MUST HAVE 15 GMAT Full Length Tests. With video solutions, text solutions, rigorous analysis, and concept videos. $50!


Only one Batch. 12-15 Students.

Premium GMAT Sessions by the Founder!

Engaging, Discussions Driven Mentoring!
'Complete' Resources: Nothing Else Shall be Needed!
Personalized Study Plans!
Premium Facility!

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GMAT Prep in Noida – Classroom Program


On a humble yet candid note, this is not a typical ‘GMAT Coaching’ one imagines when one thinks of classroom training. This program is truly premium in every way and is meant for the real serious candidates wanting to score very high on the GMAT and target the world’s most prominent business schools! The founder takes all sessions in a batch of 12-15 students in a business center and we run just one batch per year, for his sheer interest in training! A serious, sincere, serene option for GMAT prep in Noida.

Exceptional Mentor

All the classes are taken by our Founder, Mr Mayank Srivastava- Boston University MBA on 100% scholarship; call holder from multiple global school and IIMs; 99th Percentiler on GMAT and CAT; All India Rank 1 in Combined Defence Services; incessant test prep training experience since 2006 (only GMAT since 2008); gifted with extraordinary numerical and analytical skills; a successful entrepreneur covered by prominent print and digital media.

Small Batch-Size

The founder teaches only one day per week (over the weekend), seven months a year, out of his sheer interest in teaching for limited but dedicated spans. The batches size is strictly, exactly 13 students; the Mentor gives personal attention to every student and tries to establish rapport; he keeps himself free for an hour after the session and students often join him over a coffee or lunch to discuss their plans.

Modern, Discussions Driven Mentoring

The pedagogy in these sessions is closest to that of the top US MBA programs. The lecturing part of the class is taken out of the classroom through the pre-work for classes, the use of chalk and board is minimized through PowerPoint presentations, and ‘taking notes’ part is almost eliminated through the slides’ handouts; the emphasis during these personalized sessions is on ‘discussions’.

Daily Basis Study Plans

On day zero of the preparation, a student needs to take a GMAT like diagnostic test to help us analyze one’s initial level in all types of questions appearing on the GMAT. Keeping one’s committed hours of preparation on weekdays and weekends, a daily-basis study plan is personalized for each student; this plan, live on the web as a Google spreadsheet, is updated after every three weeks, depending on how a student responds to the preparation.

Recorded Back-up Sessions

The back-up of all the sessions is hosted on our website; hence, a student can repeat/revise the class any number of times!

Premium Facility

All sessions are held in the Business Center of Hotel Mosaic, a premier boutique hotel in Sector-18, Noida; the facility is at a walking distance (50 Meters) from the Metro Station. We have students coming from distant places such as Gurgaon, Faridabad, and West Delhi. The sessions are only one day per week (2 Hrs Math, 2 Hrs English) over the weekend, when students don’t find much traffic anyway.

Non Commercial, Personalized Approach

For the revenue, we have a sophisticated web based program with global audience and admissions consulting services (every 10th Indian in US top 50 B-schools happens to be our student). The classes by the Founder are not commercial in nature; rather, they are personalized, premium sessions.


(Inclusive of taxes)


Q: What is the duration of the program?

A: 12 Sundays (hence, a span of 11 weeks): 2 Hours Math + 2 Hours English. The doubts sessions continue until one takes the GMAT. Further, a student must ideally enroll around one month before the program to refurbish the long forgotten stuff.

Q: What is the study material?

A: A set of hard books, e-books, and computer based tests- complete in every sense for helping a student move from a humble level to the most advanced levels in preparation.

Q: Does one need to refer to any other study material?t

A: No, strictly. All the study material- concept books, practice books, computer based tests shall be provided by us.

Q: Are all sections of GMAT covered in these sessions?

A: Yes. All four sections-Quant, Verbal, AWA, IR.

Q: Group Discounts?

A: Yes, this is the only form of discounts. 5% discount to each when two students enroll together. 10%, 15%, 20% discount on groups of 3, 4, and 5 or more respectively.

Q: Does one need to do something before attending the sessions?

A: Yes. It is advised that you enroll around one month before the commencement of the classes; we shall personalize a ‘Foundation Course’ for you, as per your preparation needs. This ensures that a student has the basics in place for making the most of these sessions. This also ensures that a student would reach a matured level of preparation towards the end of these sessions and would be able to take the GMAT in around two weeks after the classes end. The ideal duration is: four weeks for foundation course + 11 weeks (12 Sundays) for classes + two weeks of intense practice for the actual GMAT; this way, a student reaches one’s peak in around four months.

Q: What is the Fee? Partial Payments? Room for negotiation?

A: INR 36,000 including everything, to be paid up front. The fee is strictly standardized; we don’t negotiate.

Q: Demo Class?

A: No. However, you have an option of asking for 100% fee-back after the first pair of classes; we won’t ask you any questions and do a complete refund. However, any student is yet to exercise this option with us.

Expectations From the Student

  • Come prepared. Before every session, one is told the ‘Must Do’ before the session; if one fails to honor the ‘Must Do’, one is bound to struggle in the class as these sessions are extremely intense- meant for targeting the 99th percentile!
  • Interact. The Mentor tries his best to establish rapport with each student; however, some students benefit more than the others because they interact more. Avoid picking your bag after every class and leaving immediately. At least some times, stay back and ask questions, learn from the questions of others staying back!
  • Use the Saturday judiciously. The classes are kept, deliberately, on Sundays alone so that a student gets one complete day per week for self preparation; use it to the best.
  • Do your Homework. For every one hour that the Mentor spends with you, you must spend five hours with yourself!.
  • Avoid gaps in preparation. One week of gap in preparation extend the GMAT preparation by 2-3 weeks
  • Join as a student. No matter what position you hold in what organization, join the program as a student, wanting to learn from people who have been there, done that. Very humbly, for a ‘customer’ like attitude, ours may not be the right door to knock.
(Inclusive of taxes)

My association with Experts’ Global lasted for more than a year over which I got complete help on GMAT as well as applications. The entire process, people, and resources were highly helpful and organized!

Sonika Vadhera, 710, Tepper, Marshall, ISB on hefty scholarships!