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Admissions Consulting


Our Admissions Consulting Services have helped students obtain admits in almost all of the world’s top 150 universities- for MBA programs, MiM programs, MSc Finance Programs, and a spectrum of MS Programs. A big chunk of our students apply for the MBA Programs and our MBA Admissions Consulting support has been the hallmark of impact created! Every 10th studying in the US top 50 schools happens to be our student. It’s difficult to recall any worthy institution where we don’t have an alumnus. ISB is a popular choice for the Indian applicants and more than 90% students applying under our admissions consulting were interviewed by ISB in year since 2010. We cannot recall a case where a student followed our advice and did not have multiple admits to choose from! Further, we specialize in bagging scholarships and every year, more than 20 of our students are admitted among esteemed institutions with 100% scholarships! Of the students who followed our admissions consulting support sincerely, 100% had multiple admits to choose from!

Profile of Mentors

Every mentor in our team happens to be a 99th business school. The mentors carry vast industry exposure in the Indian as well as global set ups. Besides, they carry serious experience in admissions consulting; a new Mentor joining our team has to work with a Senior Mentor for a complete season before working directly with a student. Thus, all Mentors have serious experience in handling diverse profiles. Admissions Consulting requires serious personal interaction and we have ensured that all Mentors in our team are friendly, easy people to work with!


Our rigorous Admissions Consulting Processes take care of all the five legs of the applications process- Essays, Recommendation Letters, Resume, and Online Applications Form. To begin with, a student needs to fill a Profiling Questionnaire (to give us detailed insight into one’s profile) and a Schools Shortlisting Questionnaire (to help us understand the preferences and constraints for Schools Shortlisting). A student is supposed to simply pour one’s heart out and give us detailed information without worrying about the quality of English. Next, the Mentor conducts Brainstorming Session with the student and links one’s background, need for higher education, short term goal, and long term vision. With this groundwork in place, the Admissions Consulting moves into the Schools Shortlisting stage and, ideally, five dream schools, five practical schools, and one safe school is shortlisted for aptly spreading the risk. Thereafter, we begin the essay writing work as each essay for each school is deliberated upon, ensuring that all the important aspects of the candidature are displayed appropriately in the applications and that each application lends us, our best chance. The onus of furnishing impeccable, good to go essays for each school lies on us. We are happy to hear the student’s suggestions and the Mentor either incorporates the suggestions or tells that why the same are not worthwhile. There is no cap on the number of iterations and our inclusive nature of Admissions Consulting means that any nature of the inputs- essays, videos, audios, slides, tweets etc- needed in the applications process are taken care of. The students are given apt support for Recommendation Letters and Resume in the form of samples, templates, Must or Must not dos, and close reviews with clear feedbacks. We also share access to the online application forms, ensuring that the student’s responses are technically correct and the quality of responses on the form are appropriate in quality. This way, we ensure that anything that goes to the Admissions Committee is scrutinized by us.

Interview Preparation

Once a student receives invitation for interviews, our rigorous support in this crucial stage of the applications process in complimentary. We share an exhaustive list of questions generally asked in such interviews and a few additional questions that a student is likely to be asked- on the basis of one’s application. Then, we conduct adequate number of mock interviews over Skype or Phone. Detailed feedback is given- in the form of recorded interviews, clear scope for improvement, and a scoring matrix on the main virtues of interviewing- content, style, body language etc. Like on everything else, there is no cap on the number of mock interviews.


1. Students are a Responsibility. Our Admissions Consulting touches people’s careers and their lives; we try our best to ensure that each student gets the best one deserves. 2. Originality of Work. Every piece is original, written from scratch, personalized for the student’s and the university’s perspective. 3. Ownership. This is not an essay writing/editing service but Holistic Admission Consulting- working for getting multiple ADMITS for each student. 4. Strict Privacy. Rest assured, what comes to us stays strictly with us. 5. No faking. Period. 6. Standardized Charges. All students are the same for us and we don’t negotiate on our fee. That’s a very health, fair way of working! Overall, this Admissions Consulting approach is very professional yet personalized (and not transactional) in nature! Just be a student to your Mentor and our processes; whatever best is possible, shall follow!
All the best!

GMAT, GRE Guidance Program


Our Guidance Program approach towards GMAT and GRE preparation has made a positive impact on students all around the world. This effective, efficient, economical approach ensures that a student gets premiere preparation assistance- all the study material for scoring the percentile, world class video sessions, daily basis study plans personalized to suit one’s 99th preparation needs, and doubt solving support- all at the comfort of one’s living space! More than 90% students who sincerely completed the course went on to score above the 90th often the 99th percentile on the GMAT and the GRE!

Study Material

One challenge faced by all aspirants of the standardized tests is the absence of one study material complete in every sense for scoring the 99th year to adapt our study material with the latest trends, ensuring that a student has access to all the needed material under our guidance and one doesn’t need to hunt for the same from any other resource.
Our study material captures the gist of 10+ most prominent study materials. Further, it includes our expertise as test takers and seasoned mentors. The study material is a combination of e- books, hard books, 25+ computer based tests- something complete in every sense from level 0 to 99th percentile. the 99th percentile.

Recorded Training Sessions

These sessions cover the entire syllabus of the GMAT or the GRE in a very organized way. Escaping the pure basics (which are covered in our elementary parts of the study material), these sessions emphasize on the difficult matter that students generally struggle upon. While there are significant number of tips and short-cuts, the videos emphasize upon the old schooled, concepts driven preparation- the only route for the 99th edge, difficult stuff on the test, these videos are self explanatory and easy to understand for any regular student.

Personalized Study Plans

A daily basis study plan is prepared to personalize one’s preparation to suit one’s needs. On day 0 of the preparation, a student takes an actual GMAT/GRE like mock test to help us understand one’s overall current level and the strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, considering the number of hours one can devote in mind, a daily basis plan is prepared and shared as a Google spreadsheet. The student is expected to fill one’s updates and scores on the mock tests to help us monitor one’s progress and design the future course of action.

Doubt Solving Support

While all resources provided for the test preparation are self explanatory, we encourage the students to reach out to us for any queries. One can email the doubts- on a dedicated ID for sorting the students’ queries- and expect a prompt response; else, one can attend our weekly webinar for bringing any subjective queries. These webinars are conducted by mentors with percentile on the exam and one can expect personalized attention in these sessions as the 99th attendance is generally 1-3 students.

Fee-back Guarantee

In case a student doesn’t get the assured score despite being fully sincere to the guidance, 100% fee is refunded.

App Help

The program also includes help with the application theme building and schools shortlisting. However for detailed help with the essays and exhaustive personalized support for applications, one needs to opt for our Admissions Consulting Support.


The Guidance Program approach is sufficient in every sense for scoring the 99th the standardized exams. It includes all the study material one needs- one must not refer to any other study material. It includes daily basis study plans- so one knows what one needs to cover on every single day of one’s preparation. It contains exhaustive Recorded Sessions- so one doesn’t have to go anywhere for classes and can watch these sessions any number of time. And in case one is stuck anywhere, one can shoot us an email, attend our webinar, or request a video conference!

GMAT Classroom Program


Our GMAT Classroom Program in NCR (Noida) includes five main parts...
- A robust study material complete in every sense for the 99th
- Personalized, premium classes in a small group by the Founder of Experts’ Global
- Back up Recorded Sessions for all Classes
- Personalized daily basis study plans updated after every two weeks
- Personalized doubt solving support - over emails, webinars, and in person

Study Material

A set of e-books, hard books, and computer based tests- all one needs for starting from the most humble level to scoring the 99th building material, rigorous practice stuff, and standardized testing to ensure comprehensive, complete preparation. This material captures the best of all the prominent resources, organized in a systematic way and any student preparing under our GMAT Classroom Program is strongly advised to refrain from using any other study material.

Mentor’s Profile

All classes are conducted by the Founder of Experts’ Global. He teaches only one batch per week, eight months in a year- out of his interest in imparting knowledge. An MBA from Boston University on 100% scholarship, he scored the 99th percentile on CAT. With calls from various global esteemed institutions including ISB and multiple IIMs, he carries hefty training experience in Indian as well as global context.

Nature of Mentoring

This is not a commercialized ‘GMAT Coaching’. This is personalized mentoring in a very small group where the Founder establishes 1-1 relationship with each student. Often, students stay back after the classes for Tea or Lunch with the Mentor and discuss things pertaining test preparation and beyond.

Excellent Setup

All the classes are held in the Business Center of a premium hotel (Mosaic) in the heart of Noida, well connected with all parts of NCR. This warm, studious environment encourages the students to involve more and extract maximum off the program.

Emphasis on Discussions Rather than Notes or Lectures

Students have the handouts to the presentations and thus, need to take least notes; the mentor also needs to do minimal writing or dictating and thus, the emphasis is one discussions and getting the queries resolved.

Meant for the ‘Extra Edge’ in one’s Preparation

While these classes cover the entire syllabus of GMAT in an organized way, the emphasis is on the difficult stuff one generally doesn’t find well explained in the books. Come prepared for some old schooled, concepts driven preparation as that’s the only route for the 99th percentile!

Recorded Backup Sessions

In case you miss any session or wish to revise one already covered, you shall have the access to all the recorded classes, hosted on our website. You can watch these sessions any number of times from the comfort of your living space.

Daily Basis Study Plans

Considering your performance in the diagnostic test on day 0, the number of hours you say you can devote to preparation on weekdays and weekends, and the target GMAT date, a daily basis study plan is prepared for you. This plan, a live Google spreadsheet helps us monitor how you are responding to the preparation, thereby designing your preparation accordingly. This study plan, updated generally after every 15-20 days, ensures that your efforts are put in a deliberated, defined manner.

A Doubt Class on Every Saturday

An open doubt class in conducted by the Founder on Saturday evenings. One is suggested to come for doubts when one has around 10 doubts collected. The attendance in these sessions is generally 2-3 students so one can expect personalized guidance on one’s pain areas.

Stay Back After Classes for Doubts

The Founder keeps himself free for at least one hour after the classes. Students can also stay back after the classes to get their queries resolved.

Weekly Webinars

A weekly open webinar is conducted by another mentor with the 99th students wanting to get the queries resolved from the comfort of their living space may attend the webinar.

Doubts Resolution over Emails

In case you have a quick doubt while studying something, you need not wait for the weekend; you can simply shoot an email and expect a prompt resolution.

Our Expectation from the Students

Please don’t simply show up and disappear after classes. Further, even worse, please don’t enroll and disappear! Attend all classes, follow/update your study plans, ask questions, try to establish a relationship.
Then, the results are bound to follow. They always do!

Finishing School

If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get your boss...!!
- Bill Gates

Academicians do a great job at educating the students; however, vast gap exists between academics and professionalism. Academicians and Corporate Professionals must join forces to guide the next generation.
To ensure that students are ready for the challenges after graduation, professionals with rich corporate experience must interact with the college students to guide them on how to 1. Bag the first dream job. 2. Undergo a smooth transition into the corporate world. 3. Evolve into a competitive, successful, ethical professional. Our Finishing School initiative is a pursuit for doing just the same, thereby helping the college students be Corporate Ready!

1. Bag the First Job

The first module under this leg is help with Campus Interview Preparation. We conduct 12 sessions to help the students be ready for the campus placements; the modules include- An Overview of Campus Interviews, A Diagnostic Aptitude Test, Puzzles, Vedic Mathematics, Vocabulary Building, Reading Comprehensions, English Grammar, Number Systems, Logical Arrangements, Logical Reasoning, What to keep studying for Campus Placements and Aptitude Development, and a pool of 5000 practice questions. The further modules in this leg include an elaborate session each on Professional Resume Making, Group Discussion Preparation (with a few live drills), Personal Interview Preparation (with one mock interview with each student), and How to get Jobs Off-Campus.

2. A Smooth Transition into the Corporate

This leg includes detailed sessions on Professionalism (with multiple sub-sections such as Corporate Communication, Ethics, Intellectual Property etc), Email Etiquette, Presentation Skills, and Most Common Mistakes Committed by Freshers.

3. Evolve into a Competitive, Successful, Ethical Professional

This leg includes elaborate sessions on how one can (and must) keep enriching one’s skill set, how one can evolve into a dependable, enterprising, and progressive professional, and the importance of giving back to ensure that the net impact of one’s career and life is positive on the Profile of the Mentors
These sessions are conducted by..
- An MS-MBA from Boston University; somebody with five years’ experience into IT
Consulting with a global conglomerate (including three years in USA); a professional with hefty training experience
- An ex HR head with a prominent MNC; somebody with experience of hiring (and firing) across all levels; vast experience in campus hirings; an MBA from a prominent Indian business school
- Various guest speakers- MBAs from the world’s most eminent institutions- IIMs, ISB, top American schools- holding key positions in eminent companies such as Google, Microsoft
- The founder of Experts’ Global; MBA from Boston University on 100% scholarship, 99th percentiler on GMAT/GRE/CAT; AIR 1 in combined Defence Services; rich experience across multiple industries; a trainer since the age 19!

By the end of the workshop, the students can expect to know a great deal about bagging the first job, undergoing smooth transition into the corporate, and evolving into competitive, successful, ethical professionals...they can expect to know a great deal about being... Corporate Ready!

Career Counselling and Planning

The Intent

We are all gifted with one natural ability- to do something better than most can (there is scientific evidence for the same). This ability need not be something too fancy but very simple, everyday stuff such as memorizing things quickly, doing sizeable calculations mentally, multitasking household chores with ease, creating jokes on one’s feet, negotiating easily to the last buck, comfortably striking conversations with the strangers etc.Every such trait displays a natural, reflexive ability; an ability that can be nurtured into a skill; a skill that can be groomed into a career.
The intent behind our Career Planning initiative is to identify that one gifted ability in each individual and craft a career around the same. Such a career, we believe, shall be interesting, successful, and satisfying for that individual!

The Daylong Career Counseling Session

We achieve the aforesaid through our rigorous, daylong, career counseling session. The introspective, retrospective, and contemplative session includes nine parts...
1. Coffee with a Generalist Counselor. Over this ice breaking session, the counselor deliberates over the candidate’s background and establishes five career choices.
2. An IQ test.
3. Home Run Analysis. The student is made to pour one’s heart out on our questionnaire that examines what all the student wants to achieve in one’s lifetime.
4. Psychometric Evaluation. Scientific evaluation of one’s strengths and weaknesses- as a person as well as a professional.
5. Luncheon Session with the Generalist Counselor. Over what shall appear glib, candid conversation, the Counselor is canny at one’s job.
6. Career Elements Shortlisting. The student is made to shortlist certain must have, good to have, and must not have elements from our exhaustive career elements set.
7. Career Choices Vs Career Elements. The Generalist Counselor helps in mapping each career choice with the shortlisted career virtues.
8. Report Card Discussion with the Generalist Counselor. An analysis of how each career choice maps with one’s career elements.
9. Session with Specialist Counselor. Detailed brainstorming with a Counselor specialist in the student’s relevant career choices.

Career Dossier

On completion of the Career Counselling Session, our team meets for creating a Career Dossier for the student. Within a week of the session, a detailed Career Dossier is sent to the student. The Dossier contains...

- Multidimensional findings over the daylong Career Counselling Session
- Clear Areas of Improvement
- Recommended Career Choices
- Plan of Action with Clear Timeline and Specific Milestones

Post Career Counselling Support A student continues to get lifelong support over email. We encourage the student to take our advice before making each substantive career move. Further, one is eligible for two complimentary Career Counselling Sessions over a lifetime

Impact, Values, Success Stories...

A Brief History

In the December of 2007, I (Mayank Srivastava) received my admit from Boston University. They were very kind to offer me a 100% scholarship. The joining date was eight months away and I had quite understood the entire GMAT Preparation and MBA Applications process. I felt that this segment was quite underserved and I could guide the future generations in their pursuit, obviating the need for the reinvention of wheel every time. With that intent, I started sharing my knowledge and experiences through a simple blog. The response was overwhelming and I continued this pursuit as I went to Boston for my MBA. Whatever time my batchmates spent in their job search and internships, I spent in nurturing Experts’ Global. Alongside my MBA, I trained 300+ students worldwide and came back to India soon after my MBA to start our first corporate office in Noida. God has been kind- our students have been doing really well and I have built a robust team of like-minded, talented individuals with a drive to guide the next generations!


Test Preparation for GMAT and GRE. Admission Consulting for MBA Programs and all the MS Programs. We have trained students all over the world, with diverse profiles, pursue degrees in innumerable disciplines.

We started with the concept of Finishing Schools- a quest for helping college students be corporate ready and an initiative on Career Planning- guiding individuals identify and leverage their natural strengths.

How are we Different?

Very humbly, we are different in the way we do, what we do.
With a sophisticated, web based model, we train students worldwide in an effective, efficient, economic way. Our approach, while very professional, is very personalized (rather than transactional) in nature. We believe that our work touches people’s careers and therefore their lives and it’s a big responsibility. Further, we are a bunch of individuals who have been there, done that and have chosen this meaningful pursuit out of our interest in imparting education to the next generations!


My sharpest batchmate at Boston University with vast international experience and a strong will to do something worthy in the education sector. An ex HR head for a prominent multinational wanting to experience the thrill of working with a young, vibrant company in the education space. A strong team of subject matter experts for standardized test preparation. A rich set of individuals with a flair for language. A robust support team with rich industry experience and strong academic background. A strong advisory network of industry veterans and corporate professionals from the world’s most eminent institutions.


To evolve into a versatile portal for all careers in all geographies

Freemium Knowledge

Premium Services

Hence, if an individual seeks some information/knowledge regarding any career in any geography, one gets it free. And if one needs some guidance in pursuing the same, one gets personalized mentoring by someone who has been there, done that!

Thank you for reading this far.

Best Wishes,

Mayank Srivastava