Besides, please understand that every applicant is different and the energy level, tonality, and semantics are different for every student. We do not want to curb your creativity or unnecessarily set expectations about what successful essays look like- because there is no such thing!

Q. What if one opts for the bundle packages but fails to score well on the GMAT?

A. We will shift your application to the next application cycle or year; we will continue to give you profile enhancement guidance and adjust the complete fee paid by you to the applicable fee, whenever you apply. Please refer our deferment policy. Access to GMAT platform, however, is exactly six months and will need to be renewed in case you need access for longer than that.

Q. Is the fee refundable?

A. No, we have a clear no-refund policy. We request you to kindly deliberate well and enroll only when you are certain about your plans.

Q. Is it possible to start with GMAT preparation and later upgrade to the bundle by opting for admission consulting service?

A. Yes. It is a fair strategy to first gain some confidence on the GMAT prep and then opt for the admission consulting service. The only loss in this approach is the bundle discount but we will anyway discourage you to opt for the bundle owing to the financial reason- that should be the last criterion. Besides, we would suggest refraining from starting the admission consulting when you are less than 4 weeks away from GMAT as that is not the correct time to start any new engagement. The correct approach is to either start admission consulting with multiple months left for your GMAT or do it after your GMAT is over.

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