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What is the GMAT Cost?

What is the GMAT Cost?

The cost of registering for the GMAT test is USD 250. However, the cost of GMAT is not only limited to the registering fee for the test, but also includes the cost of GMAT preparation resources, rescheduling GMAT exam (if needed), retaking GMAT exam (if needed), cancelling or reinstating GMAT scores (if needed), and the like. If you enroll for Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program and are a first time GMAT test-taker, your total GMAT cost (including preparation and registration) will be USD 583.

Scheduling GMAT USD 250
Rescheduling GMAT USD 60 – USD 250
Cancelling GMAT Appointment USD 80 Refund to No Refund
Cancelling GMAT Score (after leaving GMAT test centre) USD 25
Reinstating GMAT Score USD 50
Requesting Revision of GMAT AWA score USD 45
Additional GMAT Score Reports USD 35 for each
Enhanced GMAT Score Report USD 30

GMAT Registration Fee

GMAC charges only USD 250 for GMAT registration. While GMAC administers GMAT through 600 Pearson VUE centres in 114 countries, the GMAT registration fee remains unchanged across all locations.

You may register for GMAT online, by phone, by postal mail, or even by fax. While the basic registration fee remains fixed at USD 250 irrespective of the medium you choose for registration, you will have to bear the additional costs, as applicable, and relevant to the medium you choose for registering for GMAT. For instance, if you are registering for GMAT over phone, you will have to pay the surcharge of USD 10.

Preparing for GMAT

Unlike all available preparation resources, Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep resources are exhaustive, competent, and available at strikingly affordable prices. Besides, depending on your learning needs, if you are first time GMAT taker, or need special guidance and practice to improve in particular areas, or have limited time to invest in GMAT preparation, or desire a crash course in GMAT, Experts’ Global offers the best GMAT learning material. You can opt for the online preparation program, or GMAT classroom training (in Noida), or download the free GMAT mobile apps, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Factually, this is the world’s most complete GMAT prep program and is available at the lowest possible price. Further, the GMAT practice tests consist of 15 full-length tests, supported by robust analytics and nuanced performance review.

GMAT Test Rescheduling Fee

Despite properly planning for the right time to take the GMAT and accordingly scheduling an appointment for the same, there may be unforeseen circumstances forcing you to reschedule your GMAT exam and test centre appointment. GMAC allows you to reschedule your GMAT test appointment, as well as your test-taking centre under the following conditions:

Rescheduling GMAT Exam Appointment

You may reschedule your GMAT exam appointment online or contact the GMAT Customer Care service of your area over phone. You will have to pay the surcharge of USD 10 if you reschedule your GMAT exam over phone.

The charges applicable for rescheduling GMAT exam appointment are as follows:

  • Rescheduling GMAT with over 7 days to the original GMAT test date – USD 60.
  • Rescheduling GMAT within 7 days of the original GMAT test date – USD 250.

However, you cannot reschedule your GMAT exam appointment with only 24 hours left to the original GMAT exam time and date. If you are unable to appear for the scheduled GMAT exam, you will be marked as no-show, which, however, is not indicated on your GMAT Score Card.

Rescheduling GMAT Exam Centre

You may also apply for rescheduling your GMAT test centre to another country. For such requests to be met, you will have to contact the GMAT Customer Care service over phone, and not by email, postal mail, or fax. GMAC does not charge the USD 10 surcharge of contacting GMAT Customer Care service over phone for rescheduling GMAT test-taking centre to another country.

Cancelling GMAT Exam Appointment

Alternately, you may decide to cancel your GMAT test appointment. For cancelling your GMAT test appointment, no charges are levied. However, you may be refunded a certain amount of your GMAT registration fee:

  • Cancelling GMAT with over 7 days to the original GMAT test date – USD 80 refund.
  • Cancelling GMAT within 7 days of the original GMAT test date – No refund.

You can learn about your region specific GMAT service cost and policies on the official website,

GMAT Score Cancelling Fee

Once you have taken the GMAT test, you will receive your Unofficial GMAT Score Card comprising of your Quant score, Verbal score, Integrated Reasoning score, and your total GMAT score. You are allowed 2 minutes to either accept or cancel these scores. If you do not select any option, your scores will be automatically cancelled. However, if you do accept the scores and, later on, decide to cancel your scores, you may do the same against payment of a charge. You may cancel your GMAT score, after leaving the GMAT test centre, for a fine of USD 25.

GMAT Score Reinstating Fee

If you are not happy with your GMAT scores, you may opt for cancelling your GMAT score and retaking the GMAT test. However, if you are not satisfied with your second GMAT test scores and wish to apply with your first GMAT test scores, you can request for reinstating your cancelled GMAT scores. For reinstating your cancelled GMAT test score, you will have to pay USD 50.

GMAT Retaking Fee

If you are unhappy with your initial GMAT scores, you may retake your GMAT exam. To retake your GMAT exam, you will have to freshly register online, or by phone, or by postal mail, or fax. You will have to pay the registration amount of USD 250 for retaking your GMAT exam. You will also have to pay the surcharge of USD 10, if you register your GMAT exam by phone. However, GMAC puts a cap on the number of times you can retake your GMAT test:

  • You can retake GMAT only 5 times in 1 year
  • You can retake GMAT only 8 times in a lifetime
  • You cannot schedule a GMAT re-test within 16 days from your last GMAT test date.

GMAT Additional Score Reports Fee

On your GMAT test day, you will be asked to select up to 5 B-schools that you wish to apply to. GMAC sends your Official Score Report to each of these 5 B-schools, without any extra charge. However, if you desire to apply to more than 5 B-schools, you will have to request GMAC for additional score reports. Each of these additional GMAT score reports will cost you USD 35.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report Fee

A GMAT Enhanced Score Report provides you a detailed analysis of your performance. However, to understand your performance and determine your learning needs, you will have to pay a fee of USD 30 to request for the GMAT Enhanced Score Report.

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment Score Revising Fee

GMAT allows its test-takers the option to request for a revision of their score on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section. The candidate must pay USD 45 to request to revision of the GMAT AWA score.

How to pay your GMAT Fee

If you are registering for GMAT exam or rescheduling your GMAT test appointment online, you can use your Credit/Debit cards to pay the charges. All Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB cards are accepted. However, in India, you may not be able to use your Debit card to make the payment if the merchant is not Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code; you will need to reach out to the concerned bank’s customer service section for assistance in this regard.

If you are registering for GMAT exam or rescheduling your GMAT test appointment by postal mail or fax, you can pay the requisite charges by drawing a Money Order, Cashier’s check, or Personal check, payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT, in USD and drawn on a US bank. Ensure that you do not present a post-dated check and that the money is received at least 10 days before the desired appointment date.

You may check for detailed GMAT fee payment instructions and policies at

GMAT Fee Waivers

GMAC allows fee waivers to students under certain circumstance. However, students cannot directly request GMAC for fee waivers. Only B-schools can apply for GMAT fee waivers, after the presentation of adequate rationale for the same, and distribute the waiver to the students if the requisite conditions are met. Each B-school can request for up to 10 GMAT fee waivers at a time.

Total GMAT Cost

We have discussed a few common scenarios to help you understand your total GMAT cost.

Situation 1

You are a first time GMAT test-taker and need to invest for availing of good GMAT prep resources and the final GMAT registration. Further, you plan to apply to 10 B-schools. Your total GMAT cost will be

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Preparation USD 333
GMAT Registration USD 250
Sending GMAT Scores to 10 schools (USD 35 * 5) USD 175
Total USD 758

Situation 2

You have taken your GMAT and are unhappy with your GMAT score. You wish to retake your GMAT. However, you wish to evaluate your performance before planning your next GMAT prep plan. You opt for the Experts’ Global’s 700+ only online prep program. Once you feel you are ready, you register for your GMAT, take the exam, and get your desired GMAT score. Your total GMAT cost will be

GMAT Registration USD 250
GMAT Enhanced Score Report USD 30
Experts’ Global’s GMAT 700+ Only Online Program USD 199
GMAT Registration USD 250
Total USD 1062

Situation 3

You have taken your GMAT and scored more than 680 but less than 700. You retake your GMAT test and fail to score above 700. You decide to reinstate your cancelled score. Your total GMAT cost will be

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Preparation USD 333
GMAT Registration USD 250
Retaking GMAT USD 250
Reinstating Cancelled GMAT scores USD 50
Total USD 883

Situation 4

You have taken your GMAT test and accepted the scores. Your AWA score comes in and you realize that you have scored below your expected marks. You request a revision of AWA scores. You cancel your GMAT scores and plan for a retake. You start practicing with Experts’ Global’s GMAT Full-length Tests. Your total GMAT cost will be

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Preparation USD 333
GMAT Registration USD 250
Revising AWA score USD 45
Cancelling GMAT scores USD 25
Experts’ Global’s GMAT Full-length Tests USD 50
Retaking GMAT USD 250
Total USD 953

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