Profile of Undergrad (SAT) Admission Consultants

For aspiring students, an undergraduate program is arguably the most crucial asset for career progression and professional growth. Offering unparalleled opportunities, and more than often, a fresh foundation to one’s corporate career, an undergraduate program entitles one to high job security and lucrative salaries, and also helps keep pace with the rapidly evolving fields. We sincerely understand the significant value and absolute importance of a reputed global undergraduate program for our students and consider this a serious responsibility. Since inception, we have preferred quality over scale and ensured that our students receive authentic mentoring from experienced Mentors, thus remaining a small but dynamic company. Above all, we take due care that our Undergraduate Admission Consultants are both adept at their job and are highly approachable.

A professional needs to qualify the following criteria to be a Mentor at Experts’ Global…

Masters Degree from a Distinguished University
We strongly believe that to train others into excellence one must possess the experience of having excelled himself! No amount of reading and hearing of others’ account of participation in the field concerned can grant one the insight, wisdom, and experience in the same. Learning activities at a reputed University, both within the classroom and outside, can be overwhelming, and only after practically undergoing the worthy experience first-hand can one guide others traversing a similar path and focusing on a similar goal. Our Undergraduate Admission Consultants’ qualification from a prominent University affirms that they do not guide the prospective students out of virtual knowledge, common sense, or perceived assumptions; rather, they impart genuine mentoring by settingright the students’ expectations from the undergraduate program that they wish to pursue!

High Academic Achievers
After thorough discussions, we have resolved to maintain one’s academic records as the foremost qualifier. True, an Undergraduate Admission Consultant is never required to actually teach the subject concerned; but it is our belief that only a distinguished academic performer can truly guide a student to achieve on a similar scale. Besides, academic records most effectively reflect one’s intellectual competence, commitment to the field, and other related qualities. At present, all our Undergraduate Admission Consultants have a polished academic record to vouch for their abilities and competencies.

Mentoring as a Career | No Part-time Job
On a regular basis, we receive applications from promising individuals from eminent institutions for part-time arrangements to which we respond with a ‘No’. The reason behind such a response can be explained by the high standards we set for ourselves. We maintain that to meaningfully contribute through the role of an Undergraduate Admission Consultant, one must take this up as a full-time, for this substantial responsibility can under no circumstances be seen as a second priority or a casual job role for additional income. All of us have therefore made a wise decision in following our passion, overlooking lucrative offers and easy commitments. This is what we love doing and our commitment is thus cent percent!

Friendly, Easy Individuals to Work With
Students spend a significant number of hours with Undergraduate Admission Consultants and frequently find comfort in sharing personal details with them. In our belief, for positive results, a strong Mentor-Mentee relationship is crucial. To achieve the same, we ensure that the Mentors are understanding, congenial, and comfortable people to work with.

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